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Get Organized in 2012 — How Do You Record YOUR Family Memories?

I was a big scrapbooker from the beginning in the early 90’s. I loved buying all of those little stickers and recording the moments. I even had all of the different patterned scissors and punches. Then things got more complicated, my kids got older and LIFE took over. I got WAY behind on my scrapbooking. I just realized that I am 7 years behind. SEVEN years.

What to do????

I asked this question on the TT&J Facebook page. I found that most people are a few years behind. There are a few people that have their pictures organized and in albums, but most people are like me — way behind.

And seriously, do we need something else to make us feel guilty???

I was so excited to meet Becky Higgins at the Creative Estates Conference last year. She is the ultimate scrapbooker. But even more than that — she has devised a way to help me keep up with my scrapbooking without all of the time and effort!! And yet, Becky has still found a way for me to record those everyday SPECIAL moment that only come around once – I love that!!

Have you heard about Project Life?

I love the simplicity of the idea. Just print off your photos and slip them into the clear photo pockets. And it comes with everything you need to make YOUR album special and unique. I love all of the different patterned cards that come with the kits.

I am using the Turquoise Edition for 2012.

Hannah and Ella loved working on the album with me. There are so many ways you can do an album — from a 365 album, to a month-by-month theme, you can make an album for each of your kids or even an album all about you!

Here are some album ideas:

  • 365
  • Month-by-Month
  • Pregnancy
  • Baby’s First Year
  • Each of Your Kids
  • Your House
  • All About You!
  • Family Circle Album – with different family members contributing!

Ella made this page ALL BY HERSELF:

I love all of the possibilities!!

And I love that it’s simple enough that my kids can do it. I put Hannah, who is 12,  in charge of it and she is thrilled!! And Ella who just turned 7 is so excited to be able to make her own pages!!

I am excited to share some of our pages with you this year.  And if you do choose Project Life, you can get great ideas from Becky’s site, plus there are so many other great sites with Project Life ideas like:


Isn’t this idea easy, fabulous and inspired???


Another idea would be a 365 Instagram album! I love that idea. I’ll be sharing some of our Instagram pictures on the TT&J Instagram account. Come link up with me there so I can see YOUR Instagram pics!!

And guess what?? To get you going on your 2012 Organization Theme — a Project Life giveaway is coming up tonight along with the Weekend Wrap Up Party. Come link up and enter to win a wonderful giveaway!!

(And hey, I’ve linked up here:)

Happy Friday!!!


PS — I hope you will come link up with us tonight for the Weekend Wrap Up Party. It starts at 6 pm MST — and there will be a Project Life giveaway – yay!!


  1. I like your post on get organized. I am going to include it on
    my blog http://nicksposts.wordpress.com.
    Thanks Nick

  2. I keep on top of scrapbooking by going digital – it’s so much quicker; and all of my pages are saved so if Grandma wants a copy I just have to print it off again. I also cheat on the size – no 12×12 for me; mine are all letter size, and stored in a binder. They sit better on shelves anyway. Some of the funny stories are recorded in the scrapbooks; others are recorded in a special binder. I spend about 6 hours a month on scrapbooking, which is more than I’d like, but it’s manageable (and I could always do less, but, you know, with kids as cute as mine, there are just too many good pictures!)

  3. Jessica Kultti says:

    I am new to the idea of Project life. I kind of wish that my kids were small again, so I could record the actual things that were said and done. Having an autistic child, he could come up with the funniest things! I am looking forward to the Organization theme also. I am behind on my scrapbooking and hope to re do my oldest son’s album since it is from the 70’s! I ahve taken all fo the photos out of the binder (those horrible ones) and now need to re-do it all! Project life could be the lifesaver that I need for this one!

  4. Thank you so very much for the opportunity to win a Project Life kit. I love to scrapbook but at times, have difficulty getting started. I think this would greatly simplify the process.

  5. I did pl 2011 and am excited to do another year. It’s a great way to capture all of our everyday moments without all the time of creating a scrapbook layout. Love it!!

  6. I decide to try this for 2012. I love the simplicity of it! And the cards are so cute. I’m using the Clementine collection! I have some page protectors, but not the ones I want; out of stock till February.

  7. Ah! It’s a sign I need to get one! {or win won hehe} I was hoping for one for xmas but no such luck. I’ve been admiring everyone else’s proj life. They’re are so many creative people out there!!!

  8. I would love a chance to win Project Life!

  9. YAY! I love Project Life. It used to be called Project 365 — that first year it launched and I did it. It’s a fabulous way to capture memories and record them in an organized, fun and manageable manner.

  10. Michele Barry says:

    I have not started my project life album…I received a kit for Christmas! I guess it is time to get started!!

  11. This is my 4th year to do project life….I could use a kit to put this year in. Thanks for the chance to win.

  12. I just posted what I do to keep up on all of my family memories through out the year on my website. I am like you jen….several years behind in scrap booking but my family planner Journal is a great way to keep up on all of the memories as they happen. I love this idea that you have shared….so fun!!

  13. Thanks for the chance to win a Project Life kit!! :) I have an older version and LOVE the simplicity of it!! Just trying to get my pictures in albums so my family can enjoy them!! :)

  14. Tania Knapp says:

    i have 8 years worth of pictures to get through :(

  15. I like this idea. Our photos sit in a boring album, I’d love to spice it up some!

  16. I love those pages!!!
    Our first little one was born in May and I need to get started on her Scrapbook!
    I’m so bad, I will print like 1,000 photos at once because I just let them build up, sometimes I miss the old film!!!

  17. Michelle Johnson says:

    Great ideas, love them. I will be trying PL for the first time this year. I have been scrapping for quite some time, however like most others am several years behind. I love the idea behind PL that I can quickly record the everyday happenings of my family. I am hoping to keep this in my kitchen and pull the journaling cards out to work on while my kids are reading or working on homework in the evenings. Hoping this will help me to stay caught up this year also.

  18. Would love BECKY HIGGINS Project life!!

  19. Great giveaway! Would love to win a project life kit! 😀 Can’t wait!

  20. I am a scrapbooker as well; and I’m years behind (not sure how many…I really don’t want to know) :)

    However, I am using the project life kit for my daughter who started kindergarden this year. It doesn’t have many pictures but it has TONS of crafts she created at school; her progress reports and little notes about special events at school.

    I love it!!!!!

  21. Love that I am not the only one who is behind and found a great idea and to do some catching up!

  22. What a fabulous idea! I might just have to try this….Maybe I will win! Thanks for the great idea Jen!

  23. I am SO RELIEVED to read that I am not the only one still finishing up on PL 2011. Growing anxious to jump into 2012 and starting to take LOTS of pics! Love PL!

  24. I just purchased my Project Life Kit last night after debating back and forth for awhile. So excited to get it soon and get started!

  25. I absolutely LOVE Project Life. I just put the finishing touches on PL 2011 and am looking forward to starting PL 2012!! The possibilities are truly endless and the simplicity makes memory keeping doable for busy mamas. Look forward to seeing what you come up with.

  26. welcome to the club!

  27. I’m so with you! I’m behind on my scrapbooking (used to do the same as you and actually sold all of my stuff 3 years ago) and one of my goals for 2012 is to actually get things recorded. I think I may do the digital Project Life.

  28. I just got my core kit, I just need to finish the last 5 pages of 2011 and then I can start Project Life. I am really psyched about this!

  29. I did PL for the first time last year but I did my 2010 album. I know behind. I am almost done uploading 2011. I did it not a picture a day but a 2 page layout page for an event, usually. I just couldn’t do 1 page for each birthday and well I don’t take a picture a day, as much as I want to.
    This system has so many options and is so fun! Glad your on the bandwagon! Your girls are going to have so much fun!

  30. Hello Jen,
    I love scrapbooking. It is so full filling to look back in my scrapbooks and enjoy all of the memories. Becky is amazing and super talented. Oh, yea I am a few years behind right now on my pages, no worries.
    Smiles, Paula

  31. I love Project Life! I was behind in my scrapbooking as well (though only by 3 years, your 7 made me feel a lot better). This is my first year doing PL and I’m totally loving it. I love that not every day *has* to be a picture, because while I may take a lot of Instagram pics, I rarely print out anything! I like how simple it is, but it still shows our memories. With PL, I feel like I’m showing off more of what matters, the small moments that make me smile, rather than feeling like I need to put in every picture I’ve ever taken. And it has led me to even start “regular” scrapbooking again, but this time around I’m not slapping every picture on every page. I’m more particular about it and it seems more fun than hassle.

    I’ll be following you on Instagram now…I love that thing!

  32. Ooo!!! I have a post to link up tonight, so I will be entering the Giveaway for sure. I used to LOVE scrapbooking too. I still have all of my supplies–just don’t have the time. Project Life looks so cool!

    I organize all of my family photos by month and year on my computer. They stay in a “To Print” file on the computer until I have printed them, and then I file them into their month file. Photos for the blog are organized separately, by category (Home Decor, Crafts, Food, Features, etc)

    I am good about printing the photos. Even though they are backed up on an external hard drive, I just can’t leave them in digital format. I used to be very disciplined about taking the printed photos and slipping them into those slide-in albums where you can write a quick caption, but I haven’t done that in awhile…need to ASAP.

    Thanks for the inspiration. I’m pretty sure I follow you on Instagram, but I’m not sure how to do a search. I’ll have to look…I’m serenitynowgirl. :)


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