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Turn a Discarded Vanity into a DIY Kids’ Art Station!

Hey, hey TT&J readers...it's me, Jessica from Mom 4 Real! I'm so happy to be back here sharing another fun project with you. Last month, I shared a Painted Dresser With Ribbon Handles, and this month, I am going to share that dresser's mate with you..well, it used to be that dresser's mate. This Kid's Art Station used to be a vanity...let me show you the transformation... See, I was driving … [Read more...]

Turn an Old Desk into a Childs’ Art Station (tutorial)!!

Happy Wednesday everyone! I recently made over this vintage school desk for my daughter and I thought all of you DIYers over here at Tatertots & Jello would love it! Now let me show you how I turned this old and rusty desk into my daughter's favorite place to color! I was at a trade show about six months ago and found this cute vintage desk. I had hopes and dreams of fixing it up for Malea … [Read more...]