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"Summer Social" Guest Project — Mason Jar Kiddie Picnic!! {and printable recipe too}

Hello, adorable Tatertots and Jello readers! My name is Kimmie and I blog over at Sugar and Dots. I'll spare you my life story...basically, I blog about lots of random things and I enjoy sarcasm. :) I am so excited to be sharing "my" idea here today! So here's the deal... For Easter, I was in charge of dessert and whipped up some little lovelies in Mason jars. After … [Read more...]

Guest Project — How to Make Custom Water Bottle Labels {with free printables!}

Hi there!  Kerry from Sweet Sanity here! First of, I must say how thrilled I am to be doing a tutorial on Tatertots and Jello...I love Jen's blog and checking in over morning coffee always gets me inspired! Sweet Sanity offers stickers, tags and printables for your parties, weddings, and showers.  I have always loved celebrations with an unmistakable theme, and helping others bring their … [Read more...]