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Dollar Store Crackled Pumpkin Tutorial!

Happy Autumn!! Enjoy this crackled pumpkin
Don’t you just love this time of year? 
What does it remind you of? Raking Leaves, the Pumpkin Patch, Hot Cocoa, Homemade Doughnuts and the Dollar Store. Wait……………. What? 
It doesn’t remind you of the Dollar Store???
 It should!! There are some awesome Fall Finds at the House of A Dollar.
 What you might ask? How about these little beauties?? (the big one I fished out of a trash can) Add a little paint and some cool Weathered Wood medium (I got through the DIY Club) and — Voila you are almost at Pottery Barn! But instead of paying $75, you are looking at $5 for the lot, plus add a couple votive candles and some fabric and you have a sweeeet  Autumn Vignette for less than $10!!
  Now, that’s what I’m talking about!!!
You want to make some?
Dollar Store Pumpkins
Assorted pretty paints {mine are DecoArt — Silver Sage Green, Spa Blue, Blue Harbor, Citron Green}
Paint Brush
Black Spray Paint
Polyurethane Spray Paint
3 Dollar Store Glass Vases
Some Scrap Fabric {36″ in length by 5″ in wide each}
Glue Gun
Here’s what you do:
Spray paint your pumpkins black {or you could use brown, or even white}.
Paint a layer of the Weathered Wood medium over all surfaces of the pumpkin, except the stem. Let dry.
Mix up your paint. I experimented with mine. I started with one shade, and then with each pumpkin I changed the color just a little bit so they all went together but weren’t the same exact color.
Paint each of the pumpkins. It depends on what you want your pumpkins to look like as to how you paint them. If you use heavy paint, it will drip down a little and expose more of the underlying paint color. If you use a very thin layer of even paint, it will crackle in very small, even crackles. I kind of like a little more of the underlying color to show through, so I put my paint on pretty thick.
Let the paint dry on wax paper.
Once they are dry, spray them with a coat of polyurethane clear spray and let dry again.

Meanwhile, you can work on your ruffly votives!

Take your material, sew a big, running stitch down the center of the material and then gather it together by pulling on the end of the thread and pushing the material down. Once it’s ruffles, wrap it around one of the votives to see how big it needs to be to wrap all the way around. Once you have figured out how ruffled it needs to be, hot glue it onto the votive all the way around and when you get to the end, fold the end of the material under and secure.
If you have an old tray — spray or paint it the color you want and then add a coat of the same polyurethane spray.
Now you are all set to arrange your Dollar Store Autumn Vignette.
Not only will the beauty of the scene make you happy, but the price will make you smile!
 And, now for my FIRST Ever FALL Linky Party!!
Come link up the Autumn Projects that make you smile!! I am excited to see YOUR Fall ideas! And, each project that you link up enters you to win my wonderful giveaway this week from
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Have you seen  The Pretty Poppy Store?? It’s gorgeous!!
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  2. What happened to your dollar store crackled pumpkin tutorial? It won’t show up. So cute though!


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