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Valentine Glitter Mason Jar Tutorial!!


Thanks for the nice comments on my Aqua and White Kitchen remodel. I am loving the lighter colors. Sorry my site was down some of the day yesterday.

Here’s a sparkly little Valentine idea.

Over Christmas I had seen some tutorials on making DIY glitter ornaments using floor wax.

I decided to try that with mason jars for Valentine’s Day. I discovered that floor wax might work great for ornaments, it does not work as well for votives with insides that might be touched — the glitter rubs off. So I experimented and found that the same technique can be used with polyurethane instead of floor wax. Once the polurethane dries, it keeps the glitter on the mason jars. You can buy polyurethane at any hardware store. Here’s what I did:

  • I used a few different sizes of mason jars. Plus some other sized jars like a pickle jar.
  • I took some vinyl (even shelf liner would work). I cut out heatrs of different size.
  • The next thing I did was stuck the vinyl hears inside of each of the jars, centering them in the middle of each jar.
  • Then I poured a little bit of the polyurethane into the jar and put the lid back on. Then I shook the polyurethane around in the jar until the whole jar was covered in polyurethane.
  • If there was a little extra polyurethane in the jar, I poured the excess into the next jar.
  • Then I poured glitter into the bottom of the jar and put the lid back on. Then shook the jar until glitter covered the inside. Next I took the lid off the jar and let it dry out overnight.
  • Once the polyurethane was dry, I peeled the heart off each of the jars.
  • The last thing I did was pour some Red Hot candies into the bottom of the jar and then I added a flameless votive tealight and lit it up.

*****NOTE — I had a reader ask about flamability with the tea lights and polyurethane. I didn’t even think of that. So to be safe, be sure to use FLAMELESS candles. You can buy them at the Dollar Store.


I love the way the light reflects off the glitter and shines through the heart opening in the mason jars.

{sign from Barn Owl Primitives}[pinit]

SO pretty!!

And such an inexpensive way to add some festivity to your mantel or it would be so pretty on a Valentine’s Day Dinner Table!!

Have a Lovely Day!!


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  1. I love these, I actually did one but put the glitter on the outside using mod podge but I didn’t like the fact that it fell off so I trashed it and may just try it again with your method.
    Hugs, Lynnie

  2. Hey Jenn these are so pretty!! I love them! What a inspiration you are!
    I’m trying to get my stuff together to make these, I was wondering what kind of glitter and what colors
    did you use? Thanks so much for sharing all your great ideas and I love your kitchen so bright and cherry
    and your little dog is so cute!!

  3. Love the jar’s and will make them as Christmas gifts With my children.
    I live in Norway and I don’t know what polyurethane is. Is this glue or what?

  4. How do you do this?

  5. Thanks for the great idea! I used sugar and water (thick syrop) instead of a glue. :)

  6. Jen, this was such a simple yet beautiful idea! I tried it for myself this weekend with my cousin’s and I think we did a pretty good job. I wrote a post on what we learned and linked up to your tutorial as well if you’d like to check it out:


    Thanks for sharing such a great DIY!

  7. Love it!! Loooove the turquoise and I’m definitely making those jars! I also put a black and white ‘love’ sign on my mantel this year.. I love your style Jen! Have a wonderful week!
    Barbara at Chase the Star

  8. I featured you in my blog today! http://digitalcakecrafting.blogspot.com/2013/01/shout-out-sunday-new-feature.html

    Giving a little shout out :)

  9. How did you stick the hearts inside the glass jar? I’m doing a Christmas version and I’m having trouble

  10. Christina says:

    What brand glitter did u use?

  11. Linda Moore says:

    I also think this is a great Mother’s day gift, as well… I would love to have these in different sizes for my mantle.

  12. Linda Moore says:

    I love this idea… I was wondering if you could put the glitter and polyurethane on the outside of the jar? Along with peeling off the heart to show the clear glass…maybe?

  13. What do you use to stick the heart inside the jar?

    • Hi Lisa!

      I used vinyl with a sticky backing to cut out the hearts. But you can also use contact paper or anything that has a sticky, peel-off back :)


  14. Minwax polycrylic is a water based poly that is non-flammable. Never used it for something like this but used it in a lot of crafts because it was easy to clean up. After some reading though, it looks like most varethane, shellacs and polys are flammable in their liquid state but once dried they are not. The water based is so easy to clean up after though. There is a clear spray paint in auto stores but spray probably wouldn’t be as easy. Resistant up to 500 degrees and colors i know to 1200. Used them on my car engine, they hold up well. :)

  15. Do the jars stay coated for awhile?

    • Jill —

      If you use polyurethane they will stay coated for years :) If you use floor polish, then the glitter comes off if you touch it inside.


  16. Kalyn Cavazos says:

    What is the best way to apply your heart to the inside of the jar?

  17. I was wondering I’ve seen jars of glitter glue would this work ?? It would save a step

  18. I love these! I just made some of my own and used a spray can of polyurethane – worked like a charm! I also didn’t have lids for my jars since they were thrift store finds, but a sheet of waxed paper over the opening secured with a rubber band did the trick when shaking the glitter around.

  19. This is such a gorgeous project!

  20. I love this idea! I wonder if you could use Mod Podge? Can’t wait to try this out! It’s perfect for Valentine’s day.

  21. LOVE this! I’m going to make some today with my hoarded baby food jars!

  22. Oh Jen, your jars are adorable. I seen another tutorial on these and the girl used Mod Podge and did all sorts of designs. But I just love the glitter you chose, so pretty :) I always love your things 😉

  23. So pretty! What a great tutorial!

  24. I adore all of the great Valentine’s day stuff you’ve been posting, this included. <3

  25. I love this idea. You could do somethign similar for almost every holiday- red white and blue with stripes for the 4th of July. Have your kids’ names in them for their brithday. Great idea. Filing this away!

  26. jen ~ these are darling!! and the sign looks fabulous on your mantel! xoxo

  27. Love these ideas and so easy the kids could do them with me. Maybe teacher gifts in the future. Thanks and keep up the great work.

  28. So cute! So they are not flammable?

    • Good question!! They didn’t burst into flame when I lit them up, but maybe using flameless candles is a good idea. Thanks for bringing that up!!


  29. They turned out so cute! You know I love glitter! I have all the supplies for this project…. I may have to give it a try!

  30. Love Love Love these!!
    so pretty :)

  31. Ooh, these are so cute! I know what I am doing this weekend!

  32. Those are so adorable! I’m wondering if spray adhesive would work instead of the polyurethane? Has anyone tried that? We’re moving soon & our new home will have a huge lanai and a giant oak tree in our backyard. Would love to make some for in there & some to hang from the tree!

  33. I cannot tell you how much I love these!!!!!

  34. I love the votives but I pinned this because I also LOVE the wreath! :)

  35. Such a cute idea!! Thanks for sharing!

  36. what a cute idea!

  37. Those are pretty! And they sound fun to make.

  38. What a great idea!!! I’m not big on decorating the house on Valentine’s Day (or any of those other wannabe holidays lol) But I seriously might make some of these, maybe using spring colors instead of just the red & pink. Thank you for sharing this cute idea!
    Love the blog & all that you do with it!

    • Thanks Danielle!!

      I love the idea of making spring glitter jars. What a fun idea!! I can’t wait for spring LOL!


  39. Lauren … I was wondering the exact same thing!! Suppose you could always use a battery operated tea light … same effect, no worries about flamability!! Have a TON of mason jars leftover from our outdoor wedding reception … off to glitter some goodness!! Thanks again for your most wonderful ideas!!

    • Thanks Christy. I just changed the tutorial to ask that people use battery operated tea lights. thanks for the suggestion. It’s a good one!!


  40. These are soooooo stinkin’ cute! I can not wait to make some. Combining all of my favorites, mason jars, glitter and candles whooo hoooo.

  41. Jen those are so cute! I bought a huge pack of MS glitter a while back and I can not find it anywhere! I wish I could because I have all the stuff to make a few of these except for the darn glitter:)

  42. OMGeezers! I love these!

  43. so pretty-i’ll have to start saving glass jars-my girls will love this :)

  44. I love the whole display! Where did you get the sign?

  45. You’ve got me! I love anything with glitter and sparkles. :) Your mantel is lovely, Jen. :)

  46. i just love these- sparkly, sweet, and simple!

  47. This may be a dumb thing to say, so excuse my ignorance if it is, but I’m guessing polyurethane is not flammable?? I’m assuming not, but just curious. These are beautiful!

    • Hi Lauren!

      Thanks for bringing that up!! Most of the ones I photographed were made with the floor wax. I didn’t even think about flammability with the polurethane. I just changed the tutorial to say that you should use flameless candles with the votives. thanks for bringing that to my attention!


    • I think once the polyurethane is dry it would be OK…any fumes would probably still be flammable but with the lid off it wouldn’t be a problem.

  48. Ah glitter. It’s the gift that keeps on giving for weeks after you’ve used it. LOL!
    But they are seriously worth it. How cute!

  49. These are darling, Jen!! How sweet! :)

  50. Hi Jen,

    I’ve been your follower for some time now and I’m just so amazed at how a mom of 4 can find time to make such beautiful crafts! Kudos to you and love this mason heart jar project! :)

  51. Hey! Love the simple mason Jar idea. Just wondering if I painted Modge Podge all over the inside of the jar, then shook the glitter around do you think that would it work the same?
    Just a thought,
    thanks for sharing


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