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Make a Duvet Cover from a Fabric Shower Curtain!

Have you ever had a project in your mind and then you just can’t find what you are looking for?

That’s what I ran into with my guest room redo. For the bedding I knew I wanted a grey duvet cover that had some ruffles but not too many – so it wouldn’t be too “girly”. And I wanted it to be a plain color so I could make some graphic pillows to go with the bedding. I looked and looked and couldn’t find what I was looking for. I found a duvet at Anthropologie but it was a little too light and at $250 – out of my price range.

Anthropologie Nimbus Duvet

And urban Outfitters had a ruffled duvet, but it was a little too ruffled and still almost $200.

Urban Outfitters Ruffled Duvet

I decided to get some sheets and make my own duvet. But then while I was at Target, I went up their Bathroom aisle and saw a ruffled fabric shower curtain. And I wondered if that might work. So I bought a couple along with a matching sheet, came home and figured out a way to make a duvet.

I loved the ruffles at the bottom of the shower curtain. They reminded me of the Anthropologie Cirrus duvet. I Cut the ruffles off the second curtain and sewed them onto the first so that there were 6 ruffles. And then I took the left over fabric from that same curtain and cut out two 10 inch panels to add to the middle section to make it wide enough to fit a queen-sized bed.

Then I added a bottom 6 inch panel to the bottom ruffle. And now my top section was the same size as a queen quilt — 90 x 108.

Then I cut the queen flat sheet to the same size for the back of the duvet.

And since the shower curtain already had buttons at the top for the shower curtain rings, it was perfect as a duvet!

I sewed the top and bottom of the duvet together, leaving an opening at the top. The top of the sheet I used for the back of the duvet was hemmed and the duvet front had the button holes already in the shower curtain.  I made sure to sew the seams with the outsides facing inwards so when I turned the duvet right side out, all of the seams were inside of duvet.

the last thing I did was hand-sew on some vintage buttons and pop the duvet cover inside. I love the way the duvet looks, it’s just what I had envisioned, it cost less than the other duvets I was considering.

I’m almost ready for the full room reveal – it’s been a really fun project.

And I am also almost done with the next-door bathroom reveal. YAY! Here are the tutorials on some of the other elements in the room:

DIY Beachy Beaded Chandelier Tutorial

Painted Greek Key Rug Tutorial

How to Replace Sliding Closet Doors with Standard Doors

Thanks for stopping by. I appreciate it so much!!

Have a Wonderful Day!



  1. Shower curtains are made of a more stiff material. How can I soften it so it’s more like a duvet would feel??

  2. Danielle says:

    I want to do something very similar but the shower curtain is made of a stiff fabric. What can I do to soften it like a duvet would feel?

  3. Awesome

  4. This is a great idea especially for first time home buyers

  5. Catherine Morton says:

    Thanks for taking the time to make a duvet! It’s quite resourceful! Love the color!

  6. I want to stay in that beautiful guest bedroom!!! Pam

  7. Love it but so bummed because I can’t find this shower curtain….I guess Target does’t sell it anymore.

    • They do still have it. I was in target a week ago and they were there. I actually have the white one up in my bathroom.

  8. Jessica Berkovich says:

    I love this idea and you did an AMAZING job. However, I would find it really hard to duplicate this piece based on your description/steps. Just my humble opinion.

  9. love this idea…I used the exact same shower curtain (same color) to make 2 queen pillow cases for my new ikea duvet…it was the perfect fit…all the ruffles are on the front and I have left over for another pillow somewhere else!

  10. What a beautiful set. I love the color. Looks like it came out of a magazine, Great job.
    I will be doing this!
    My huband says ,THANK YOU, for saving us (him) hundreds of dollars! :)

  11. I just love it! The rug rocks! Isn’t it fun to use shower curtains for different things. I used a gray and white zebra print one I picked up at Target to make some large scale art work. One of the favorite things on the wall in my house now 😉 Great job! xo Kristin

  12. Thanks Jen for such an amazing idea! I just featured your duvet cover on my site and posted my own version as well. I hope you’ll come check it out!

  13. Awesome! I love it!! Talented as always :)

  14. Christine says:

    I would love to try this!!!! It seems as though target has discontinued those curtains. Do you have any idea where else I can find them?

  15. Deb Myers says:

    LOVE this room! Can you tell me about the headboard? I’m guessing it too was a DIY?? If so, what’s the source of the fabric?? GORGEOUS!!!!

  16. Absolutely amazing! Thanks for cheering… now off to go read your wood bead chandelier!

  17. That is brilliant! I have been needing a duvet for my bedroom and this opens up so many possibilities. Thanks!

  18. Oh, WOW!!!! I love this! You are so amazingly clever!

  19. That turned out fabulous! I always see the fabric shower curtains at Target and think they could be used for something else. Great idea!

  20. Jen, this ruffled duvet came out gorgeous!! Way to go for thinking outside the box, too!! Shower curtain = duvet = genius!

  21. I love the duvet cover, the rug and the chandelier. This is awesomeness. Not sure how crafty I can be… but it sure is darling!

  22. What a great idea! I love it!

  23. ahhh! Love it! I seriously just spent FOREVER finding a new duvet cover. I considered making my own, but only thought about using sheets… I couldn’t find the right sheet so I gave up! I may be back looking now at shower curtains! Thanks for the inspiration!

  24. What a neat idea! The duvet looks great with everything else in the room! I love the pops of red and the different patterns you have throughout the room:)

  25. Holy Moly! That is clever!

  26. Turned out awesome!! Great out of the box thinking!

  27. creativehomeexpressions says:

    Great project, Jen! I love this! I’ve been looking at duvets for our guest room and am always put off by the price, too. I like that there is not too many ruffles on yours, but just enough.

    • Thanks so much!!! I really like it. I think it might need a fluffier duvet filler but I am really happy with the way the cover turned out. Thanks so much my friend!


  28. Wow! This all looks amazing!! I want to know how you took those overhead photos. :)

  29. It looks fabulous!

  30. how fun!!! I was admiring the shower curtains to use as (well shower curtains) but your idea TOTALLY ROCKS! what a smartie pants you are!

  31. Love, love, love it! I wish I were better at sewing! I know you said you would do a full room reveal but I love the red table. Did you paint it yourself? If so what color is it?

    • Thanks Morgan!!

      I did spray that table. The accents in the room are actually a orange-ish coral. They kind of look red in the pictures. I painted the table with Valspar’s Salsa Orange Gloss Spray Paint. It was so easy and made a huge difference!

  32. I can’t believe that was a shower curtain!! What a lovely bed, and a pretty guest room! I want to come stay. 😉

  33. Ingenious! I think shower curtains are vastly underused for things other then the bathtub…some of them are so beautiful, like these. The curtains in my front room are shower curtains and nobody’s the wiser!

  34. Brilliant! Such a great idea! :)

  35. This is so cute! I’ve been looking at the same Anthro duvet forever… and just can’t justify paying that price. I’ve considered buying several flat sheets and ruffling long strips myself to make the duvet, but that has just sounded so tedious that I never started. :) What a great idea to use shower curtains!

  36. Absolutely gorgeous! Love the wood beaded chandelier!


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