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Caring For Wood Floors – and How You Can Help Plant Trees with Pinterest

Cleaning Wood Floors

I love the wood floors in my new/old office.   The floors are from 1905. They're beautiful pine -- with 15-foot planks. Each plank is free of knots -- turns out it's nearly impossible to buy that kind of wood now! Luckily the owners through the years had covered the floors with carpet, except in the kitchen. With a lot of hard work, we sanded and stained them - it took about 2 months … [Read more...]

Guest Project — Create a His/Her Office and PB-Inspired Calendar Wall!!


Hey there tatertots! My name is Karly Barker and I come to you from The Married Life. I like to call myself a make do crafter and party planner. I am no perfectionist but love to create a fun space, party, and even a little organization. Like many of you my husband and I are newlyweds and just set up our first apartment. And this very task required us to learn how to compromise for the … [Read more...]

My Dining Room Turned Craft Room/Office and show off YOUR space!


 The most emailed questions that I get are about my Dining Room that we turned into my Office/Craft Room. It's one of my favorite rooms in the house and definitely the room I spend the most time in. So I thought I'd write a little post about what we did! Before it was a plain dining room. It's a great shape -- kind of square and has a pretty detailed ceiling with lots of molding. The problem … [Read more...]

Creative Fridays: Before and After Party


So Rhoda from Southern Hospitality is hosting a Before and After Projects Party. She has done the most amazing projects! I also love decorating projects. Unfortunately I wasn't doing this blog for more than half of 2008 so I don't have many before pictures of some of my smaller projects, but we did do some big projects in 2008. So here are some of the things we did: 1. We turned my formal … [Read more...]

Me, organized??


Well, we got our new carpet -- yeah! It was a hectic week last week. It basically consisted of me painting my office before the carpeting came, and also going through and cleaning out all of our closets; then moving all of our furniture from one end of the house to the other over the course of two days. And then the following day my sister and her family came from Idaho for Thanksgiving. We had a … [Read more...]