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Being Creative Can Be Messy!

It seems like I don’t make it through a single day without a “Messy Moment,” as my friends at Clorox call it. It might be a teenager failing to close the lid on the blender all the way when making a smoothie. Or it might be a grade-schooler with a less-than-tidy paint project.


And as much as I’d like to blame it on the kids, most of my messy moments come from ME.

I know. It’s hard to imagine.
But it’s not so much me being messy as it is the natural results of being creative.
Or at least I like to think so.
A little too much paint? I don’t think I own any clothing without at least a little paint splattered on it LOL!!
A little too much glitter? Mod Podge? Gorilla Glue? Welcome to my life!!
No project is without its Messy Moments, and, really, no day is without its Messy Moment.

I’ve mentioned the “Bleachable Moments” contest before, and Clorox has received over 19,000 entries for the contest.

Isn’t that awesome????

And now it’s YOUR turn to vote on your favorite story. Your votes will help narrow down the “Dirty 32” to the “Unclean 16” and then to the“Extreme 8” and then down to the prize-winning story. The winner will get the $25,000 Grand Prize and win the title of America’s Most Bleachable Moment. Be sure and enter — the contest ENDS on Sunday night  3/18/12 at 11:59 PM EST.

SOMEONE is going to win $25,000!!!!

When you go vote for your favorite story — and you definitely should — there are some laugh-out-loud ones — at bleachitaway.com, you’ll find some other fun stuff, too, like:
  • How-to videos
  • Expert advice, including experts like Clorox’ Dr. Laundry
  • MyStain, Clorox’ mobile app
  • Sharing your story (contest entry’s closed, but you can still get $0.50 off!)

So go to bleachitaway.com. It’s fun to read the stories — and then vote for your favorites in each matchup. Plus, if you enter YOUR Messy Moments you can get a free coupon!


(Here’s the contest details, straight from my Clorox friends: “In the spirit of March, the Dirty 32, Unclean 16 and Extreme 8 will go head-to-head in bracket-style match-ups. The voting continues until 3/18/12 at 11:59 PM EST when we reach the Fulsome Four, at which point the judges’ panel will select the $25,000 Grand Prize Winner.”)

I can’t wait to see WHO wins the $25,000!!!!

PS — Coming up in a bit — some questions and answers on my Family Gallery wall :)
This post is sponsored by Clorox and www.BleachItAway.com
I am being compensated by the Clorox Company for posting about Life’s Messy Moments. Plus, I wanted to share this contest and the chance for you to win $25,000. All opinions are 100% mine.


  1. I really love your family gallery wall, it is very inviting and happy!

    • Thanks Cynthia. I really love it and love seeing those faces I love every time I walk by :)


  2. Jen I enjoy reading your blog and getting great ideas.
    Can you tell me how to glitter on painted wood.
    I want to do an initial and my glitter will not stay on.
    Thanks so much .

    • Are you glittering the whole piece of wood? I would use Mod Podge, brush a light layer on and then sprinkle the glitter. After it dries, I would spray some sealer over the top to keep the glitter from rubbing off. Mod Podge also makes glitter mod podge which is pretty cool and the glitter is already in the mix.