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Caring For Wood Floors – and How You Can Help Plant Trees with Pinterest

I love the wood floors in my new/old office.   The floors are from 1905. They're beautiful pine -- with 15-foot planks. Each plank is free of knots -- turns out it's nearly impossible to buy that kind of wood now! Luckily the owners through the years had covered the floors with carpet, except in the kitchen. With a lot of hard work, we sanded and stained them - it took about 2 months … [Read more...]

Guest Project — Create a His/Her Office and PB-Inspired Calendar Wall!!

Hey there tatertots! My name is Karly Barker and I come to you from The Married Life. I like to call myself a make do crafter and party planner. I am no perfectionist but love to create a fun space, party, and even a little organization. Like many of you my husband and I are newlyweds and just set up our first apartment. And this very task required us to learn how to compromise for the … [Read more...]

My Dining Room Turned Craft Room/Office and show off YOUR space!

 The most emailed questions that I get are about my Dining Room that we turned into my Office/Craft Room. It's one of my favorite rooms in the house and definitely the room I spend the most time in. So I thought I'd write a little post about what we did! Before it was a plain dining room. It's a great shape -- kind of square and has a pretty detailed ceiling with lots of molding. The problem … [Read more...]