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Make a Love Note Wreath (Valentine’s Day Project)

I found a scrolly dry erase board on clearance at Target a few months ago. I picked it up because I loved the shape and wanted to make something out of it. And when I started getting in the Valentine’s Day mood, I thought it might be fun to make an interactive Love Note Wreath.

My kids are always drawing pictures for each other. I love that!! It makes me so happy when they tell each other how much they appreciate each other. So I thought it would be fun to have a little wreath where everyone in our family can leave little notes to each other.

Here’s how I made this little Valentine’s Day Love Note Wreath:

First I took a wreath form and wrapped it with 3 inch wide strips of fabric.

Then I took the scrolly dry-erase board and drilled holes into each corner.

I took some T-pins from Canvas Corp, and bent them in half with pliers, so they were at a 90-degree angle.

Then I put the pins through the hole in the scrolly frame and then stuck them into the wreath at each edge. This holds the frame onto the wreath.

The next thing I did was made some handmade pom poms. I found a pom pom maker at Hobby Lobby a few weeks ago. For less than $10 I got four different sizes of pom pom forms. I might be a little obessed with making poms poms now lol. It’s so fun!! I made a few different sizes, using yarn and also bakers’ twine.

Then I hot glued the pom poms to the wreath.

I alos added some embellishments to the top of the wreath. I found some cute banner embellishments from Pebbles at CHA. So I added a “Love Note” tag to the top. I also made a little accordian embellishment with a 3-D heart, that I also found at CHA last week from American Crafts to the accordian circle. 

I used some big ric rack trim from Simplicity to hang the wreath on my pantry door.

I love seeing the little notes that my kids leave for each other, and also for my husband and I. It’s so sweet!! And our oldest son graduated last summer and moved away to college. So when Hannah left him a little message, we took a picture of it and emailed it to him. So sweet!!

And that is our newest little craft. I just love it!! I know you probably can’t find the same scrolly frame since I found it on clearace, but you can buy similar scrolly dry erase frames online, and also you could do the same type of thing by cutting out a piece of plywood and painting it with chalkboard paint, and then using chalkboard paint markers for messages.

Have a HAPPY day!! 

Do YOU have a Valentine’s Day idea that you have made, leave a link to it in the comments — I would love to see YOUR idea!! 



  1. Hi Jen, super cute project!!! I’d love for you to stop by and link up to my weekend link party! http://thebestblogrecipes.blogspot.com/2013/01/the-weekend-re-treat-1.html

    Shauna {The Best Blog Recipes}

  2. What a great idea! love it.

  3. That is super sweet!

  4. I share your pom pom obsession!! I bought two sizes of pom makers before Christmas & made a whole pom pom garland for our tree.

  5. Darling! I love when the siblings like each other.

  6. Cute, cute, CUTE!!! :)

  7. Polka dots and live notes go so well together. Seriously…adorable.


  9. Ah so cute! I love that your kiddos write little notes to each other – darling!

  10. SUPER. Stinking. Cute. Love the polka dots and the zippy, fun flowers :) The dry erase board is a great idea! How fun!!

  11. How fun! It is really a great idea!

  12. polka dots & pompoms!!! eeek! ♥

  13. OMGoodness!!! How Sweet is this. You know this would make a Great Bridal gift, could you imagine all the LOVE notes that would be left…. So Romantic :)

    • Thanks Angelina!! I love your idea of making one as a bridal gift. SO sweet. LOVE that!! Thanks for all of your nice comments — they really make my day!


  14. mom4realky says:

    Oh my cuteness!!! I am totally doing this with a chalkboard!

    • I think it would be just as cute with a chalkboard. Let me know if you make one, jessica – I would love to feature it!! Have a happy day!!


  15. Oh this is just darling. I love it!

    • Thanks Rachel!! It’s so fun to see what the kids write and their spelling and pictures are so cute. I keep taking pictures of their notes. Thanks for the sweet comment. Have a wonderful day!!



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