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Throw a Tailgate Picnic Party!!

Did you know that Plaid Crafts has a new line at  Walmart?? 

They sent me a selection of their new products and a challenge to make a project using a surface from Walmart. How fun is that??

I took my little helper Ella with me to check out the new line AND to find a surface to try the Plaid products out on. We had such a blast!!

Since it’s Summer and we are excited to be outside, we ended up getting some beautiful painted galvanized containers in Walmart’s Outdoor Living section. I love the colors and the galvanized look. Plus, the price was amazing.

And I thought Plaid’s Outdoor Paint would be perfect for these surfaces. The Outdoor Paint line is available at Walmart and is perfect for surfaces that will be exposed to weather. I tested it out on the metal of my surfaces and it adhered great. It held up well to hand-washing.

Here’s what I did:

I also was sent some of Plaid’s Chalkboard Paint. I thought it might be wonderful to make a chalkboard area where I can change up the labels, depending on the occasion. I used chalkboard markers to write with — they are amazing.

I taped off a square section on each of the galvanized surfaces and then painted them with Plaid’s Chalkboard Paint.

Once dried, I used thin tape to tape off a area around the circumference of each of the containers. Once that was taped off, I added a layer of painters tape.

Then I painted the stripes I had taped off. I used different colors that coordinated with some woven placements I also found at Walmart.

Once that paint was dried, I used the Plaid Polka Dot stencil to add polka dots in white to the border on each surface.

Then I painted around the edges of the chalkboard paint with white paint.

And the last thing I did was I used Chalkboard Paint Pens to write on the chalkboard squares on each surface. That way I can change out the message depending on the occasion!

For the Tailgate Party I layered the back of my trunk with the Walmart woven placements, and then added the metal drink container filled with Raspberry Lemonade, and made up some customized lunch bags which I transported and displayed in the galvanized pail. I also purchased some canning jars from Walmart and used them as drink containers.

I also painted the middle of a plastic flower pot and some stripes for color. A fast way to add color to a party!

 My guests could get their lunches from the back of the car and then bring them over to the picnic blanket for a delicious picnic lunch!!

An easy and a fun idea for a Summer’s afternoon!

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Have a Creative Day!!


I wrote this post as part of a paid campaign with Plaid Crafts and Blueprint Social. The opinions are 100% mine.


  1. Carol Ambler says:

    where did you get or how did you make the tops for the jars?

  2. I love remembering my weekends in Utah and doing crafts too; how do you make the lids for the mason jars? thx for hosting.

  3. This is so adorable! I love what you’ve done to the lemonade bucket, lovely idea! chalk paint on anything is awesome lol where did you buy the lid for the mason jar?

  4. This is so fun! I want you to drive into my neighborhood with your fun stuff and delicious lemonade! Bring Trixie and Ella. 😀

  5. Where did you buy the lids with the straw opening for the mason jars? did you find those at Wal Mart too?

  6. I liked your Ideas. Very eye catching. Your married name caught me as it was my maidden name which I was glad to change after too many years of oh! one of the Hatfields and McCoys, Cook is much easier and it can’t be misspelled too badly.

  7. So cute Jen! I love it!!!

  8. Fabulous as always, Jen!! I hope one day we meet at a conference one of these days! xo

  9. How do make the lids for the Mason Jars?

  10. Oh SO cute Jen………and I’m super impressed with how clean the back of your van is! lol

    • Thanks Cheryl!! I had to clean it out a bit to get some pictures LOL!! Have a great weekend :)


  11. Omg I went to Walmart looking for that exact drink dispenser and they didn’t have it. Super cute!

    • Oh no Connie — they had them at my Walmart in the very back of the store right by where you go to the garden section… Maybe if you ask a manager or look online you can find them? They were a great price!


  12. Where did you get those adorable lids for the mason jars?!

  13. What a gorgeous party! I love the bright colours and it all looks so festive & happy! Your assistant did a great job assisting! You are so talented Jen! Angie xo

    • LOL – thanks Angie!! She is a great poser hahaha!! We had a fun time with our litle picnic!!


  14. Jen, I love it all! At first I thought that was fabric wrapped around the containers, but the paint with polka dots is amazing! I bought the drink container in white, but I love the blue! I would love to tailgate with you all!
    Fun project!

  15. You have such a cutie pie assistant! :) What a fun idea, Jen! You did a great job dressing everything up. :)

    • Thanks Amanda!!! Ella is a great assistant. I am glad she still loves having her picture taken!! How are you my friend? I hope you Summer is off to a great start. Love you!!


  16. This is so adorable! The tailgate party idea is so fun – like a picnic but you don’t have to haul anything. :) I love your choices of the galvanized goodies from Walmart, and the chalkboard paint was a stroke of genius.


    • Heather!!

      How are you?? I miss you. I hope you are having a great Summer. Love you!!!


  17. I have followed your blog for a while now and LOVE it! I’m reaching out to my fellow bloggers to try and raise some awareness for and also to ask for some donations to help a fellow blogger out who is in need of our help! You can find more information here! I would appreciate anything you could do to help! Thanks, Shannon


  18. Cute! Great ideas and awesome colors! Love your little helpers, they make great models!!!

    • Thanks Melissa!!!

      I’m glad my little girls will still help me with photo shoots. We had such a fun time with this one!!


  19. Very very cute! Love the mason jars! :)

    • Thanks Ginger!!! I love mason jars too. There’s so many fun things you can do with them. I hope you are having a great Summer!!


  20. Jen-Love your tailgate picnic items…. those colors are so cheery! Super tute!


  21. Roxanne says:

    LOVE it! Did your get the drink container at Wal-mart too?

    • Hi Roxanne!!

      Yes, the bin and drink container are both from Walmart and such a great deal. We have used the drink container alot and it has held up great. It’s a really great value!


  22. Now THAT’S a tailgate party I’d love to go to! Such cute accessories!

    • hehehe!! Me too. I haven’t really wanted to tailgate but now I think it might be fun. It’s much easier than lugging everything over to the picnic. LOL!!


  23. how fun!!


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