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22 Ways to Celebrate the Hunger Games Movie!

I love to read. It’s the time I treasure most at night when all of the things on my “to do” list have been checked off. A time for just me.

I read The Hunger Games a few years ago and was instantly captivated. I think I’ve read the whole series 3 or 4 times total. So of course I am so excited to see the movie. I am hoping it will do justice to the books.


(my overall favorite series is still Outlander from Diana Gabaldon – I hope they make that into movies someday)

Here are 22 projects floating around the blog world based on The Hunger Games movie for your enjoyment:

1. Hunger Game Nails @ Beauotopia

2. Poisonous Berry Mini Cakes and other Hunger Game Party Food @ Confessions of a Cookbook Queen

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5. Hunger Game Wedding Ideas @ Wedding Chicks

6.Hunger Game Party Printables @ Living Locurto

7. The Rise of Panem @ Raise My Arrows High

8. Keep Calm Tracker Jackers @ Hunger Games Meme

9. Hunger Game Bracelets @ Spiffing Jewelry on Etsy

10. Hunger Game Party Ideas @ About.com

11. Popsicle Stick Bow and Arrows @ Almost Unschoolers

12. DIY Hunger Game Pendants @ G*Rated

13. Hunger Games Party Ideas and Centerpiece @ Caplan Miller Events

14. Tracker Jacker Pinata Ideas @ DIY Life

15. Hunger Game Cookies @ Lizy B

16. Free Hunger Game Printa @ Mine For The Making

17. May The Odds Ever Be in Your Favor Poster @ Tracey D Sims

18. Hunger Games DIY Bottlecap Craft @ Rae Gun Ramblings

19. Arrow Embellished Cupcakes and other Hunger Game Birthday Party Ideas@ Margot Madison Creative

20. I Love The Boy With Bread DIY freezer paper shirt @ The Crafted Sparrow

21. Hunger Games Stenciled Shoes Tutorial @ The Crafted Sparrow

22. Funny Hunger Games Card @ Someecards


So – I am dying to know: If you saw The Hunger Games Move, what did YOU think????

And if you are like me and don’t have your tickets yet, maybe I will see you at the theater this weekend!!

And speaking of weekends, it’s FRIDAY!! My favorite day of the week. WHY?? It’s the day when I get to see YOUR ideas!! I hope you can stop by The Weekend Wrap Up Party tonight. The party starts at 6 pm MST :)

Have a FABULOUS Friday!!



  1. Well u you could get a company to make a the hunger games a Xbox and play station here a idea I came up with you have story mode where you train and complete the tortural then move on to quest in your district and finally u you go on to complete the main part winning all 12 districts but you can decide to help or kill your friend from the same district the u have offline playing where u can get the computers to play other people on other districts and get better drops from suporters and find random chest with weopans for other and healing things same kind of thing for online exsept you are playing people across the globle and can start with better weapons
    If you want more info about this please email me

  2. Juli hammes says:

    Outlander is also my favorite….have never been able to find a comparable series …great story line with awesome detail

  3. Loved the books and the movie – and these ideas are just awesome. Can’t wait to try them! (And hey, thank you for including mine! :-) )

  4. if you like hunger games then u should make a hunger games board game its sooooooooo kool i made one and i always play it

  5. Hey, first of all, thanks for including my Hunger Games cupcakes! Of course I agree that it was a great series, especially for tweens and teens. We had a great time at my daughter’s party.

    And The Outlander series. They stay on my nightstand and I read them over and over and over. Best series ever. I think PBS should do it so it doesn’t turn into a beauty contest with “who’s who” in the acting scene. They should be accurate, well acted and as long as they need to be. Outlander alone could be an entire year! Eagerly awaiting book 8…

  6. Jen,

    I wrote a series of posts leading up to seeing The Hunger Games and reviewed it once I saw it. Check it out here: http://feelslikehomeceg.blogspot.com/2012/03/hunger-games-review.html

    I can’t wait to have a THG-themed party!

  7. I’m going to have a birthday party based on the hunger games for a teenager, any ideas? And does anyone know when the movie comes out on dvd?

  8. I was so excited to read this, because I just in the last week became a fan of The Hunger Games. I bought the book on Sunday and was in the midst of having spring break and a very demanding daughter, I was able to read the book at night before I went to bed for a couple of hours. I was finally finished with the book on Saturday and then went to see a late showing of the movie that night. We had to sit in the second row, but it was so worth it. I think that the movie followed the book really well. It also gave me a face to put with the characters that I have been reading about. I started the second book “Catching Fire” and am so mesmerized by it that I can hardly put it down. I hope that they make a movie of it too. I know that you will love the movie too.

  9. Love this post! I read Hunger Games the first time before I knew it was going to be part 1 of 3–that was heartbreaking-to get to the end of Book 1 and have to WAIT for the next books! I re-read them all last week before the movie. I took my 11yr old daughter to see the movie. She has also read all 3 books (it is very interesting to see her point of view vs. my point of view). We both enjoyed the movie. The book is better, but the movie is very good. The casting and costumes were amazing. Ru was amazing at her part. (Peeta needed to be taller but other than that…) I am excited to see how they play out the rest of the series.

    I enjoy your blog but rarely comment. Thanks for sharing!

    San Antonio, TX

  10. Loved the series! I liked the movie…nothing bad to say about it but it does take some of the excitement out of a movie when you know what is going to happen! All of these projects are awesome!

    Oh and I made a Hunger Games shirt for my niece! http://www.sewrockin.com/2012/03/24/diy-hunger-games-shirt/

  11. These ideas are great! I just picked up the book yesterday for the first time, and I’m sucked in. I LOVE the outlander series, and I vote for Gerard Butler as Jamie.

  12. This is an awesome round up. I’m like you, I cherish my night time reads, and thank goodness for the Kindle app on my phone when my husband wants to play on my Kindle LOL! I loved the Hunger Games series and can’t wait to see the movie. I hear they stuck pretty well to the book so I’m looking forward to that. I hope they did it justice too!

  13. OMG I am soooooo thrilled to see that so many others LOVE Outlander! I always reccomend them to people and no one ever gets through them all. That series seriously took over my life when I read them and I can’t wait for the next one to come out!!

  14. I love to read too! I’ll have to check out the outlander series! (Can’t wait!)I just got back from seeing The Hunger Games. I had just recently read them, so they were very fresh on my mind. Therefore I caught so so many of the details that were left out! (You probably will too since you’ve read them so many times!) However, they stuck to the plot pretty tightly.. a lot more than most movies based on books. I hope you’re not disappointed! And while you wait for the Outlander series to become a movie and for the next Hunger Games movie, you’ll have to read more series! I just posted about what to read after the Hunger Games. 25 Series to Read if you Love the Hunger Games

  15. The outlander is absolutely my favorite series! So I had to pass this info on


  16. Seeing the movie tonight, and can’t wait! What is this outlander series people are talking about? I’m always looking for a good book!

  17. Seriously Love HG!
    And. OMGEEE, they need to make the Outlander series into a movie!!! I’m in love with that humongous Scot! :)

  18. Um yeah! Those are all awesome! I saw it at midnight, and LOVED it! I also adored all the teenagers with their HG crafts and costumes and signs! I might need something now…

  19. I’ve never heard of the Outlander series… But if you liked Hunger Games and think that’s better it sounds like a must read!

  20. I have to agree on the Outlander series. Best.Books.Ever! still waiting for an HBO series or something!

  21. I too am SOO excited to see the movie after reading the books! It’s getting great reviews so I’m extra excited! I hate when the movie doesn’t do justice to the book (which is often).

    I’ve been looking for something new to read. I’m going to try the Outlander since you liked it so much. Thanks!

  22. I went to the midnight viewing with my daughter last night. What an amazing movie…we loved it!!

  23. Be sure to check out my Hunger Games Family Game, “Don’t Eat PEETA!!” http://freshlycompleted.blogspot.com/2012/03/dont-eat-peeta-hunger-games-printable.html

  24. I’m soo with you on the outlander series!! Absolutly LOVE!!! if you FB friend Diana Gabaldon you can see she’s doing a fun “casting” series.. not meaning there’s a movie on the way, but it’s fun to check out :)

  25. Ohhhhh I am so anxious to see the movie! Jeremy just got the flu a couple days ago, so we don’t have plans in the next couple of days. Hopefully by the beginning of next week. I made a HG necklace to keep me occupied 😉 And thank you so much for posting another series. I just keep reading the HG books over and over, and feel like it’s time for me to find another book, but . . . . I don’t want to be disappointed. Off to check out the Outlander series now!

  26. The Hunger Games series were great books, but they didn’t compare to the Outlander series! I devoured those books and couldn’t wait for the new ones to come out! Love those books! I agree they should make that series into a movie or tv series like HBO did with Game of Thrones {great books too btw}

  27. What a great idea!!!!


  28. Outlander is my favorite series ever now, too – thanks to you! So glad you recommended it to me! I’m crossing my fingers for movies of that series, too! :)

  29. awesome. I just finished book one of the Hunger Games LAST NIGHT. (because I forced myself to read them before I see them on the big screen) AND I’m just about to start book three of the Outlander series. I might be a little obsessed with that story…and I know so few people who have read the entire things. woot!

  30. Holy Moly this is an adorable post! I am so excited to see The Hunger Games as well but have to wait a bit to see it with my fiance when we have time :) I have the first book in the Outlander Series and have been told it is absolutely incredible!

    Hope you get to see the movie soon!



  31. Such cool ideas! I bought tickets for the whole fam for tomorrow, can’t wait…I just hope we get good seats, I keep hearing how the theaters have lines to get in…and it’s only been a few hours since it came out….crazy I tell you, but I must be even more for daring to see it on opening weekend. Good luck!

  32. I went last night along with all the teenagers! 😉 it was very good, but of course the book is better. Too many details and emotions that you cant put in a movie!! I want to see again, a few moments spoiled by the oohing teens, ha!

  33. I agree with you! I love Outlander. I’m in the process of reading through it for the 2nd time. So amazing. I keep hoping that they’ll make it into a movie. I would love to see Dr. Hunt from Grey’s Anatomy play Jaime. He’s Scottish and I think he’d be great!

  34. I’m so excited for the movie, but not sure when I’ll see it…. (grumble, grumble)
    But I have three Hunger Games inspired treats that I’m looking forward to linking up later :) Can’t wait!

  35. I had to LOL at the part of this post where you said your “to do list” is all checked off at night!!! You might officially be my hero, just for that :-)

  36. Just got back from the movie! It’s 3 am and I’m checking my google reader :) I’m so glad you did this post! Watching the movie just made me excited to go back and read the books again. And I’ll definitely have to try the series you recommended. Hope you get to see it this weekend Jen!


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