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Make Monogrammed Holiday Napkins with Bleach Pens! (tutorial)

I know I have mentioned that I love Bleach Pens for taking on trips and cleaning the grout in my tile. I have wanted to try making some crafts with Bleach Pens for a while. This week I made some Holiday Napkins with my Bleach Pen.

Here’s what I did:

I used .99 bandanas from Hobby Lobby and then sewed two colorful ribbon to the bottom of the bandanas.

Then I got my Bleach Pen out. I drew some initals on the napkins and let them sit. It depends on the fabric you use and how bleached you want your monogram.

If you look on the back of your material, you should be able to see the monogram coming through. Be sure not to leave the bleach on too long — it can eat all the way through the fabric.

I waited about 20 minutes and then I rinsed the napkins out under the tap with some soapy water. My monograms are still a little pink. So I probably could have waited another 10 minutes or so to get more contrast.

Once they were rinsed out, I popped them in the dryer.

Then I ironed them and put them on the table.

My kids thought this was a pretty fun project! They want to try t-shirts next!

And if you want more definition around your monogram, you can also trace around the letters with a black paint pen.

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Have a Wonderful Day!!


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  1. What a great idea! My mind is spinning….I think I am going to use this idea on dropcloth fabric. You are brilliant!

    Thanks for the inspiration.

  2. Cute napkins. Do you think it would work on a t-shirt?

  3. Those are adorable! I’m pinning this project!

  4. Cute idea! What a great way to personalize things. I could see the napkins being really fun with a simple “Noel” or “Joy” too. Thanks for sharing.

  5. WHAT?! Genius!

  6. I just love it! What a fun idea! :)

  7. That’s a great idea! I thought of doing something similar with t-shirts, but was afraid the bleach would eat at the material.

    • I think the bleach will work faster on t-shirt material. You probably just have to watch it closely :)