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Painting Stripes on a Focal Wall … and My Colortopia’s Color My Room Tool!

I love the weekends!!

It’s time time when I am able to focus on my big DIY Projects.

And I have some really fun news to share with what I have been working on the past EIGHT months. More on that later. This weekend, I have been working on my craftroom/office. This is what it looked like before: 

I loved it, but the green did NOT go with anything else in the house and because I took my dining room and turned it into my office, there was no closet. So it was super cluttery and it has been driving me crazy for the past year or so. I am builidng myself a new office and I am so excited to show it to you!!!

I am turning my old office/dining room into a homework/art room/music room for my kids.

And I really wanted to integrate it more into the overall color theme of the rest of the house. I also took the cabinets from one side of room and moved them to the other. It really opens the room up and it allowed me to have a focal wall.

But it’s hard to visualize how paint is going to look in a room.

So that’s where the new My Colortopia’s site comes in.

“Color My Room” is a brand-new tool that lets you take a picture of a room or piece of furniture in your home and see how it would look painted a different color.

I knew I wanted to lighten up the space. So a couple weeks ago I painted the whole room white. Then we hung the curtains. And then the real decisions started. What color should I paint the accent wall??


I couldn’t decide.


So I took a picture of the room and uploaded it into the Colortopia Color My Room site. And then I was able to test out different colors on that site. This saved me so much time!

It’s super easy to use the tool. All you have to do is upload a picture to their site and then you can highlight the area you want to fill in with color. Then you can test out different colors of paint. This is so helpful!! And it can save so much time and money, rather than painting the room different colors to see the effect of paint.  As you browse the MyColortopia site, you can save color palettes to your account by just dragging them up to your Project Folder to save.

I found some curtains that I LOVED for the space. They gave me the inspiration for the room. My husband and I are at odds whether the dark color in the curtains is dark grey or navy. I think it’s a combination of both. And it makes it a little tricky to pick out a paint color.


I thought I might want to paint some stripes. And the tool on My Colorporia My Home tool  let me make stripes on that wall. I could choose different colors from the ones I had saved in my Color Palette. It was actually really fun to see different colors. And I was able to experiment with different sizes of stripes, as well as different colors.  I even tried a few crazy ones!!

I ended up painting the wall yesterday – I am still working on the stripes.

And I am so excited to finish the room. I am thrilled with the color. I ended up going with Glidden’s Duo Paint (primer and paint) — the color is called Pencil Point. It’s kind of a mix between dark grey and navy. I can’t wait to show you the whole room transformation soon!!

Be sure to check out My Colortopia’s new tool — Color My Room.

It’s a great way to help visualize paint color in a room. I really do  love it!

What DIY project are YOU working on?? Let me know in the comments!!


Have a Happy Day!




Glidden brand paint has sponsored this post, but as always all opinions and thoughts are mine


  1. Oooooh it is looking GORG so far! If we were local Kelli would love to paint for you in exchange for an ice cold Diet Coke- lol. She is crazy for loving to paint! Can’t wait for the reveal, Jen! :)

    xo-Kristi & Kelli

  2. I must go check out Colortopia. I inherited an awful dark red kitchen wall from the previous owner and have gotten so used to it that I can’t even picture another color in my mind! Thanks for the tip and I love the paint color you chose.

    • Thanks Jeanie!!! I love it too. I am excited to hear what you do with your red wall. Send me a picture when you have it done!


  3. That is so perfect – I need to know what something’s going to look like before I take the plunge, so a tool like this is perfect for me. I can especially freak over paint sometimes. And good to know that you got those cabinets from Ikea!! I’ve been looking for ones similar to that for a while now.

    • I am the same way Rachel! It’s so much easier to be able to see what it will look like than to try to visualize it my head :)


  4. Hey! How funny, just saw a post about this on bowerpower. Great to know you can incorporate stripes and play around that way too. I have stripes in two rooms of my house. Would have been fun to pay around with this.

    Suzanne http://www.smallchangesbigimprovements.com

    • Hi Suzanne!!

      I know! I was so excited to see I could make stripes with the tool. It really is so much easier to visualize stripes and different widths when you can see the room and what it will look like.

      Have a great night!


  5. Oh where, oh where did you find the curtains?!? Such an inviting space! Thanks for sharing!

  6. It looks so great and bigger….what a transformation! Love the curtains too! Looking forward to seeing the big reveal!

    • Thanks Missy!! The room seems so much bigger now. I had my shelves on a wall that was visible from the front door and it was always messy. So now it looks so much better and cleaner. I am so excited to finish it – yay :)


  7. What a transformation!! Do you remember where you purchased your bookshelves?

    • Hi Mary Lou!! The bookshelves were from Ikea. They don’t make them anymore, but they have quite a few really nice styles right now.

      I love Idea because they have great lines and are so affordable!


  8. Love the curtains! Where did you purchase them? Can’t wait to see the finished room!

  9. I love this! I’m getting ready to make our whole house white so my question is to achieve this look do you paint the trim and the walls the exact same color or do you do one or the other a shade or two different? I love the “all-white” look you see on pinterest and I’ve been trying to figure this whole color match thing out…thanks so much!

    • Hi Adrienne!! I really am loving white too!! I just painted my new office all white. In that space I painted the walls and the trim the same color. But the trim was a different finish. The walls are eggshell and the trim is semi-gloss (or high gloss). You want the trim to have a glossier finish. But in this office the walls are Decorator White, which is not a plain white. It’s a little warmer white and I left the trim a plain white.


  10. Thanks for letting me know about Colortopia. I think it will make it a little easier to pick out a color!! I have a couple of rooms I want to redo.

    • Thanks Deneen!! Yes, check it out. It really is a very useful tool. And to make your color palette, you can use their inspiration boards to get your palette nd then drag it up to your folder and it will save the colors for all of your projects.


  11. Darlene S says:

    Love the color you chose! What fun! I’m sure you have shared in a previous post, but where did you get the cabinets and desks from in the 1st pic?

    • Hi Darlene!!

      I got the cabinetsin the room from Ikea. And the desk is from Pottery Barn Teen. I have seen alot of desks that are DIY and are very similar though too!



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  2. […] trying a few solid color walls, I took a tip from my friend Jen at Tatertots & Jello, and used the tool to mask off a striped pattern on the walls. […]