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delightful Scentsy giveaway!!

 Meet my newest obsession….
How did I live without these for so long?
They have a little light that is so cozy.
They smell yummy!
I think Camu Camu is my favorite scent right now…
Some other scents I want to try are:
Perfectly Pomegranate
RainforestUmm, and pretty much every other scent – lol!
These warmers would look so great in my house!
My bedroom…
My kitchen…
My office…
And they have these DIY warmers you can customize!
The Scentsy people are giving away
A Warmer of YOUR choice and any Scentsy bar you want!  How cool is that?
Here’s How To Win:
1. Head over to the Scentsy website. Which warmer and scent would you want? Let me know. one entry.
2. Tweet about the giveaway. one entry.
3. Blog about the giveaway or put it on your sidebar. one entry.
4. Mention the giveaway on Facebook. one entry.
You are going to love this!
 Give me a separate comment for each thing you do. This giveaway ends Friday night at midnight. Thanks!If you’d like to buy some Scentsy products and don’t know a consultant, my friend Erin is great.
Good luck!
And, have you entered to win the Silhouette giveaway I’m hosting?? It’s a $325 package! Come check it out — it ends tomorrow night!!
Happy Monday!


  1. Daisy Head Maisy says:

    I am def digging the breast cancer warmer!! Not just because it is Oct but because I have so much BC stuff! I even have a tattoo! So that would be my choice

  2. Mike and Jen says:

    I love Scentsy! There are too many new styles of warmers for me to try. I'd like to try the plug in, don't have one of those. But I like the new lines of regular warmers too! As for scents, I really like Camu Camu also, but LOVE Skinny Dippin' as well!

  3. Mike and Jen says:

    I LOVE the scentsy bars and warmers! I have several warmers already, so I think that if I won, I'd order one of the plug ins. Not sure, because they have lots of regular sized warmers that I really like too! As for scents, that's not fair to make us pick just one! I really like the Camu Camu, but I love the Skinny Dippin' too!

  4. Mike and Jen says:

    I LOVE the scentsy bars and warmers! I have several warmers already, so I think that if I won, I'd order one of the plug ins. Not sure, because they have lots of regular sized warmers that I really like too! As for scents, that's not fair to make us pick just one! I really like the Camu Camu, but I love the Skinny Dippin' too!

  5. brigance_bunch says:

    Just tweeted. Thanks!!!

  6. brigance_bunch says:

    Just fb'd the giveaway. Thanks!

  7. brigance_bunch says:

    I'm in love with Scentsy too!!! I love the new Miracle collection, specifically Hope. And I also love the beach fragrance. Thanks so much for the giveaway!

  8. I blogged about this awesome giveaway at inknittowinit.blogspot.com

  9. i tweeted it! twitter.com/sffupaococ

  10. Riviera is so simple and beautiful. So me! Thanks for the introduction to the website. A fragrance i'd like would be from the spa collection. Lilac or something. I couldn't find the complete list of it, so it is just a guess =]

    inknittowinit [at] gmail [dot] com

  11. These are so great! I especially loved the Riviera, and would choose Black Raspberry Vanilla or Vanilla Cream as my scents of choice! Thanks so much for the chance to win!

  12. Shelley says:

    I would love the Rustic Star warmer and clean breeze or lilacs and violets scent :)

  13. Jared and Erin says:

    facebooked it!

  14. Jared and Erin says:
  15. Jared and Erin says:

    I love scentsy! Still don't have one due to budget priorities. Gotta love the budget…
    I have wanted Rustic Star ever since my first scentsy party, but I also like Wynken and Hatteras.
    I love sticky cinnamon bun.

  16. I would love the Riverbed warmer and I love the cinnamint scent. My all time favorite is the black raspberry vanilla!

  17. Christi B. says:

    I have been a Scentsy customer for over 4 years now!!! Love them and my obsession with them :) My favorite scent they retire…Falling Leaves. LOVE Clean Breeze for my bathroom so it always smells fresh. Love the Malta warmer for a classic look.! GO SCENTSY!!

  18. Summer Rae says:

    I love Scentsy and have a few myself. I would love the Hugs & Kisses to decorate with for V-day. Right now my fave scents are Calypso and Just Peachy Ginger. Great giveaway!

  19. Summer Rae says:

    I love Scentsy and have a few myself. I would love the Hugs & Kisses to decorate with for V-day. Right now my fave scents are Calypso and Just Peachy Ginger. Great giveaway!

  20. Ashley Randall says:

    I love the nod warmer, so beautiful and I don't know what flavor so I will put rainforest because it sounds so mystical.

  21. KatrinkaJane says:

    LOVE the Torino warmer. Definitely Strawberry Sweetie scent!!!

  22. KatrinkaJane says:


  23. KatrinkaJane says:


  24. Sanelli says:

    I would LOVE The rustic star for my kitchen, or the lime wall plug in for my bathroom:) SO Cute. And I'm having a really hard time picking a scent…

  25. musgrovesgirl11 says:

    i've been wanting one of these for a while now just haven't made myself by one. i would like the cream warmer or the college one of "lamar university"

    and i the sweet pea & vanilla scent sounds amazing !!!!

  26. --Amie-- says:
  27. --Amie-- says:

    I'd love the Patina warmer, and Camu Camu scent!!

  28. I LOVE Scentsy! My favorite is Camu Camu also. I love the car tin in my car.

    I would choose the jadestone warmer and more Camu Camu =)


  29. Denissa says:

    I would LOVE to try the coconut lemongrass :)

  30. Fleur de Bee says:

    I don't tweet much but I will for THIS giveaway :)

  31. Fleur de Bee says:

    Blogged (will be on Thursdays post!)

  32. Fleur de Bee says:


  33. Fleur de Bee says:

    I LOOVE these and how safe they are compared to a burning candle!! I would love one of the plug ins. I don't have one of those and I have a bathroom it would be perfect in. The black…plain and simple! My most favorite scent is Tangerine Tango. I would love to try the Sweet Clementine or the Mad about Mint. OH YUM!! I will post this in my Giveaway bar on my blog for sure! Thanks for the chance. What a wonderful giveaway! xo

  34. I mentioned this on Facebook :)

  35. I tweeted this!

  36. I love the sand dollar and doodlebud warmers, and I'd want to try all scents! First would have to be grape granita or camu camu. Thanks for hosting this giveaway! :)

  37. Thank you for the giveaway. I would love the bamboo tali warmer and the inner peace scent. I have no idea what inner peace smells like, but it sounds interesting.

  38. I'd love the Beach scent with the Brown warmer! So fun!

  39. JoCo Living says:

    Wow! Lots of love for Scentsy!

    Checked out the site and love the products. Since 4th of July is coming up (and one of my favorite holidays) I would pick Liberty and the baked apple pie! yummy :)

    Thanks for the chance to win a great giveaway.

  40. I like the bold color of the canary holder and I'd try the spa group

  41. Great Giveaway! I would LOVE the Cherry Blossom warmer and Paradise Punch fragrance!

  42. OOh! I'd love the White (small electrical plug) warmer! It would fit anywhere! And I'd love to try the Perfectly Pomegranate scent that you'd like to try too!

  43. Lisbon is my favorite warmer! and Plum Delicious sounds yummy.

  44. I adore Scentsy! I have one in my kitchen and even my husband loves it! Now I need one for my bathroom, I like the plug in, #86 Groovy in brown. And I want to try Hemingway for something different!

  45. I mentioned it on Facebook :)

  46. Amy@OCD: Obsessive Creative Disorder says:

    I would love the paws warmer (my kitchen is done in red with a paw print border) and the enchanted mist melts!

    lucky_march_girl AT yahoo DOT com

  47. The Gardner's says:

    I would love one of the DIY warmers with the Pomegranate! YUM!

  48. I love Scentsy!!! Love, love! I would get the Wynken warmer and clean breeze scent or Red crunchy apple.

  49. I would get the Satin Black warmer because it could go anywhere. As far as scents go, I love Clean Breeze.

  50. Mrs. Mest says:

    I really like the Merino warmer, and I would love to try the Perfectly Pomegranate scent.

  51. ~ Dawn ~ says:

    I have been eyeing Scentsy for a while. I just placed my first order the other day. I love the Faith warmer and Coconut Lemongrass scent. But I do love all their scents.

  52. PeaceLoveApplesauce says:

    I'd love the Canary warmer w/ a Tropical scent. :)

  53. Ashley O says:

    I love the Malta warmer and probably any fragrance from the Spa collection!!

  54. homesteader says:

    I'd like to try the Camu Camu and the personalized warmer sounds awesome. I also like the Taro plugin (:

  55. Britney says:

    I would love the faith warmer and beach scent. I have been wanting to try scentsy for a while. Thanks for the offer!

  56. The cherry blossom warmer and camu camu scent (I believe ya that it's great!)

  57. I would get the Taro or Plymouth warmer, and the Honey Pear Cider fragrance. I've seen these before, but I wasn't really interested then. Now I really want to try them!

  58. iatexstars says:

    i really like the plantation warmer and the skinny dippin scent sounds really good.

  59. Ooo, thank you for hosting this giveaway. I love the rooster warmer, and I couldn't really find the scents to choose from. I love bakery scents and coffee scents, though, if that helps.

    Thank you again,

  60. Imagine coming in the door and smelling warm apple pie in the Milano warmer — what a way to make your house feel welcoming! I looked at Scentsy's catalog, and can see why you're obsessed — me too!
    Jude at
    dolcecapecod dot blogspot.com

  61. tigerchick says:

    This is a great giveaway. I like the Milano warmer and would put it in my new bathroom. I would love to try the Beach fragrance.

  62. Michelle says:

    I have posted your giveaway on my blog's sidebar! Thanks….Michelle

  63. Michelle says:

    I love Scentsy warmers!! The Riviera warmer and Cherry Limeade scent would be awesome!

  64. CodynStacey says:

    Love the Blynken Warmer and anything from the Bakery Collection!!! That's SO awesome!

    staceywalk @ gmail dot com

  65. Heather says:

    Love the Taro warmer and the cranberry mango scent


  66. Kara@ Creations by Kara says:

    I love Scentsy! I really want one of the design it yourself warmers. So cool! And I am almost out of Coconut Lemongrass, so I need some. :)

  67. Hernandez says:

    My favorite is the pomegrante… it smells divine! the DIY warmer is my dream… I would LOVE to win one thanks!!

  68. Sew Shanin says:

    I would love the rustic star warmer with the vanilla cream scent!

  69. Lacie @ Creative Attempts says:

    I can't wait to smell the knew pomegranate scent and I would love to get some car hangers and room sprays as well.

  70. Jenny Bolech says:

    I love the cherry blossom warmer, and I would choose the Casablanca scent!
    jenny.maurer84 at gmail dot com

  71. Adam and Wendy says:

    I love the electric warmers because we can't burn candles in our apartment. My favorite is the "Waves" warmer. I believe the scent I would like would be one from the Cafe Collection! :)

  72. Jennifer says:

    Yay! I love scentsy too! I have the one you want for your kitchen, in my kitchen! I need one for my living room though. I'd take the Lisbon. My favorite, favorite, favorite scent is vanilla suede! Yummy!


  73. Krystal says:

    I've actually never tried scentsy so I'd love to win this! It was a tough choice but I think I'd choose the Blynken warmer with cinnamint. Yum!

  74. LOVE the Zebra warmer and would like to try Camu Camu! What a fun giveaway!

  75. These look so cool! I'd love the apple pie one for my kitchen. It would give the illusion that I actually cook!

  76. Scentsys are wonderful!! I love them! My favorite is Roma!!! It would match my kitchen perfectly!


  77. I posted this giveaway on FB…


  78. I tweeted this giveaway.


  79. i LOVE SCENTSY. I would love the Taro and Sweet Clementime…..

  80. leigh + brian says:

    I really like the zebra one, however the milano one would look awesome in my house! :) and my current favorite scents are, perfectly pomagranite, beach, or red delicious! mmmm!


    mcalleigh @ gmail . com

  81. Love the Rustic Star and Cherry Blossom warmer, hmmm for scents I think Autumn Sunset and Perfectly Pomegranate sound delish!! :)

  82. Makalani Adolpho, PLC says:

    I love these as well. I have the zebra warmer and would like the surfs up warmer for the guest bath. I like the cranberry mango scent.

  83. Jessica @ Barefoot by the Sea says:

    I love the cherry blossom warmer and apple pie scent! Thanks for the chance! jlanenh@comcast.net

  84. The Cox's says:

    I think the baked apple pie …. would smell sooo yummy!

  85. The Cox's says:

    I think the baked apple pie …. would smell sooo yummy!

  86. FrouFrouBritches says:

    I would choose the Bolelyn Scentsy. It's so pretty!

  87. I heart the roma one and I love love love satin sheets.

  88. I blogged about the giveaway on my blog! bobbyandjasmine.blogspot.com


  89. I would like the cherry blossom warmer and the perfectly pomegranate scent.


  90. Mary Ann says:

    Having just returned from a lovely week in Florida before the oil hit, I would love to try the beach fragrance.

  91. inkley boys says:

    the milano is so cute! and anything that smells like food is a winner for me!

  92. I would like the Boleyn warmer with probably some beach scentsy

  93. Melinda AKA medialady says:

    I like the classic style so I could use it anywhere with a fresh linen smell or cinnamon type smell.

  94. ♥ Calamity Anne ♥ says:

    I added the giveaway to my Facebook!

  95. staceykt22 says:

    The Wynken, Blynken, and Nod sound so sweet! I think I'd like those the best.

  96. ♥ Calamity Anne ♥ says:

    Several warmers I love…but the one that's my favorite this very second is "Cherry Blossom"…plus I'd want the "Bakery" scents.

  97. I think I like the boleyn one the best.

  98. Ms. Bake-it says:

    I posted about the giveaway on my sidebar. Thank you for the opportunities to enter!

  99. Ron and Connie says:

    I LOVE SCENTSY! My favorite is coconut lemongrass. It smells so clean. I also keep a leather car freshener in my van.

  100. Ms. Bake-it says:

    I like the Poseidon warmer and either the Beach or Ocean scents. I have never heard of Scentsy before. Not sure what rock I have been living under!

    ~ Tracy

  101. the momma (aka Shannon) says:

    Lisbon and black raspberry vanilla.
    Okay, i wanted to type that before i forgot!
    Their prices are very reasonable–I'll probably be ordering even if I don't win! Thanks for the great giveaway!

  102. Jen Clark says:

    I want the Borneo warmer + Romance scent!

  103. I shared this on FB!

  104. I think the Malta warmer with Home Sweet Home would be awesome!!

  105. Margaret says:

    I would try the perfectly pomegranate and like any of the stone finish warmers. Great giveaway!

  106. Nina Patricia @ The Adventures of Nina Patricia says:

    I must live under a rock cause I never heard of this!
    I would love to try either the Riviera or plantation warmers
    and the Coconut Lemongrass or Beach scents so it can remind me of my homeland.

  107. OOh I love the Boleyn..would look great in my red kitchen and of course the Beach smell because that is where I want to live…

  108. I love the Riviera warmer and the Coconut Lemongrass scent!! Great giveaway!

    Posted on my sidebar!!

  109. I woudl love the Roma warmer with the Beach scent.

  110. Wow – so many choices! I think I'd choose the Boleyn warmer with the Pima Cotton scent. I'll keep my fingers crossed!

  111. Miller Racing Family says:

    Wonderful giveaway. I would love the rustic star warmer with any of the spring and summer scents. I love how the smell so fresh.
    Thanks for the chance!

  112. This is a new product to me. Looks great. I would choose the New Wrap collection in Tribeca w/ a Vanilla Creamer scent. Thanks!

  113. Gosh I don't know I want so many and I already have 2. I am leaning towards the tribeca and I LOVE the camu camu scent as well :)

  114. Dawn Knapp says:

    I have one too. The scent carries thru the whole house. I love them! Try the "Satin Sheets" scent. My favorite.

  115. I love the Riviera warmer and would love to try to the Perfectly Pomegranate scent.

  116. Michelle M. says:

    I like the Plantation warmer and would definitely want the Perfectly Pomegranate scent!

  117. Shelley says:

    I would love the Faith holder or a plug in holder!

  118. Quilly Nilly says:

    The Cherry Blossom warmer was cute, and I love all the plug in warmers in the Dandy Collection

    There were too many great sounding scents – I think I'd like Black Raspberry Vanilla, Cinnamon Vanilla, Cutiepie Cupcake and any from the Spa Collection.

  119. Crystal T. says:

    I love the Greenwich warmer and I can imgaine that "Beach" smells amazing!!

  120. Amanda@The Hand Me Down House says:

    Ooh — I LOVE these! I love the Taro warmer and I would love the smell the Clean Breeze in my house! :)

  121. Tweeted about scentsy giveaway! Hope i win!

  122. posted on Facebook! Yeah!

  123. I think the Liberty warmer and berry blush scent would be so fun for the hoidays this summer!

  124. I would pick the cherry blossom one for my kitchen. As for scent, I really wish I could smell them all. I think I would like the clean breeze scent. Thnks!

  125. Kimberly says:

    Blynken + sun-kissed citrus!

  126. Heather says:

    I would love to ditch the regular candles in my kitchen and replace them with a Scentsy warmer. I love the Miracle style, color: Hope. I think I would like anything vanilla or cinnamon, as far as scents go.


  127. Michelle says:

    I've heard so much about Scentsy, and would love to try it! I think the Classic Collection Satin Black warmer is gorgeous, and I'd like to try the Cinnamon Vanilla scent.

  128. MelindaB says:

    I am thinking the Boreno warmer with the Camu Camu scent would be perfect!

  129. Miss Anne says:

    GRAPE GRANITA!!! i am in ♥ with it!

    in the hanging car freshener please!

  130. Jennifer says:

    I like the Malta warmer and any of the scents from the Romance line sound wonderful.

  131. LOVE Scentsy. I think since I've discovered it…like last December…I have put many consultants children through college! LOL

  132. susan m says:

    I am inlove with the Cherry Blossom warmer! As far as a scent, I think beach as I was jsut there yesterday!

  133. i love the nature's haven warmer and the welcome home scent is classic!

  134. Lim Family says:

    Hi Jen! I think this would be perfect in our home since it's not safe to burn candles when you have children and I have a 2 and a half year old monkey :-) who gets in to everything! I like Sendai, also Sensy green and I'm with you on the beach or Ocean or I even love floral scents like Plumeria! Thanks!

  135. My friend always has scentsy burning and her home always smells so good. My favorite warmer is the Plymouth warmer. So cute!! And for the bar I would have to pick the blueberry cheesecake… unresistable!!

  136. Zach and Shawn says:

    I want one of these so bad! I love the botanticals collection and I love the one with flowers, and I would like to try perfectly pomegranite!

  137. Jessica and Ryan says:

    I love the ladge warmer.. would look great in my family room! I think I would pick warm apple pie as my scent YUM YUM!!

    Thanks so much for the chance to win!

  138. I love them! I would be happy with any of the warmers!

  139. The groovy brown warmer with go-go gogi!

  140. Ry and Ally says:

    I'd love to try perfectly pomagranate and I love the lime plug-in warmer!

  141. I LOVE Scentsy! I have a few extra Beach scents laying around (I didn't like it) that I will mail to you if you want them.

    -Denise G.

  142. kimberly says:

    Satin Black warmer with the Twilight scent

  143. Allison Holmes says:

    The Liberty is too cute for summer and I love the subtle elegance of the Lotus. Too many great scents to just choose one!!! The pom one does sound pretty fab though!

  144. I love the Hugs and Kisses warmer and think the Perfectly Pomagrante would be lovely in there.

  145. LOVE the cherry blossom warmer, and my favorite scent right now is coconut lemongrass….sooooo yummy!

  146. Variety says:

    Posted on facebook. Hope I win.


  147. I love the cyprus warmer and the red candy apple scent. I love good smelling stuff…hope I win!

  148. I like the plantation warmer and I think I'd like to try the beach scent. I love their Apple Pie scent!

  149. Braley Mama says:

    Ohhhhh I can smell it now:O) I like the greenwich with the scent of clean breeze!!!!

  150. Variety says:
  151. Variety says:

    I love Scentsy, but my daughter broke my warmer, and I haven't had a chance to replace it. If choosing now, I'd want the Soapstone warmer and the Twilight scent (although there's about 5 or 6 more scents I still want to try).


  152. April Oliver says:

    I have posted on my blog!


  153. MoJo Designs says:

    I stopped by the Scentsy website and browsed around. I really like the Milano warmer and the Green Tea Smoothie scent. =)

  154. These look really neat! I think anything in the "bakery" line would be very nice in the kitchen!

  155. April Oliver says:

    I would love one of the plug-in warmers and the Welcome Home scent. I can't wait to have one of these for every room in my house.

  156. I would pick the Cherry Blossom warmer and the Cherry Limeade for the fragrance (do I really just pick one?!!).


  157. AZBelle (Sandy) says:

    The Rooster warmer would look perfect in my kitchen. And the vanilla suede sounds like a great scent.

  158. Families Are Like Fudge says:

    Posted on Facebook! Hoping to win! jchlangley@gmail.com

  159. Families Are Like Fudge says:

    I love the Merino warmer. It would look great on my table. jchlangley@gmail.com

  160. Amy Juhasz says:

    It's tough to pick just one! but I love the rustic star. I'd love to try the clean breeze scent.

  161. The Clines says:

    I would love the Merino or Angora warmer, with Perfectly Pomegranate scent.

  162. Thanks for introducing me to Scentsy. I haven't heard of the company before, but I'm certainly looking forward to seeing more!

    I love the Liberty warmer – so cute – and the Cherry Limeade scent sounds delish!

  163. Bless This Mess - Barthelmess says:

    Scentsy!!! I checked out their website and the Rustic Star would melt right into my home's decor along with the Warm Apple Pie scent!

  164. Melissa says:

    I love scentsy! I like the rustic star warmer and skinny dippin scent. missykarren@gmail.com

  165. jcreviston says:

    Whooo! Mentioned it on my FACEBOOK! :)

  166. jcreviston says:

    This is crazy.. but I've been wanting to try Scentsy forever now!!

    The warmer I like…Milano

    Scent.. Clean Breeze

  167. I've got Just Peachy Ginger going in my living room right now and it's my new favorite!

  168. Ruth H. says:

    I mentioned this giveaway on FB!

  169. Ruth H. says:

    I love Scentsy! My sister introduced me to their products last year.

    Let's see…the Blynken warmer would look perfect in my kitchen, and I would warm Caremel Spice in it.

  170. Michelle says:

    I'm really liking the liberty warmer. I'm not sure about what bar I'd get… there are too many great choices! But I might have to go with your favorite to give something out of the norm for me a try!

  171. Tree Frog Creations... says:

    I love the Nod warmer & I'd like to try the cinnamon scent.

  172. I would love the Milano warmer and camu camu has always been my fav scent too!!

  173. I've been wanting to try Sentsy! I would get the Lisbon warmer with the Beach scent! I hope I win!

  174. Tiffany says:

    These would be perfect in my house! I love the Plantation warmer and I would love to try any of the spa scents!

  175. thopler says:

    I like the Doodlebug and Cherry Blossom.

  176. It's A Wonderful says:

    It's posted on my blog…now I'm off to capture the day!

  177. Ashley @ Bride on a Budget says:

    I've been dying to try scentsy for the longest time. I would get the Scentsy Green warmer with a block of warm apple pie. Perfect for the holiday season!

  178. It's A Wonderful says:

    The Borneo is pretty, but honestly, there are so many to think about! Bakery scents, mmmm.

  179. Pati @ A Crafty Escape says:

    I love the LEI warmer and would love to try any of the scents, especially the Clean Breeze scent.

  180. The Bamboo Tali warmer with inner peace scent for my bedroom! Hide away after a long day.

  181. I love the Taro warmer! And the Clean Breeze or White Tea and Cactus scents sound fantastic!

  182. The cherry blossom warmer is my favorite, and as for scent I would like to try beach!

  183. Debbi Does Dinner Healthy says:

    These are gorgeous! Went to the website and was looking at a bunch, I even bookmarked the site to go back! They are so cool. I didn't catch any names but I'm a brown or tan freak and love any and all in those colors. I loved the warmer of the month for teachers too, how cute!

  184. Whitney Crane says:

    I love the wrapped one in Tangerine. I would also like the Clean Breeze scent. I love fresh, clean smells!

  185. Lynn Osborne says:

    I would like Berry Bush with the Apple pie scent. Thanks for the chance to win.

  186. I love the Boelyn warmer and want to try the Camu Camu scent!

  187. I like the cherry blossom and raven warmers!

    mrunamistry at gmail dot com

  188. MrsJoseph says:

    I love that Cherry Blossom warmer, but the simple Cream one is perfection. I think I'd want to try the Pomegranate scent.

  189. KaylaDanielle says:

    I am dying to own one of these!
    I would choose the cherry blossom warmer with the sweet pea and vanilla scent.. just because it sounds interesting :)

  190. Those do look super yummy! Love the cherry blossom one! Since my kitchen is all about cherries! ya!

  191. Corie @ Red Letter Rising says:

    I love the gray Taro!

  192. 王婷珊 says:


  193. Susanne says:

    Yes it's true, I still don't have a Scentsy! Would love one for my home. My favorite burner is probably Wynkin.

  194. the W* family says:

    I would love the "Satin Black" warmer and the "baked apple pie" scent sounds yummy! 😉

  195. I sell Scentsy and it's SO hard to pick one scent. I am constantly changing my smells. There are warmers in almost every room! :)
    If you'd like to order online and don't have a consultant you can check out my website, you have to order through a consultant website to order. You can also browse a catalog there too! :)

  196. Mom. Nonstop. says:

    And check out here : Facebook for Mom. Nonstop.

  197. Mom. Nonstop. says:

    I also tweeted about this here: Mom. Nonstop.

  198. Mom. Nonstop. says:

    I love the wynken blynken and nod collection of the scentsy's. I'd rotate those three around my house.

    All with the sugar or the vanilla Suede!

  199. I would want to try Berry Blush

    cheese_e_monkey@yahoo dot com

  200. Kendra@My Insanity says:

    Tweeting this!

  201. Kendra@My Insanity says:

    I like the Roma or the Riviera warmers and I'd probably go with your recommendation, the camu camu, because it is really hard to know what scent I would want without smelling them.

  202. Mine for the Making says:

    LOVE scentsy!!! I have a warmer in my kitchen that my sister in law got me for christmas and it is the coolest thing ever!

    I went to the website and the Milano warmer would look great in my dining room!

    My favorite scent right now is Warm Apple Pie…my kitchen always smells like Im baking :)