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DIY Blogger House Update!!

I can’t believe how fast the DIY Blogger House is coming along at Daybreak!!

Bangerter Homes is doing an incredible job. I stopped by the other night to check on the progress and was amazed!! The walls are all up and framed. It is going to be such a wonderful home!! I love all of the little details that have been thought out — like lockers in the back entry, the pantry space, a wonderful front porch and the garage will blow you away.

We met a couple weeks ago with the whole team, including Brian Clark who is the FAB designer over the space.

(exterior colors)

We spent some time coming up with a color scheme — and it is going to be beautiful!!

Plus, we all came up with the spaces we are going to be designing.

Shelley — The Pantry and Dining Room

Char & Lara — 3 Kids’ Bedrooms

Amy — The Mud Room

Me — The Office


I can’t wait to see what these talented ladies come up with — it will be AMAZING!!

I’ve been thinking hard about the office space. I think it would be wonderful to create a light-filled space that works for anyone in the family. Here are a few images that have given me inspiration for the space:

1.Decor Pad — Carter and Company Interior Design

2.Design Sponge

3. Can’t find the original source — link from Pinterest

4. Better Homes and Gardens


Here’s the office in the home–

I can’t wait to show you more!! I will make a video the next time I go over!!

(there’s even a Honey Bucket — lol!!)

Here’s a little video:

Head over to Daybreak to find out more the Parade of Homes and about this unique home.

Have a Happy Monday!!


PS — Coming up this week:

End of School Year Traditions

A DIY Project

A Stenciling Project

Picnic Ideas for Summer

and more!!


  1. PRETTY please credit the bloggers in your inspiration collage for their hard work.

  2. How fun! I would love to be a part of something like this!!! Virginia needs to jump on the bandwagon. :~) Thanks for sharing. Looking forward to seeing this project completed!

  3. what an adventure this will be!
    wow. i think you UTAH girls must take an extra special vitamin or something?? you all do SO MUCH!

    good luck. i KNOW it will be awesome!


  4. I;m so excited for all of you! I love that bloggers/designers get to work on another house. At some point your hose is “done” and you need another space to try out ideas!


  5. Omg I had no idea something like this was going on!!! I have been falling behind on reading everyone’s blogs. Cannot wait to see the end result and everything in between! What great bloggers teamed together, must say this would be my dream house!