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Guest Project — make Frozen Outdoor Ice Ornaments!!

Hi everyone! We’re so excited to be here at Tatertots and Jello!
Let us introduce ourselves.
We’re Emily and Jaime, two sister-in-laws with a passion for pretty things!
We’ve recently started a blog called Everyday Art where we share our, uh… well our everday art! We love to cook great tasting and great looking food, make cute and useful crafts, and take beautiful photographs.
Come on over and add some everyday art to your life!

Today we’d like to share our Frozen Outdoor Ice Ornaments with you!
Why not bring a little holiday cheer and color to the trees in your yard? I love these frozen outdoor ornaments! The way the ice sparkles in the sunlight, and the bright colors of cranberries and citrus slices really add some pizazz to our yard. They were an extra fun project because we made them as a family.
To make some for your yard, first gather your supplies: you’ll need various containers to freeze the ornaments in (I just collected the cans from a week’s worth of cooking: cans from tomatoes, beans, even tuna fish), some yarn or string, scissors, various slices of citrus fruit, cranberries, evergreen sprigs, pine cones, sticks—whatever you have on hand. I even added some cilantro to some and liked the way it turned out. I think bay leaves would also look lovely.

Then start filling your containers! This is a perfect project for kids—they can place everything in the containers haphazardly and the ornaments still turn out beautifully. Once the containers are full of the items you’ve prepared, then fill them with water.

For this ornament, I wanted to make it hollow so I placed a can full of rocks inside a larger can, then all around the edges I placed red sticks I clipped from a bush I have out front.

When your ornaments are ready to be frozen, place loops of yarn or string in them so that there will be a loop to hang them on the trees with. Place them on a tray and then either carry them outdoors if it is freezing or clear out a large area in your freezer. I left mine outdoors overnight and they froze solid.
Then in the morning, un-mold the ornaments (using some warm water if necessary) and voila! Beauty. I love the way the cranberries look with the orange and lime slices.

My kids and I then decorated the large pine tree we have out front.

Look how beautiful the ice looks in these!

 This ornament was my favorite—I thought we’d probably put too much stuff in it, but I was wrong! I love all the color.

This hollow one turned out lovely as well. I placed it on my front step with a candle inside. Wouldn’t it look festive to have a row of these leading up your walkway, candles flickering inside?
Happy ice-ornament making everyone!


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Thanks Jaime!!
Those Ice Ornaments are beyond cool! I want to make some for my home.
How festive would those look for the Holidays?!!
Thanks so much for sharing your awesome idea with us!!
Be sure to put Everyday Art on your list of must-read blogs!

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PS – We had such a fun time this morning at Pier1!! Shelley, Char, Becca and I will be at Pier1 again tonight, handing out another  $1,000 in gift cards. We hope you can stop by!!! 
Bring your friends — we’d love to meet you!! 
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  1. ornaments are a really fun idea! I was going to make a big frozen wreath for my place, I might make a couple small ornaments too now!

  2. These are very cleaver! Too bad they wouldn't work so well down here in GA.

  3. Ali Rockwell says:

    Those ornaments are sooooo great! And that leaf picture is probably my new favorite thing in my life. It is so amazing.

  4. I love them. Hopefully the California high desert can get cold for Christmas Day. I will make them if it does.

  5. Sue (Someone's Mom) says:

    What a great idea. I really love the one with the sticks…very clever! I'll check out this blog, I can tell I'm going to love it!

  6. Jennifer @ Studio JRU says:

    What a wonderful idea. And they look so pretty. Our yard full of birds would love them! :)

  7. Lyndee @ A Recovering Craft Hoarder says:

    I had no idea Jaime was a blogger! I'm so excited that you featured her. She's my neighbor here in Casper. Now I've got to take a look at her blog. And as far as wasteful? Not at all! All parts will be used and here in Casper, it can remain a decoration for quite some time and when the snow melts, those preserved berries will make great food for little critters.

  8. What a great idea! I have to admit, my first thought was "how wasteful", but branches, pinecones, greenery…that's awesome! I especially love the hollow one, with the candle inside. How cool!

  9. Kelli @ RTSM says:

    This is such a cute idea! I wish it was cold enough down for that to actually work for us:) I will have to watch the weather and see if we are going to have cold snap anytime soon…I know my boys would love to try this! Thanks for sharing.

  10. So pretty!

  11. Karen Tapahe says:

    Love this idea. It reminds me of when my dad told me about spending Christmas in Norway (many, many years ago) and they would decorate the live trees with items for the birds and animals to eat.

    This post also reminded me of a project my hubby did a few years ago when he poured water in a large container and placed a small can or cup inside and weighed it down. After freezing, it left a nice area inside the ice to put a candle and the ice candles looked great outside our house.

  12. Laura @ Ms Smartie Pants says:

    I think these are a wonderful idea and a nice treat for birds and squirrels. I wish I lived somewhere cold where they could last. We hit 80 today and the fall leaves haven't fallen off the trees today, crazy weather! I went to Pier 1 by myself today since I couldn't go to your great party!

  13. June@I will craft says:

    What a great idea. I think I'll have to make a bunch for my hanging planter that is pretty sparse right now. Maybe I can get some birds to visit my planter and munch on some fruit.

  14. Kassi @ Truly Lovely says:

    Love these! Although… they'd melt super fast here and be gone by the end of the day I'm sure!

  15. Very cute idea! Would be fun to do with the kiddos too :)

    BTW, I was at Pier 1 this am and you were busy chatting so I didn't say hello, but did your name tag read Jenn – with 2 "n"s? Threw me a little since it always has one on the blog :) It was fun and I did pick up some cute stocking stuffers too!

  16. Black and White {Side by Side} says:

    These are so pretty! Perfect for the birds & the squirrels once they melt too :) Love it!

  17. Super cute idea!! I love how natural and pretty they look outside!

    Just wanted to let some people know that Im having a giveaway! Im kinda a new blogger so im trying to get the word out there!

  18. redrover189 says:

    No offense meant, but although these are lovely looking, this seems like a horrible waste of food…especially produce, which isn't cheap :(