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Summer Open Kitchen Shelves!

summer open shelves at tatertots and jello

When we remodeled our kitchen, I left a couple doors off a cabinet by my sink. I love decorating that area for different seasons and holidays.

summer open shelves tatertots and jello

And with the warmer weather, it has really got me in the mood for summer. So the other day I decided to change up that little section of my home.

open shelves decorated for summer

Here’s what I did to change up this little area of my kitchen: 

summer open shelves collage

  • I took the shelves out of the cabinet and took the beadboard backing out. 
  • Then I took a length of muslin and covered the beadboard with it. I attached the material to the beadboard with duct tape on the back.
  • I covered the muslin with burlap and attached it to the board with duct tape.
  • Then I put the board in the back of the cabinet and then put the shelves back in.

Once the shelved were put back, then the fun began!

tatertots and jello open shelves summer

I love using this space to display my white cake plates. They look so pretty against any background.

summer kitchen open shelves at Tatertots and Jello

I found the pie window saying at World Market.

The crate is also from World Market.

I potted a couple of suculents in some small bowls and I put the on top of a piece of wood that I put on top of a cake plate.

wood cake plate for summer at tatertots and jello

The plate and little striped bowls are also from World Market.

open summer kitchen shelves at tatertots and jello

I think the burlap really looks beachy. And I love the texture that the burlap gives to the background.

open summer shelves in the kitchen at tatertots and jello

I have a tray that I keep on my counter and I keep my flour, sugar and salt on it. I love the chalkboard labels. I bought those a few months ago at Target.

This space really makes me smile. And I am SO excited for Summer!! 

tatertots and jello whole summer kitchen

What are YOU most excited about for Summer?? 

Let me know in the comments!! 

And here are some other ways that I have changed up this space throughout the year:

navy and yellow open shelves

Navy and Yellow Open Shelves

aqua and white shelves

Aqua and White Shelves

halloween open shelves

Halloween Open Shelves

christmas open shelves

Christmas Open Shelves

Have a Beautiful Day! 


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  1. That little pie window is the perfect touch. I can’t wait to have open shelving in my “real” kitchen someday :)

  2. What a fun idea to use an interchangeable seasonal backing to the cabinet! We have doors right now on all of our cabinets but looking to remodel the kitchen in the next year- have to put this in my idea notebook. Thanks Jen!

  3. I think I have too much crammed in my cupboards to make something like this work. Your’s look beautiful, though, like a work of art.

  4. such a happy space in your kitchen Jen! so cute :)

  5. They look beautiful, Jen! The burlap really does give it a summery/beachy feel. I especially love the blue accents and succulents. I always love your open shelves updates. So fun!

  6. Looks amazing Jen! I love the crate and the little pie window saying… the muslin looks so fresh but earthy and summery… love it!! I really need some open kitchen shelves to stage!! Yours always look so great:)

    • Hi Krista!!

      Thanks so much!! It makes me so happy to see them each morning when I am making breakfast :)


  7. Love Love Love this! Brilliant idea to put a piece of wood on your cake plate! I love you and your darling summer shelves! Thanks for the inspiration today! Happy Tuesday!

    • Thanks Tausha!! I love that little wood cake stand. It just seems so beachy to me haha!!

      Happy Tuesday to you too! I hope you are having a wonderful week!


  8. I love this! And I love that you can easily change it up throughout the year!

    • Hi Lisa!!

      Yes, it’s so fun to change it up. I am loving finding different backgrounds to use for the back of the shelves. It’s so fun!!

      Thanks for stopping by!


  9. So cute Jen! I love the glass window with the Freshly Bakes Pies Daily! that is my fav. I love seeing how you change out your open shelving. It reminds me of my Hutch I love to change out. I hope you are doing well my friend. XO jen

    • Hi my cute friend!!

      I just love your hutch!! It’s so fun to have a space to change up for the different holidays and seasons. Makes me smile. Miss you!! I hope things are going great for you. You are amazing!


  10. I just gotta say – I think people with open shelves in their kitchens are brave souls….or just freaks. I couldn’t commit to dusting just one more area or be held accountable to keep it looking nice and uncluttered! But I LOVE the look and I think you did an excellent job! I also love the tray with your flour sugar and such on it. That is always the messiest part of my counter and that seems like a nice solution.

    • haha!! Love you Mimi!! I haven’t noticed that it gets that dusty. Maybe because I am changing it up so often LOL. I have noticed that the tray with my canisters has kept my countertops cleaner – so that is a plus!

      I hope you are having a great Spring so far!!


      • Oh my gosh!!!! That was supposed to say CLEAN freaks! Hahaha! I guess that’s what happens when my kids interrupt me mid comment :). Just glad you got a laugh out of it rather than simply writing me off. Ooooh goodness =)

  11. I love it Jen! And I love Summer! I’m most looking forward to lazy afternoons at the pool :)

  12. Great idea! We JUST remodeled my dad’s kitchen. Wish I had done this!

    • Hi Sarah!!

      You can probably still do this if you want. All I did was take the doors off and put in a piece of beadboard behind the shelves. It’s super easy and inexpensive :)

      Thanks for stopping by!


  13. So pretty! I think of my kitchen as my workshop, so I love it to be pretty but functional at the same time. You have captured both those elements. I will have to give it a try!

    • Hi Maureen!

      I agree!! I think it’s so easy to have some of the things I use all of the time so easily accessible like pitchers for drinks, measuring cups and spoons and bowls.

      Thanks for the nice comment. have a wonderful day!


  14. Hi Jen,
    Your open shelves are in full summer mode and are looking wonderful! Love that ‘Pie’ sign!
    Have a Wonderful Day,
    Pieced Pastimes

    • Hi Suzanne!!

      Thanks so much!! It makes me happy seeing that little space all spruced out for Summer.

      Thanks for taking the time to leave a comment. I hope you have a great day!


  15. barbara macaskill says:

    My favorite thing about summer is sitting on my patio, drinking my coffee and reading a book while my dogs run around and play! Listening to the waterfall in my pond relaxes me like nothing else can.
    Sitting on my patio with my family while we barbecue and watch the grandchildren play is also a favorite summer pleasure!

    • Hi Barbara!!

      Yes, that sounds wonderful!! And how cool that you have a waterfall AND a pond in your backyard. I bet it’s so beautiful!



        It is a very small pond and waterfall but I love the sound of the water falling down. Once we start the landscaping at our new house I will have a bigger pond and waterfall. I might even put both of them in so it is even more relaxing. Once we are done I will post the pictures so you can see the finished project! I am going to also try the flower tower that momtobedby8 blogged about and the recirculating fountain that you blogged. You are getting me into lots o trouble with all these projects! I am not sure how well they will come out because I have to do them all one handed but I am hoping my angels will be by my side helping them to turn out as great as yours did!

  16. SO,so Beautiful Love it,i will try to do that in my sister kitchen,i know she will love it!!!! :)

    • Thanks Marie!!

      I bet your sister will love it. It’s super easy to do and it really makes such an impact in any size of kitchen. Let me know if you do it, I would love to see a picture!

      have a super day!



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