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Make a DIY Beadboard Decorative Centerpiece Tray!! {tutorial}

Hello, TT&J readers! It is such a huge honor to be here today. I have been a fan of Jen’s blog for a very long time.

My name is Lindsay & I run a blog called Southern Lovely.
I am a busy mom of three little ones, who constantly keep me running. Whenever I have free time, I enjoy creating. It’s my outlet, really.

Today I am going to share how to make a beadboard decorative tray, that can be used for any holiday, or really any type of centerpiece. Inspiration was taken from here.

Supplies needed:
Strip of molding/trim
Bead board
Liquid Nails
Before I went to Lowes to purchase my supplies, I figured out my measurements, which allowed me to have my bead board cut directly in the store. FYI–my measurements were 10×24 inches.


Here’s What I did:

This is where my handy husband came in–using a Miter saw, he cut the molding to fit on the already cut bead board.

Then apply liquid nails to secure it all together.

Next I primed the entire piece, then painted & glazed.

I used this technique to glaze it.

Basically you dip a sponge brush in the glaze, paint where you’d like it to go, then wipe the excess off with a damp cloth. It’s pretty much fool proof. :)

Once it was all dry, I sprayed it with a protective coat.

Now that you have a beautiful new tray, here is the fun part–decorating!

Since this is a Thanksgiving centerpiece, here is what I added.

Glass jars, purchased from the Dollar Store
Berry twigs–from Michaels on sale for $1/each
Sticks–from Michaels, you could even use some from outside
Beans–Navy & Pinto

Festive & easy, right!

I am really excited to have this little tray to work with from now on. It will be fun to switch out the centerpieces each season.

I also made the little burlap runner, which I will be posting the tutorial on my blog soon.

So, what do you think–did I do okay posting on Jen’s awesome blog?? I was a bit nervous, lots of pressure. :)

Thanks for having me! If you want to check out more DIY’s, sewing projects or just plain crafting, stop by & say hi!

Lindsay – thanks for such a great tutorial. I love your beadboard centerpiece!!

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I hope so!! Another Giveaway Day spotlight day is coming up on Monday!!

Have a Wonderful Wesnesday!!

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  1. Love the idea from your guest poster. Simple and elegant all at once.

  2. I totally went by the Dollar Store on the way home yesterday and picked up some of those glasses! Thanks for the inspiration!

  3. love the berry twigs, i could decorate with them all year around, lol!

  4. Cute idea and it is styled nicely for fall. I love the fall wreath – adorable. Thanks for sharing new friends!

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  9. That’s a great idea with the bead board!!! Nicely done :)

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  11. Lindsay,
    I love the bead board and molding combo! Your display is beautiful with your gorgeous base and punch of rich fall colors. So, so elegant and stunning.

  12. Fantastic tutorial, Lindsay!!! I hope to do one for myself now… I feel so inspired!

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  17. That is too cute! I love beadboard!

  18. Love it! I think I’ll be trying to recreate this weekend. My table is in DIRE need of some festivness.

    I wonder if you could Increase the size of the “tray” and make it a big frame for the Fireplace and surround it with similar things. HMMM…the possibilities are endless!!!

  19. LoVe it!! You did a fabulous job! Thanks for sharing! Smiles~Beth

  20. I am so loving this!! It’s only 7:30 am and I’m already shouting measurements and Lowes supplies for my husband to pick up :)

  21. Love that beadboard tray! And I’m going to have to make some of those tights! ~ Barbara

  22. YAY LINDSAY! This is just gorgeous! I really love this!

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