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Secret Recipe — Molasses Chocolate Chip Cookies!

Hey guys, It’s Jess and Monica from East Coast Creative Blog! We’re totally mixing things up with this month’s contribution and instead of our typical DIY project, we’re sharing a recipe with you!  Mind you, this is not just any recipe- it’s a majorly secret recipe! :) 
Before you tune out because of the molasses- don’t worry, I don’t like molasses either, but in these cookies- it’s the secret ingredient and will give you the most amazing cookies ever!
So, here’s the back story on these cookies.  Growing up (before I moved down to PA and met my BFF Jess) I went to a really small private school.  One of the teachers, Mrs. Brennan, would bake hundreds of her famous cookies whenever the Varsity teams were traveling.  I honestly might have played sports just to eat her cookies 24-7! If only we could have our teenage metabolism back! Anyhow, when I was moving out of state, I was given the secret recipe and have used it ever since!  Today, I’m sharing the awesomeness with you!
Chocolate Chip Cookies with Molasses
2 sticks butter (microwave 30 seconds)
1.5 Cup white sugar
2 Tablespoons molasses
1 Teaspoon vanilla
Mix & Add 1 egg
2.25 Cup flour
1 Teaspoon baking soda
1 Teaspoon salt
350 degrees
9 minutes
(In case you noticed- there’s no flour in the picture! Darnit! I had to run out to the store! )
Microwave your butter for 30 SECONDS. Don’t do it any longer- you want it soft, but not melted.  30 Seconds is the sweet spot!
 So here’s the dealio with the molasses… it’s replacing brown sugar and giving the recipe a really rich, sweet flavor! Don’t skip it or you won’t have the legit most awesome cookies ever!
And, no one would ever guess you put molasses in- you can keep it as your secret if you want!
Your batter will be light in color, but still have lots of flavor!
Now we need to talk about chocolate chips… Friends, I’m all about generic brands, but not for chips!  You’ve gotta go Nestle for this recipe!


YUM! You’re looking at my #1 Favorite Food- yup, cookie dough is my nemesis!!
Mrs. Brennan baked her cookies on a regular baking sheet, but I’m a Pampered Chef stoneware girl!  I haven’t used a metal pan in over ten years! Either would work just fine though.
9 minutes later this Heavenly goodness was ready!
Now, you might notice they’re a flatter cookie- that’s how they’re supposed to be.  They’re not paper thin, but not chunky either.  Once they come out of the oven, allow them to sit on the tray for about 3 minutes and they’ll flatten a bit.
These are actually Jess’ favorite cookies and she’s always bummed out if I use a different recipe! So we both can vouch for their awesomeness!
So give them a try and let us know how they turn out!
How about ladies? 
Have you used molasses as a secret ingredient before? 


PSST!!!  Did you hear the news?  Our new DIY show premieres on July 7th!  Check out the show’s website HERE for all the info and to find out what channel it will be on in your area!  We’re super excited!

Wow – those cookies look amazing!!
Thanks for sharing them with us, girls.
And I can’t wait to see your new show. So awesome!!
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Have a Creative Day! 
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  1. The recipe looks amazing I am anxious to try it – but what in the name of all that’s wonderful is a STICK of butter. In England we work in metric measures – except for us oldies who prefer pounds and ounces.

  2. I have just made my 3rd batch of these cookies and every time they are a huge hit! :) I use ghiradelli semi-sweet chips, and extra tsp of vanilla (paste) and they are…amazing. This will absolutely be my go-to chocolate chip cookie recipe from now on!!


  3. Hey, these are the best cookies ever! I made a batch and 4 days later they were still gooey and soft! My hubby took some to work and all the guys raved about them.
    Thanks so much for sharing!
    Beth :)

  4. I was really hoping to have found a great cookie recipe, but I am afraid the molasses chocolate chip cookie recipe is not it. My husband, who loves to nibble on the cookie dough, said it was a “mean trick.” You think it is going to taste good, but the molasses ruined the entire dough. He said the cooked cookie was better than the dough, but still not great. This recipe reminded me of something you would have to make in another country because they don’t carry brown sugar. Sorry, but I will not be making these again. I felt very disappointed by it.

    • After one day in the Tupperware, the taste improved. The strong molasses taste mellowed. The husband said they were better the second day.

  5. The fact that it has that kind of impact on you makes this recipe a wonder to behold. I am really curious as to its uniqueness compared to other chocolate chip cookies.

  6. Good Morning! It’s another beautiful summer day and I’m going right out and getting some molasses
    to bake those delicious-looking cookies. I need red and white striped straws to put in the milk that goes with them, too. My kids will love them. Thank you for sharing your “secret” recipe.

    Kelli Girsch – buybabydeals.com

  7. Want to try your molasses chocolate chip cookie recipe. How much chocolate chips to you use? I don’t see that in the recipe. (I may have overlooked it because I haven’t had enough coffee this morning.)

    Also, about how many cookies will the recipe make? Thanks!

    • Hey Mirza!
      Sorry about the lacking details! lol You can tell we’re used to DIY projects, not recipes! :)
      I would use about 3/4 of the normal size bag of chips. It was never specified in my recipe, so you can add more or less depending on what you prefer.

      Also, it makes about 3 trays worth of cookies so I’m thinking like 30-40 bc I make them small.

      Let us know how they turn out!!