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Another Family Rules Canvas

My Family Rules canvas is probably my favorite project of 2009. Thanks to Lindsey  over at Pleated Poppy who’s best friend Nicole came up with the original idea.
When I posted my canvas, Wenderful said she wanted one for Christmas. And of course I was happy to make one for her. Although I did have her come up with her own “rules”.

She has a bright and cheerful house, so I thought yellows and turquoise would be happy and colorful.


 Have you guys ever heard of the 365 blogs that are all the rage right now? Wenderful is doing one, and she has come up with some ideas. If you want some good photography ideas, go over and check hers out HERE.

Yes, that is her in all four places…
I really need some photography lessons….
Have a great day!
And if you can help the people in Haiti: text “Haiti” to 90999 and $10 will go to the people of Haiti, or text “yele” to 501510 for a $5 donation.


  1. momto2munkeys says:

    OMG, I saw this the other day and forgot where I saw it!!! I just spent an hour blog hopping, but yeah, I found it!!!! It's raining all weekend,so hopefully I can take advantage and whip one up!!! Thanks a bunch, it's so darling!!!