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Crown Swap — I feel like a Princess!

 A few weeks ago I signed up to participate in a really fun crown swap hosted by my friend, the sweet and talented Molly @ Fleur De Bee.
And right before I left on my trip a big, beautiful package arrived!!
I opened the package up and was amazed at the beautiful goodies inside. My partner — Christine @ A Work In Progress sent me the most amazing treasures. Look at this crown — it is beyond beautiful and she made it herself! Wow – I still cannot believe it.   The inside is BURLAP and look at the craftmanship. It has this gorgeous brooch on the front and the bottom of the crown is metal and it looks like she welded to attain the correct shape. Plus sparkles and jewels on the bottom.
It is stunning.
And it came in a beautiful decoupaged box with a tassel on top. Then I discovered this beautiful necklace in an amazing crown jewelry box. I love the colors and it has a crown inside the pendant. SO pretty!
And this colorful bucket with the cutest vinyl crown, plus a beautiful jewel and a crown purse hanger!
And that’s not all. There was also this little white cloth crown sack and inside were crown cookie cutters, sprinkles and frosting — perfect for those cookie tiaras that the girls and I can make!
Thank you so much Christine for all of these wonderful goodies.
I am so amazed and thrilled and in awe. 
 Thank you Molly for putting the swap together!
It was great fun getting to know Christine!
She is amazingly talented!!!


  1. Fleur de Bee says:

    Just playing catchup from being out of town myself..LOVE LOVE LOVE your goodies and I am equally blown away by the beautiful creations you sent! You two were meant to be partners for sure!

    Thanks so much for joining. I'll be adding this post to a special linky party next week when all items have been received and goodies shortly after!

    Thank you for joining and making this special for me!

    xo Molly

  2. Sue (Someone's Mom) says:

    Wow! You must have been so excited when you opened the box!

  3. WOW! You scored big time. Those are some awesome handmade gifts. Lucky lucky girl! I just wanted to drop in and say hi while I'm doing my own little blog hop via Feed Squares. I hope you can come visit me too and while you're there feel free to link up on my blog hop linky. Thanks!
    Julie @ Bunches of Bargains

  4. Sarah@Dolls And Daydreams says:

    ooowwww everything looks sooo lovely!! Lucky thing you!

  5. Wow! What an amazing package to receive. Everything is really cute. I popped over to Michelle's blog and saw what you sent her. FABULOUS! :)

  6. Christine Edwards says:

    Jen, so glad you like the crown and all of it's accompaniments. The base of the crown is actually a ductwork collar and straps from the hardware store that I colored with alcohol inks and then attached bits of vintage trim and baubles to. 😉 It was fun seeing it come together. Hope you had a fantastic vacation, it sounded like a really nice trip.


  7. Bee and Rose says:

    We have been collecting crowns all year so we can do a crown themed Christmas tree this year! We are crown lovin' fools over here!

    Your crown package is just divine! Everything is so gorgeous!

  8. Kathy @ Creative Home Expressions says:

    Oh my gosh! Look at all that great crown stuff you got, Jen! I love crowns, too. I can't believe she actually made that crown ~ it's gorgeous! I just love everything you got.

    I'm trying to get a swap going on my blog {posted today} if you might be interested. No actual theme like here though.

  9. Traveling Thrifter says:

    These are sooo pretty….I love crowns

  10. Sarah@AlpinePoppy says:

    What a super fun idea! I love the crown she sent you and I hopped over to her blog to see the crown that you sent her, both are spectacular! I love to sneak a peak at all of the amazing things that you do!