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Get Organized: Poppy Seed Projects Calendar Giveaway

It’s Back to School time — and a great time to get organized!!

With four kids, sport practices, games, play dates, classes and more, I need all of the organization help I can get!! So when I found Poppy Seed Projects and all of the calendars and wall systems — I was so excited.

We have a family organization station in our kitchen. It’s where we keep our family computer, organization crates and new dry erase calendar. Poppy Seed Projects has new Organize It Classes — which focuses on fun and stylish projects that will help keep your home and family organized and efficient.

Here’s how to design your own Family Calendar:

(and find out how to win your own Personalized Family Calendar)

1. Choose a Design

2. Choose a Frame

3. Choose Accessories

It’s so nice to have the calendar so easily accessible. It’s easy to see what’s happening each day. And the kids like being able to add things to the calendar.

To Find More info on all of these projects, check out Poppy Seed Projects today!!

Poppy Seed Projects is giving away a FREE calendar to one of you!!

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How do you keep YOUR family organized? Share your ideas in the comments – I would love to know!!

Have a wonderful day!!



  1. Victoria D. says:

    I love the black damask or the lemon quatrafoil. They are adorable!

  2. Ooooh, do I really need to pick just one? I’ll have to say lemon quatrefoil, please. Yummy!

  3. I love the yellow quatrefoil! Soo cute!!

  4. Whitney H. says:

    Lemon quatrefoil is so cute

  5. My favorite is the Black Damask :)
    Thanks for the wonderful giveaway!!

    fattybumpkins at yahoo dot com

  6. Love this! I want one for my daughter’s room, which I am about to sort of redo.

  7. I love the Grey/Aqua Chevron- Vertical…turquoise is my fav color.

  8. Teresa Vanselow says:

    I like the Grey/Aqua Chevron- Vertical

  9. I love the grey/aqua chevron!

  10. love the chevron!

  11. Ellenv Harris says:

    Love them all, but the aqua polka dot one is my favorite, I think!

  12. Nicole-Lynn says:

    Great giveaway! Love the gray/aqua!


  13. I love the chevron!!!

  14. Libby Faulkner says:

    They’re all so cute! For me, it’s a tie between the yellow quatrefoil and the black damask. Thanks for giving me the chance to help our family stay connected!

  15. Love the designs Jamie did! Super cute- esp. the lemon quatrefoil. I need to get more organized and would love to win but if not, it will get me motivated to make one 😉
    Thanks Jen! XO

  16. I think the yellow one is my favorite.

  17. I love this! I love the black damask one!

  18. Brandy Kiser says:

    I am so in love with these! I want to buy one ???? is there anywhere that i could?

  19. Jennifer Sibley says:

    I am a sucker for a good damask pattern :) I like the black damask, mainly because it’s horizontal.

  20. I love the grey and aqua chevron

  21. Grey & Aqua Chevron

  22. Theresa J says:

    I love the Lemon Quatrefoil – Horizontal

  23. Grey/Aqua Chevron

  24. Lemon Quatrefoil

  25. Erin Wiley says:

    I love the grey and turquoise chevron!

  26. My favorite is Lemon Quatrefoil – Horizontal!

  27. Cathy Terrill says:

    I shared on Facebook, Twitter and Pinterest!

  28. Cathy Terrill says:

    Black Damask – love!!

  29. I love yellow so the Lemon Quatrefoil – Horizontal is perfect!

  30. I seriously am dying. I love them all!

  31. now i want one and it cant be ordered online-ugh, i dont live by any teachers

    • Susan — I have an email in to see if they will make the calendars available as kits to order. I’ll let you know what I find out :)


  32. Melyssa Quigg says:

    How cute are these?!!! LOVE LOVE LOVE! Hope I win!

  33. some lovely things on the poppy seed project blog

  34. I want to know more about how to actually make this project too!! It’s adorable!

  35. I love the grey/aqua chevron!

  36. My favorite is the aqua chevron!

  37. Danielle F says:

    My fave is the Lemon Quatrefoil!

  38. Erin South says:

    Lemon Quatrefoil is lovely!

  39. Nikki hatfield wilson says:

    I like the damask. I “try” to keep my family organized by writing everything in my calendar. Try being the key word.

  40. Post on pinterest board

  41. Heather Jenkins says:

    {Grey/Aqua Chevron- Vertical} is my favorite background!

  42. Tiffany Spencer says:

    I love the polka dot and chevron!!

  43. Love the aqua and gray. Great give away

  44. I love the black damask background, it would look great in my kitchen.

  45. Sue Thompson says:

    Shared on FB

  46. Sue Thompson says:

    Black Damask – Horizontal or the Lemon!

  47. These look really cute and have always thought this to be a great idea. Some how I just never got around to making/buying one!
    <3 Dana @ This Silly Girl's Life

  48. I really like the grey and chevron background.

  49. I love the grey/aqua chevron background.

  50. Julie Frank says:

    I love the grey/aqua chevron!

  51. Litsa Jackson says:

    Love the Lemon Quarterfoil too! Perfect lettering and goes well in my kitchen!

  52. I liked their post about the Personalized Cork Board Tutorial

  53. My favorite background is the Lemon Quatrefoil

  54. I also love the lemon quatrefoil! It’s so cheery.

  55. Wendy Namken says:

    I shared this giveaway on FB!

  56. The Lemon Quatrefoil is my favorite! (horizontal)

  57. Wendy Namken says:

    I love the Lemon Quatrefoil – Horizontal!! Thanks for the change to win!

  58. I think my favorite is the yellow quatrefoil, too…

  59. Shared on facebook…fantastic giveaway!

  60. Lemon Quatrefoil – Horizontal

  61. Love the cherry damask!

  62. Shared on facebook! Love to win!

  63. Shared on Facebook!

  64. I love the chevron background!!

  65. sara wicks says:

    Black Damask – Horizontal

  66. did it all! i want this SO bad! its so stinkin cute :)

  67. Lemon Quatrefoil

  68. Shared on my facebook.

  69. I like the black & white background with the yellow being a close second!

  70. I love the grey damask. So so cute!

  71. Gray/aqua chevron is my favorite. I love the aqua pop!

  72. I love all the backgrounds, but I think the black damask is my favorite!

  73. I love the yellow!

  74. What a great idea. I’m off to have a look at the shop and get my own. I do love the black and white though.

  75. Thanks for the giveaway! I shared it on Pinterest.

  76. i love the yellow background

  77. I never know if I am doing these Rafflecopter things right. I am following on Pinterest, Facebook, and left a comment, but I have no idea what I am supposed to put in that blank on the Rafflecopter form. :)

  78. The grey chevron of course!

  79. I love the yellow quatrafoil! Thanks for the opportunity to enter!!!

  80. The Grey and Aqua chevron is my favorite background!

  81. Cherri Coles says:

    I posted to facebook, pinterest, and my blog. It said to leave my pick in the comments. Black Horizontel with Eleanor frame. Beautiful. Good luck to me!:)

  82. The Grey and Aqua zig zag pattern is my favorite background! So cute!

  83. love the black damask!

  84. I like the red damask!

  85. I’m loving the Red Damask!

  86. {Lemon Quatrefoil – Horizontal} is my fav!

  87. I pinned the giveaway!

  88. Grey/Aqua Chevron

  89. Cherry damask

  90. Grey/Aqua Chevron- Vertical is just so cute!

  91. Love the aqua and chevron one :)

  92. Love the aqua and chevron!

  93. The cherry damask is simply lovely. I adore damask.

  94. I love the gray and white!

  95. Lemon Quatrefoil. I have lots of green accents in my kitchen and I love the combo of yellow and green.

  96. I LOVE the gray and turquoise chevron combo!!!

  97. These are great! Organization can be cute too. I LOVE the grey/aqua chevron.

  98. I love your new look Jen!

  99. I love the Lemon Quatrefoil – Horizontal!

  100. Kelly Brown says:

    Love them all, but I would go with Lemon Quatrefoil – Horizontal because it will match my kitchen!

  101. So hard to choose, but I think I like the black & white! Thanks for the awesome giveaway!

  102. Sara Gabbay says:

    My favorite is the Lemon Quatrefoil, Thanks for the chance to win! <3