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Four Kids plus 12+ hours in the car to grandma’s house = many Messy Moments!!

I’m excited to share the Clorox Messy Moments challenge — you can win $25,000!!

{YES, that wasn’t a typo — $25,000. Awesome, right???}

When Clorox approached me about being part of the Bleach It Away Program – I loved the concept.

Messy moments can be funny!!

And we, as moms and/or creative people know all about messy moments — right?

We’re headed out of town today to grandma’s house — which is 12+hours each way. There are bound to be some messy car moments. Ella and I are discussing all the potential messy moments here (I love that funny child):


And here’s a messy moment from Bethenny Frankel:



I have an exciting event coming up that I would LOVE to have you join in on!

  • It starts off with a  FUN twitter party on Wednesday, December 7th @9 pm EST  — where we share will talk about DIY Holiday Crafts/Decor, plus messy moments and craft fails.
  • And, the same night December 7th –an AWESOME linky party at TT&J where YOU can share YOUR funniest Messiest Moment, craft projects with bleach, and/or Craft Fails — we all have those, right?? I sure do.

There will be gift baskets and gift cards given out at the twitter party AND the linky party!!

I think it will be a great time to connect, share great ideas and funny messy moments. I hope you will join in!!

So if you have a Messy Moment that you can share, post it on your blog between now and December 7th. Then come join in the Twitter Chat, and link up YOUR Messy Moment and/or craft fail that night at TT&J. There will be prizes, gift baskets and gift cards. Oh the fun!!!

And remember, you can enter YOUR Messy Moment blog posts in to Clorox’s Messy Moments contest too. Sharing YOUR story on the Clorox fan page gets you entered for the chance to win $25,000 and daily $100 gift cards, and you can grab a coupon for Clorox® Regular Bleach.

You can find out more about the Clorox Messy Moments contest here or on the Clorox Facebook page.

This post is sponsored by Clorox and www.BleachItAway.com
I am being compensated by the Clorox Company for posting about Life’s Messy Moments. All opinions are 100% mine.


Have you ever had an OMG Messy Moment??? What happened??

PS — We are off for a SUPER long trip in the car. I’ll be posting our messy car moments on my TT&J Facebook page :) I hope it doesn’t involve a soda can exploding – it’s been known to happen…


  1. My messiest moment (believe it or not!) didn’t involve one of my four kids! It involved a gallon of milk that I didn’t know had a leak in it and then it tipped over and leaked all over my van. The stench was horrific and took forever to get rid of. Barf!

  2. We had a whole 2 liter bottle erupt and launch itself on our ceiling, showering half of the car with soda. So fun! I’d almost forgotten about it.

    • Oh dear – that’s terrible!!! We’ve had a 40+ ounce soda spill all over the seat and a soda can explode. Definitely messy moments LOL!!!

      Thanks for the sweet comment Kendra :)


  3. Oh do you really want to know my messiest moment? My son filled his car seat with diarrhea on my way to teach a fitness class. Of course I had no extra clothing for him or anything to clean the car seat with. I found some children’s shorts & tee(3 times too big) in the pro shop for him. I had to buy 2 towels, one to clean up and one to place in the seat for the ride home. I did all this with 5 min to spare before teaching. I get my son into the kids club child care, I rush in to teach my class. I’m leaning forward doing a leg stretch and I notice poop running down my shin. Yep…..poop. I declared THAT moment the moment I really became a mom. Of course my son fell asleep on the way home is a soiled carseat. It was a bad day.

  4. I think a better question is when DON’T I have messy moments. Right now I am wearing a white t-shirt stained with soupy water I spilled while cleaning out a pot this morning.

  5. Oh dear…as someone fairly new to parenting I am grateful for generally well-behaved, clean children. Outside of messy faces and dirty hands, I have been relatively lucky…Then again, I have never taken a 12-hour car trip with them either…

    Have fun!

  6. oh we’ve had plenty of messy moments………and most of them involve the dogs! lol

    • OMG – yes!! My dog makes me crazy sometimes. We got new slipcovers and she is always jumping up and making a mess with her muddy paws. It’s a good thing I love her!!

      Have a wonderful Thanksgiving Cheryl!


  7. Such a cute video of you and Ella! Love the Cheetos comment- Hannah is my kind of girl!! 😉
    Who wouldn’t love to win $25,000!? Wonder if I can convince my 9 yr old to help me make a video. Thanks Jen! xoxo

  8. What a fun contest! I just got a new car and dreading driving to grandma’s this weekend because I know the kids are going to dirty it up! I’ll have to get some of those clorox wipes. Great idea. Enjoy your trip. Good luck!!

  9. I think that everyone who’s a mom will understand what my car smells like right now after a long, bumpy ride to Granddad’s this weekend.

    • I can only imagine LOL! We are getting ready to head out and it seems like the car is such a wreck by the time we get to our destination LOL!!

      Happy Thanksgiving!!


  10. I had a pretty disgusting moment last night so this is perfect timing!

  11. When are you announcing the winners?