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Make Cupcake Liner Christmas Trees {Holiday Tutorial}!!

Please… PLEASE… pleeeeease tell me that I’m not the ONLY one that has Christmas FEVER!
Hi Friends!
My name is Desirée and I blog at The 36th AVENUE.
For this month I decided to surprise Jen with a little Christmas cheer!
I love it here… if Tatertots was a campground I would have a year pass!
So as you can imagine… I am going to enjoy every minute of today.
This is what I came up with: Cupcake Liner Christmas Trees…
Are they FUN or what?!
{You are more than welcome to start singing Christmas Carols now }
This is such an easy and affordable project.
It is perfect to make them as a family or with girl friends on a cold Christmas Evening…
All you need is 12×12 Cardstock, Cupcake Liners, and Tape.
First of all make the cones with your cardstock.
Tape the ends well so the cones hold their shape. Then cut the excess of the bottom so they can stand straight.
The amount that you cut will determine the size of your tree.
This next step is when Miss Fun joins the party.
Cut the center of your cupcake liners.
All you want is the ruffle part…
After you are done start taping the ruffles from the bottom to the top.
You many need to use multiple ruffles for one layer of the tree.
Don’t even worry about it… It will look GREAT at the end!
Before you reach the top cover the tip of the tree with one of the centers of the liners.
After it is taped and secured finish the last ruffle layer… and guess what?
As I was working on this project I thought it would be adorable to give cupcakes instead of cookies this year to all of my neighbors.
So I came up with a little Cup Cake Liner Christmas Card to wish Merry Christmas to my cul-de-sac.
I would love for you to visit and CHECK the little Christmas Card TUTORIAL out!
Jen… Thank you so much for having me another month!
The 36th AVENUE

Desiree — you are just amazing. I love every.single.thing. you do!!

I am so excited that Desiree is a contributor here at TT&J. She has amazing style!!

And print off this Giving Thanks Printable Desiree made – it’s perfect for expressing the spirit of Thanksgiving.
Plus, if you are looking for a few last-minute Thanksgiving Table Setting Ideas, be sure to check out Desiree’s Table. I love those place mats she made!

Good luck getting everything prepared for tomorrow!!

And be safe everyone.


PS — Oh – I almost forgot!! The winner of the CAMEO is……………………………………..

Taylor @ Taylor Made

Winner determined through “And The Winner Is” A random winner Word Press plug-in.
Congratulations Taylor!!

PS  — You can get 40% off anything {except the Cameo} at the Silhouette store right now — just type in TATER at check out.

Also — If you want to get a CAMEO at a great Black Friday price — go to their SECRET Cameo page where they are selling all the Cameos they have in stock. You don’t need a code there. This page will be activated at MIDNIGHT on 11/25 for BLACK FRIDAY. And the supply is limited.

And, I also announced the 12 Giveaway Day winners (11/14) at the bottom of my Striped Straw Wreath Post.
Winners — send me an email :)


  1. Elizabeth says:

    Those are wonderful ideas! I am a chilean crafter and I must how much I enjoy your ideas.

  2. What darling trees! Would you mind if I shared a picture of your trees on my blog and of course, give you full credit and a link back to your site?
    Debbie@Mountain Breaths recently posted…A Cookie For Your Christmas Platter

  3. What a darling idea. Would you mind if I featured your Cupcake Liner Tree on my blog? You would, of course, receive full credit and a link back to your site.

  4. What an easy eye catching tree. Thanks

  5. thank you I do like the cup cake tree.

  6. Hi, Jen:

    What a cute idea. I have a question for you: I write for Marygrove College’s Master in the Art of teaching program. Every now and again, we like to put together a new free resource for teachers. This time, we’re putting together a holiday craft resource to give them some last-minute ideas.

    Would you mind if we featured your Cupcake Liner Tree in it? You would, of course, receive full credit and a link back to your site.

    Have a nice weekend.


  7. Love all your ideas nice things to make for my craft shows next year thanks

  8. I can’t decide which I like the best, the cupcake tree or the straw wreath so I am going to do both! Thank-you for the ideas!!

  9. debbie mullins says:

    always looking for things to do with the grandchildren :) the christmas tree is a great idea :)

  10. Soooo Cute.

  11. shae findley says:

    Love the idea of the cupcake trees will try this year..

  12. Ellen Clements says:

    Unbelievable. They are adorable.

    Please put me on your email list for future sharing.


  13. Love the cupcake liner tree! So cute! So clever! :)

  14. These are adorable!

  15. i was so amazed at some of your work. I am now starting a mailorder business of my own and now i know for sure i can succeed. Your work is so unique!! keep up the good work.

    Nana Tanis’s Floral and country treasures

  16. Hi,

    Could you use a styrofoam cone instead of the cardstock?

  17. So cool, we all have cupcake papers in our pantry, but this is one amazing idea is fantastic.
    thankyou soooo much.

  18. So cool! I would never have thought of this!

  19. Awesome ideas, thank you so much!

  20. Hi! What a great idea…such a playful Christmas idea!
    I found this via Pinerest…. another great idea!
    Have a wonderful week and a Merry Christmas!
    ~ Maria
    ps. It might be my computer, but the “share this!” pop-up gets in the way of reading and enjoying your posts.

  21. Love this idea! I included it on my top 10 list of handmade Christmas decor at http://www.cheapcraftymama.com. Feel free to stop by and grab a button or link to show that you have been featured!

  22. Kathy Martin says:

    This Cupcake project is AWESOME..so creative and inexpensive……I will be making many


  23. These are too cute!! And they are so kid friendly!!! I can’t wait to pick up some cute liners!

  24. Robin Kelley says:

    The cupcake liner trees are absolutely adorable…you are a genius! Thanks for sharing.

  25. Hi, can you tell me, for the cameos in stock in their site. Is it 12 pacific standard time?? Thank you.

  26. Great Christmas project! hoping to pick up the supplies today!

  27. The cupcake liner trees are just adorable. Desiree has great ideas, doesn’t she? So glad you’ve featured her work Jen!


  28. I love the trees – I just finished a tutorial on pompom Christmas trees! I’m having a little festive giveaway and I hope you will be able to join in.

  29. Cute project! I like both the tree and card verion.

  30. Oh these are happy, happy, happy trees! Cupcake liner trees…have I been in a hole that I have not seen these yet? Or have I, but the colors you have picked and the gorgeous photos have me seeing them clearly now? I am thinking it’s because Miss Desiree did them. For sure. Yep. Some happy trees. Wait…omigoodness…I sound like Bob Ross with the happy little trees thing! HAHAHA!
    Congrats to Taylor. Lucky, lucky. :)

  31. I’m working on a Christmas cookie post right now and enjoying some peppermint bark :) This is so darling. Stumbling it. Happy Thanksgiving!

  32. Hey thanks so much for tweeting the graphic I made about 12 ways to wear a scarf! You might like the scarves e-book we made full of scarf tricks and styling tips. 😉

  33. desiree — you are rockin this post!!!!! these trees could be the cutest thing EVER!!!! you continuously amaze me with your style and creativity! i love to watch you shine!!!! hugs… and big KUDOS to tater tots and jello for having one of the most fabulous PREMIERE blogs…EVER!!!!

  34. BEST DAY EVER!!!!!!!!!! thanks jen!

  35. :(

  36. Thank you all… and thank you Jen for having me! I know you know it but I will say it again… I love you girl!

  37. Ah! Dang it! I was going to make and blog some cupcake liner Christmas tree decorations this year and she beat me too it. Ah well! They sure are cute either way!

  38. These cupcake liner trees are just adorable! What a fabulous idea, and the combos are endless!

  39. Congratulations, Taylor! I can’t wait to see what you create with this.

  40. I am sad I didn’t win ;( but congrats to the winner. Ok’ I just was on Pinterest yesterday and thought I am so going to make cupcake liner trees flipping the liners upside down…. and “BOOM” the talented Desiree beat me to it. LOVE THEM. SO darn cute. Great job. Des. winks, jen

  41. SO cute! I love cupcake wrappers! These are perfect!


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