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Make a $4 Halloween T-Shirt Wreath {Dollar Store tutorial}

I have had this project done for over a month and keep forgetting to post about it – LOL.

I love the Gothic Glam of the black fabric and silver glitter!! And all the materials came from Dollar Tree — so this is a VERY affordable project.

I found some $1 T-shirts at my local Dollar Tree and decided they might make a spooky Halloween wreath. I bought the largest size I could find — 3XXL.

This was a 30 minute project!


  • Black T-Shirt {I used one 3XXL t-shirt, but you could also use a couple smaller tees}
  • Wreath form {also form the Dollar Store}
  • Spider Web and Spider — $1 for both from the Dollar Store
  • Glitter {I used some Silver Martha Stewart Glitter}
  • Misc. Ribbon


  • Take Wreath form, wrap in coordinating ribbon. I found my ribbon at Walmart. It’s indoor/outdoor ribbon and super inexpensive.
  • I cut up the t-shirt into small 1 inch wide by 5 inch long strips.
  • Then I tied the strips onto the wreath form, tying at different points, so the whole form was covered.
  • I spray painted the web silver.
  • After the wreath form was full of fabric, I took a piece of twine and looped it through the web and tied it to the top of the wreath form so it would hang in the middle of the wreath opening.
  • Then I glittered up the spider.
  • The last thing I did was glue the spider on the wreath and add some ribbon to the top of the wreath so I could hang it.

Super easy and fast!!

Now I have a Dark, Gothic Halloween Wreath to ring in the {SPOOKY} Holiday!!

And for $4 — who can pass up that up??

And another idea would be to take the t-shirt strips and make a garland with a few glittered spiders – that would be spooky fun too!


PS — It’s Friday!!!

Almost time for my favorite time of the week — The Weekend Wrap Up Party!! Last week we were SO close to reaching 1,000!! I decided that if we reach 1,000 entries this week, I will choose a random entry and send them a little something from TT&J. It’s a surprise. I think it’s SO fun to see so much creativity all in one place. It makes my heart sing!!! I hope you will link up. The party starts at 6 PM MST.

And, have you ever made anything out of Wine Corks? You can get them from restaurants and craft stores too. Check out these 10 Wine Cork Projects – they are amazing!

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  1. wow, I love this wreath! and the price is right!

  2. Genius! As usual. So cute!

  3. DOLLAR STORE IS THE BEST! This is awesome! Nice job :)

  4. Dude… I could actually make this. Plus it has glitter. YAY!

  5. Almost 1,000 links??! That is amazing, Jen. :) Congratulations! I love the t-shirt wreath–what a neat idea. :)

  6. I so want to try this! What a great idea;) Thanks so much for sharing!!

  7. Such a cute idea! I love it!

  8. This is so pretty! And thrifty too! Even better! 😀

  9. Adorable! Brilliant use of the big tshirts. And I love the touch of green!

  10. What a cute wreath! I love that you used a $1 tshirt! That much material at the fabric store would have cost way more than $1! I hope you had a great week! I can’t wait to link up some of my fun Halloween projects tonight:)

  11. I love the way this came out! The glitter totally jazzes it up! thanks for sharing:D

  12. I am SO doing this! Love it. Thank you :-)

  13. Love this wreath; easy , inexpensive and so cute. One of the most creative Halloween wreath ideas I have seen.

  14. Andi @udandi says:

    I just posted my inexpensive Halloween/fall wreath out of my old, ripped work pants and a felted orange sweater. I used a similar technique of cutting the pants into strips and tying them on. I’ll link it this weekend!

    I’m a librarian and did a program making wine cork trivets with our patrons!


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