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Downton Abbey Season 3: Free Dowager Quotes, Bunting Printables and Party Ideas!

Are YOU a Downton fan???

We look forward to it every week. In fact, I even got my husband hooked. All of the characters and intrigue are so delightful. This season has flown by and I can’t believe that the season 3 finale is this weekend (sad face).

So I thought it would be awesome to have a Downton Abbey Season Finale Party.

My sweet husband helped me make some printables and you are welcome to use them in case YOU want to throw a little Downton party too!! This season there were SO many fabulous quotes from our favorite characters.

We’ve made SIX Dowager Countess Quotes that you can print off and frame as well as two different version of DOWNTON buntings with the Union Jack on them too – yay.


Here are the quotes from Violet Crawley, Dowager Countess of Grantham (my favorites from the last season, three pages for six total quotes (Just page through the doc to see them all)):

I made them in a standard 4×6-inch size so that if you wanted to drop them in some inexpensive frames (dollar store) they’d be the same size as a photo print.

And here are two versions of “Downton” bunting, one with a faded Union Jack (British flag) background, and one a brighter version of the Union Jack on the ends!

As far as food for the party goes, tea sandwiches would be perfect like the ones we made for Ella’s party. We made chicken salad as well as cucumber and cream cheese.

Other ideas might be: 

What was YOUR favorite quote this season??
There were so many good ones.
Let me know in the comments!!
Have a Beautiful Day!! 
PS – It’s Friday – my favorite day of the week! 
It’s almost time for the Weekend Wrap Up Party!! 
I love seeing YOUR ideas and featuring YOU. 
I hope you can stop by for the fun. 
The party starts at 6 pm MST.


  1. LOL! I love love love these!!! So printing them out for a Downton party!! The Dowager Countess is for sure the best character on that show!! (With the best hats, too!) :) My hubby and I watch it together as well.
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  2. Its like you read my mind! You appear to know a lot about this, like you wrote the book
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  3. Hello Jen, So glad to discover another Abbey Addict! I’m so obsessed that when I learned Costco had the dvd for season 3 – I hurried down, bought it & then watched the rest of the season! {I’m the same way with chocolate!} I adore the quotations you’ve shared. I loved it when Mr. Bates & Anna were setting up house in their cottage. Anna was talking about how they could fix the place up, & Mr. Bates told her that she improved it just by being in the room. *Sigh* I also love everything the Dowager Countess says. How about the exchange where she asks, “What is The Scarlet Letter?” Edith answers, “A novel by Nathaniel Hawthorne”. “It sounds most unsuitable!” is the Dowager’s response. I made some DA refreshments, but it was cucumber punch. Your sandwiches look so fun.

  4. Kim M in PA says:

    Just have to add my favorite. When Sybil was having the baby and they were discussing taking her to the hospital someone mentions that they must consult Thomas. Violet says something like, “oh yes, let’s let the chauffeur decide.”

  5. I’m a Cub Master so I totally LOVED this quote:

    Mary says: Carson’s motto is “be prepared.
    Dowager Countess says: That is until Baden Powell stole it.

    I’m paraphrasing cause I don’t remember the exact quote but it was HILARIOUS!

  6. My all-time favorite quote is “What is a weekend?” Not sure which season it’s from, since we have watched all 3 seasons this year.

  7. I started watching this season and caught up on the first 2 seasons online. I am so hooked I bought the book about the real Downton Abbey, written by the countess who now lives in the castle the show is filmed at. I could not believe how this season ended and can’t wait for the next season to start again.

  8. “Nothing succeeds like excess.” Dowager Countess~ Oscar Wilde
    She said this when Mary showed her how beautiful the table was set for a dinner party.

  9. This is so great! My husband and I are hooked on Downton Abbey!! We just started watching this season, but are trying to catchup on Season 1 & 2, too!!! My favorite quote?

    “You’ll make me untidy”….. Lady Mary

  10. I’m hooked on Downton, as well. I’ve been watching every season since the beginning and now write about it every Monday on my blog and last week I hosted a DOWNTON ABBEY Valentine’s luncheon and book exchange!
    It is such a fun reason to get together with girl friends. Thank you for sharing the bunting and printables! Love them! And can’t wait to have another Downton get together.

    • Hi Amy!! That is so cool that you ave been sharing Downton ideas every Monday! And your Downton party looks like it was so much fun. I love those little round sandwiches you made!!


  11. Oh. My. Word. My heart skipped a beat when I swathe title to this post and then I died a little when I saw all the cute stuff inside!!!!! Thank you for the freebies! I’m sure it will soften the blow of the season ending to see such fun quotes around the house!

  12. WE are having a DA tea on Sunday afternoon. Originally we had only about six that we thought would come. We are up to fourteen – everyone planning to come in period dress and hats. We/ve pulled out silver. china, teapots…..it just keeps growing. For a game, we are going to have a bag of questions, one of my favorite being, “what character on DA do you think you most resemble and why?’

  13. Too fun! Love that show!!

  14. This is so cute! I love the quotes you chose, but I’m also fun of “I say, did you do something jolly with your hair?”

  15. So fun! What a great idea! I can’t believe its the end of the season! Thanks for sharing your ideas and printables!

  16. I heard that even though this week is the finale there is still the Christmas episode. I’m not sure if they will aire that after the finale this week or wait until next. Can’t wait! I don’t know how I will make it until season four!

  17. Sandra Smith says:

    My favorite: “Seems a pity to miss such a good pudding”

    • That was such a good one! I should do another follow up with the ones I missed. Thanks for reminding me about that one Sandra!!


  18. love your ideas!!!!!!!
    We just had a Downton Abbey Party last week.
    Check it out; http://www.richandsarahchristensen.blogspot.com/2013/02/my-downton-abbey-tea-party.html

  19. Love this. Thanks for sharing. I also have my husband hooked on Downton Abbey and the Dowager is our favorite character. I almost cried when I heard this Sunday is the season finally.

  20. “That is an easy caveat to accept because I’m never wrong.”

  21. Just like to say this post scared me for a second, thought I’d actually missed a whole season. The UK have ‘call the midwife’ season 2 running at least…. if that’s not reached the US yet then look out for it – truly delightful!

  22. When the newspaper man to whom Mary was engaged left in a huff and said “I doubt if you will ever see me again,” the Countess replied, “Do you promise.” : )

  23. .

  24. I don’t remember the set-up but the Dowager was told something about “the week-end” and she replied “Week-end? What is a week-end?”

  25. “Back in the knife box, Miss Sharp.” Although I think Miss O’Brian is evil, I did like this line from last week’s episode. 😉 Fun projects!

  26. I can’t pick a favorite quote or favorite moment the show is just That Great – but most often than not the best quotes do come from the Dowager Countess. Love these printables. If I start putting things up around the house the husband will REALLY think I’ve gone ’round the bend. Adorable!

  27. Jen! I’m so in love with these!!! I just caught up yesterday and when hey announced next week was the season finale, my heart just sank!!!

    I actually posted Downton Abbey, well Bates & Anna) cookies today! Great minds think alike! 😉 I know it’s totally tacky to leave a link in the comments, but I think you’ll like them:

  28. I got the season 3 DVD for my birthday—The ending is unbelievable!!!

  29. My favorite quote was by the Dowager to Lord Grantham “Do you think I might have a drink? Oh, I’m sorry, I thought you were a waiter.”

    But I must say Jen, your hair looks rather jolly!

    • Hehe – those were great ones!!! I meant to put the waiter one in this batch. That was my favorite too!!

      Happy Friday Laura!!


  30. I double heart Downton! love the quote but i LOVE that Union Jack bunting!!! so cute!

  31. Love Downton Abbey! I was so sad when Larkrise to Candleford ended, and now Downton has filled that void. This season went way too fast! Thanks so much for the quotes!

  32. I can’t believe it is the season finale already!?!? I may have to watch the whole season again while we wait for season 4 :) Maggie Smith is hands down my favorite – I wait on the edge of my seat for her lines!

  33. YES!!! LOve this, Jen! :)

  34. I love these! Thanks for sharing.

  35. Love these Violet quotes! Thanks for sharing!


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