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Guest Post — {free} Printable Bookplates!!

Hello!! I’m so excited to be visiting Tatertots and Jello today! Thanks again, Jenn for the invitation.
I’m best known as Pamela Donnis, and I am a wife, mommy of three, digital artist, blogger, couponer, and pre-mommy first-grade teacher who is on a never-ending quest to keep it all balanced.

I try to share authenticity in embracing my season of life and keep it fresh by sprinkling in a bit of creativity. β€˜Cause sprinkles make everything better.

Today I want to tell you about my five-year-old who loves reading and collecting things. His most recent obsession is collecting the Magic Treehouse books–a combination of his two loves! Luckily I had quite a few books stored away from my teaching days, plus we’ve found quite a few used copies at thrift stores. And thank goodness for the library.

It may be that he has to share so many things with his sisters, but lately he’s also been wanting to write his name on everything, almost in dog-peeing-on-the-corner-to-mark-his-territory kind of way. Since I’m not thrilled with him writing all over the books and am hoping they’ll be in good enough shape to pass on to his younger sisters, we made a deal that he wouldn’t write in the books if I made some “bookplates.”

Now with these bookplates I’m comfortable with him “marking his territory” without it being such a permanent claim in the book. Plus, come on. Aren’t these cute??!! Besides being adorable and practical for kids, I think a set or two of these bookplates would make the perfect gift for a teacher. Take it from a teacher, they don’t really need another mug. Just sayin’. πŸ˜‰
Want to make some? I’m sharing! :)
This is a PDF file so you won’t need any special software, but you will need Adobe Acrobat Reader (which you probably already have). To make your bookplates, just open, print on cardstock, trim with scissors or a papercutter, and then mark your own territory!
For more digital freebies, tutorials, and other creative ideas, I’d love to have you visit me at Keeping Life Creative!
 Thanks Pam!! What a great idea.  
And those bookplates would make cute birthday gifts, wrapped up with a couple books.
Here are just a few of Pam’s awesome ideas:
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{And Pam makes all kinds of printables like these Baking Gift Tags}
Head over to Keeping Life Creative and say hi!!
PSIt’s Friday!! I’m excited to see YOUR ideas at the Weekend Wrap Up Party!! It starts at 6 pm {mst}. I hope you will join in on the fun!!!


  1. Theresa says:

    New here… and glad to have visited today. :)

    Oh how cute! I am back in school, working on my degree in elementary education… and between the books I have collected while in school and the books our 4 children have gathered, I was looking for a fun way to "tag" my stuff {well now that only one is young enough to appreciate that level of reading materials}. THANKS! πŸ˜€

    <3 T

  2. Those are so cute!

  3. Maribeth says:

    Thanks for the memories. My almost 18 year old and 20 year old loved this book series. They also loved the Boxcar Kids series. Both are packed well away for the next set of readers in our family. Tnaks again.

  4. Heidiopia says:

    Fabulous idea! These would be so cute for my goddaughter! Thanks for sharing…I may have to forward this post to my students' moms. :)

  5. I love book plates! And thanks for the Book suggestion! Thanks to you…I just bought a set of those books for my almost 5 year old. He's going to love them!

  6. Those are adorable!

  7. AiDiSan says:


    I'm so happy to discover your blog, it will help me a lot especially in joining my kids do their projects in school.

    I am now following you and I would greatly appreciate if you could follow back.

    By the way, I made a DIY mini cupcake tower before, please check this out: http://fruitfulvoyage.blogspot.com/2010/11/diy-cupcake-stand-for-toots-birthday.html

  8. aslansavz says:

    Those turned out so cute, Pam!! I LOVE THEM!!! My boys are huge fans of MTH, too! Their favorites are the 'encyclopedias' that she put out. You might have to check in non-fiction for them @ the library.

  9. Football Wife says:

    Oh those are adorable. I teach 3rd grade, and I'm always looking for cute ways to label my books. Those will fit the bill. Thanks for the printable! :)

  10. I often lend a book,,this is a cute way to make sure it comes back!

  11. Louley's Belles says:

    Yes, those are too cute! Thanks for sharing!