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Make a Bejeweled Christmas Tree {holiday tutorial}!!

Hi, my name is Anna, and I blog at My Life and Kids. I’m thrilled to be visiting at Tatertots & Jello today!

I had three kids in three years and whew has my life changed! Just a few years ago I had a job I loved, a house in the city and a social life. Now I stay home with my three kids, I live in the suburbs, I wear mom jeans, AND I drive a minivan! In my spare time, I blog about it all at My Life and Kids.

Today, I’m going to share one of my favorite holiday projects with you.

Jewelry Christmas Tree

Here’s What You’ll Need

Frame (without glass)
Cardboard cut to fit the frame
Fabric to use as your background (I used green burlap)
Tape to hold your background fabric onto your cardboard
Costume jewelry, necklaces and/or buttons (you can pick these things up at yard sales – or visit grandma’s house)
Elmer’s Glue

First, I cut my green burlap to fit my cardboard backing and covered the cardboard – keeping it in place with some duct tape. (Don’t worry – you won’t see the back!)

Then I went through my costume jewelery and created the general outline of my tree (no gluing yet). I taped off the center so that my tree would be nice and straight.

I also spent a fair amount of time pulling clasps off of earrings so that they would lay flat on my Christmas tree.

Once I was happy with the shape of my tree, I used Elmer’s glue to glue down every individual piece of jewelery in the outline shape.

Then – I started filling in the middle of my tree. Gluing each piece as I went.

When I was finished with this step, I had a fairly flat jewelry Christmas tree with several holes in it.

To fill in the gaps, I cut apart several old necklaces.

I filled the gaps with glue, and I sprinkled in my necklace beads.

It was a little like icing a cake. I let everything dry overnight, and the next morning, I held my tree over a bucket and stood it up. I gave it a few pats on the back to shake off any loose beads.

Then I fit it into my frame and admired my jewelry Christmas tree!

For more fun holiday projects, stop by My Life and Kids or find me on Facebook.

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Thanks Anna!! That is such an AWESOME project!!  Here are a few more fabulous projects from Anna:

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Head over to My Life and Kids and give Anna a little TT&J love!!


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Happy Friday!!!


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  1. this is a lovely project and we were just leaving out my old stash and wondering what to do with them…I guess I got my answer

  2. I love this!
    I’ve got some many old buttons and beads, this would be a great way to use them

  3. Hi Jen
    Just love the button wreath idea sooo much.
    Just wanted to sharing what my 6-9 year old art students are doing to recycle everyday items into art. http://ecogreen4fun.blogspot.com/

    Please feel free to leave a comment. We love the feedback.

    Cheers Neko

  4. Such a speedy, yet, WOW! project. Thanks for sharing!

  5. Barbara Glass says:

    My mom had a pattern for a Christmas tree like yours but it called for small holes in the backing for Christmas lights to go through.

  6. I made a tree like that too! I call it a Vintage Costume Jewelry Tree. Check it out @ http://burlapanddenim.com/2011/11/costume-jewelry-christmas-tree/

  7. My Grandmother used to make these. So pretty! I lost one of the ones she made and still feel pretty terrible about it. Maybe I can make a new one? Thanks for the inspiration.

  8. What a great project! Thanks for sharing.

  9. What a cute Christmas tree – looks like the perfect project to do with my kids!

  10. What a great re-use of vintage jewelry -which I have a ton of!

  11. Such cute projects!

  12. My mom made one of those with all of her mom’s old jewelry the year after she died. I hope to inherit it one day! Yours turned out wonderfully :)

  13. Gorgeous! I did this at Easter and made a cross with some thrift store costume jewelry finds.

  14. My Aunt made something similar to this for my Memaw over 15 years ago! This one is way cuter though!

  15. I love this craft! I have so many “blah” beads, I’m going to use those to make this great project. Thanks for the idea!!

  16. That is such a cute Christmas tree!

  17. This is just lovely. My favourite part is that it is using all materials that you already had. Kids really do change everything. Two years ago it was my husband and I and a large cat. Lots of free time and lots of time to be super committed to work. Today (at 41) it’s the husband, a kiddo (almost two) and my 89 year old father-in-law and we reno’d the house to double its size this year. Crazy but great. Love that you introduced us to this great blog.

  18. Believe it or not, my husband’s 93 year old grandmother has one of these hanging in her home that she made quite some time ago! I have always loved it!

  19. Thanks so much for having me! Very exciting!

  20. I love this! It has such a great vintage look! Thank you for sharing!

  21. That button tree is just too cute!


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