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Guest Project — Turn a Purse into a Stylish Camera Bag!!!

Hello, fellow readers of Tater Tots and Jello!  This is Valerie, from The Crafter's File Box.   I am super excited to hijack Jen's blog today and share with you my tutorial for making a regular purse go to fab camera bag! I am sure you have all see the amazing camera bags that have been out there lately. They look like a purse, so they are still feminine, but the insides are made to … [Read more...]

Spring Sweater Refashion 2011 {#3}

  Welcome to the next installment in my quest to refashion my wardrobe :) My third sweater refashion started off with a plain white cardigan from Target. Add a few chiffon flowers and you have a sweater refashion that is super easy, fast and requires no sewing machine.  … [Read more...]

Spring Sweater Refashion 2011 {#2}

My second sweater refashion is a plain, black Target sweater that I bought last year. It was too plain. So I decided to embellish it a little. This refashion also uses a scarf. This is the problem -- I buy scarves because I think they are so adorable but then I never feel like I know how to wear them. Or I feel too self-conscious to wear them. So I also had this scarf that I had bought, also … [Read more...]

Spring Sweater Refashion 2011 {1}

Last Thursday I went on Studio 5 and shared a bunch of sweater refashions.  Now, let me preface this by saying that I have only been sewing for about a year. So these are really easy, straight-stitch kind of projects!! The first one I'd like to share is also one my favorites {I have 11 to share}. This is a kind of coral v-neck sweater with a blue and white nautical mix.   I love this … [Read more...]

Guest Project — Turn an old pair of pants into a Sleek, Stylish, Comfortable Skirt! {Clothing Refashion}

 Hi - I'm Lisa from This Mabey Heaven!  I love trying new things and writing about my crafting and mothering experiences.  I'd love to share an easy clothing refashion with you today. Take an old pair of pants and turn it into a sleek, stylish, comfortable skirt!!   The Panelist Skirt has the sleek look of a tailored skirt, but is extra comfy because of the inside panel. When you're … [Read more...]

Guest Project — Striped Fashion-inspired Shirt for less than $5

Hello, all of you fabulous Tatertots and Jello fans!  I'm so honored to be sharing my tutorial over at Jen's awesome blog today!  I just love Jen and all of her wonderful ideas-I think if we knew each other in person, we'd be friends : ) In case you're wondering who the heck I am, my name is Courtney and I blog over at Scraps and Scribbles.  It's where I share my crafty endeavors, … [Read more...]

$4 Tee + $1 Dollar Store Towel = Fabulous Anthro-inspired Shirt!!

Here's a little project I made the other night. Do you have any Charlotte Russe stores near you? I was in ours and found some great, really basic tees for $4. I really liked the neckline and weight of the fabric. I brought them home and I had this picture of a Anthropologie "Tutu" shirt that I had printed off awhile ago to see if I could recreate. I also had a Dollar Store Flour Sack Tea Towel … [Read more...]

Guest Project — Brassy Ruffle Top!

Hello, hello! My name is Megan and I am the creative force behind Brassy Apple! I am a sewing pattern designer and passionate DIY-er! I love to share my tutorials, photography and ideas on the Brassy Apple Blog. Just like Jen I love a good refashioning project! I got hooked on upcycling t-shirt's this spring and thought it would be fun to create and share a new design! Brassy … [Read more...]

Giant Flower Tote Tutorial

I needed a sturdy, easy-access bag for my trip. But I also wanted it to be different and cute. So I decided to make one! I took a tote I bought at Walmart a few months ago on clearance. I liked the stripes, but it needed something to jazz it up. If you want to make one, here's what you do:  Materials: Tote Bag 3 Designs of Fabric Sewing Machine Needle and Thread Liquid Stitch … [Read more...]

Super Easy & Cute T-Shirt Refashion

This is easily my favorite and easiest t-shirt refashion that I have tried so far. All it requires is a needle and thread - no machine! I started with two clearance t-shirts from Forever 21 {$2/ea.}. I used the second t-shirt to make the flowers. But you can use leftover fabric for the flowers and then you only need one shirt. I made a sketch of what I wanted the t-shirt to look … [Read more...]