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Sweater Redo #2 and update on "pink and Chinese" bedroom

Here’s a fast and simple redo to update a top or sweater. I really liked this sweater, but it was a little boxy and I really prefer cardigans. So it sat in my closet, only worn a couple of times.
This is a 30 minute project. Here’s what you do:
  • Take your sweater, find the center. Cut a straight line down the center.
  • My top was a little wide, so I cut out a 2 inch section of fabric from the center. 
  • Take your seam tape (available in many colors from your fabric store), cut two sections of tape a little longer than the length of each sweater side.
  • Lay the tape over one of the side, folding it in half with the sweater seam in between and the sides of the seam tape matching up. Pin it in place.
  • Fold the ends of the seam tape under on the top and bottom of the sweater seam.
  • Sew it together. and do the same thing with the other side of the sweater. 
  • Hand sew the clasps on the inside of the sweater opening.
  • I took the leftover material, cut it into small lengths and joined it with ribbon to make a little flower embellishment.
  • Now go enjoy your new sweater!
And — it’s T-minus 3 days until Ella’s birthday and deadline for the “Pink and Chinese” bedroom. Have I painted the room yet — no, made the pillows or curtains — no. Do you think I need to get a move on??? I think I’m starting to panic!!!

Have a great day!
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