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Easy Banana Nut Bread

Hey! I'm Kelsey from Poofy Cheeks and I'm excited to be back at Tatertots and Jello sharing a recipe for Easy Banana Nut Bread! I have four kids and sometimes a bunch of bananas barely lasts 24 hours in our home but other times they sit untouched until I realize they are completely brown. Watching food go to waste is basically like throwing away money in my eyes so whenever the bananas get too … [Read more...]

HAPPY Holidays – Christmas Tree Bread Recipe!

Good morning! My name is Kristen Duke, today I am sharing my christmas tree bread, but I blog over at Capturing Joy. I started out blogging as a portrait photographer sharing my sneak peeks of photography sessions, and found I enjoy sharing home projects, recipes, and photo tips along with the pictures I take as well. I've also written a handy dandy book called Say NO to Auto to help moms take … [Read more...]