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Getting Organized: The Laundry Room {tips and tricks}

Hello again Tatertots & Jello readers! 

It’s Anna from Ask Anna :

Today I am here showing you how I organized my laundry room and hopefully inspiring you to have a beautiful and organized laundry room too!  In my house the laundry room is directly off the kitchen, on the way to our bedroom.  It ends up being a dumping/storage station for everything: decorations, candles, extra groceries, dirty washcloths, etc.  I was so tired of looking at a mess all the time, so when I painted the laundry room a couple months ago I decided to get organized too!

Because our house is old (built in ’65) the laundry room cabinets do not go all they way up to the ceiling, why someone would ever build it this way is beyond me!  So what I have is either wasted space or open/exposed storage.  I like to store candles and other decorations up there but I got SO tired of looking at my stuff all the time, it seriously stressed me out, because even though it was organized that fact that I could see it made it seem messy to me.  So when I was at Lowes, waiting for my paint to be mixed, I was wandering around and found these great baskets.  They were the perfect size for above my cabinets and the simple, dark straw pattern felt very clean to me.  Even better they also had them in smaller sizes so I bought a bunch of them for inside the cabinets and for my shelf below the cabinets.

Here’s how to get organized:

1. Pull everything out of the cabinets and lay it out so you can see exactly what you have {and need to hide organize}.

2. Decide if anything needs to be tossed or stored in another place.  Once eliminating those items categorize the remaining items.  These are the categories I have in my laundry room: candles, small seasonal decorations, extra bulk groceries, batteries, light bulbs/extension cords, cleaning rags, dirty clothes and laundry items.

3. Now that the items are categorized place all items into the baskets.

Isn’t it so much better looking at a pretty basket instead of looking at all of my stuff? 
The only problem now is that you might not remember what items are in each basket and you don’t want to pull down a heavy basket only to discover that it’s the wrong one!  Don’t worry I have an easy solution for that.

Here is how I created beautiful, simple labels for my laundry room baskets:

  1. * I found a few small frames at Michael’s, and because I love silver, I spray painted them silver.
  2. Then using Microsoft Word I typed out a list of all my “categories”.  I used pink for an extra pop of color, but if I get tired of it I can always change it.

 3. Next I printed them and cut them out.

4. Then I placed them in the frames and hot glue the frames to the baskets.

This is such a simple solution and it will make finding what you need so easy! 

Just look at the difference that a few baskets made in my laundry room!
What do you think?
I would love to hear your tricks for how you keep your laundry room clean and organized! 


Anna! Your Laundry Room looks great!!

I love those little frames!
I used some Michaels Frames in my laundry room too!! Their Dollar Section is amazing!!

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  1. Where does one buy a shelf like that? That is exactly what I need above my washer and dryer.

  2. sigh. everytime i see these re-orgs i SO want to do it! i even get a bit of momentum and start on my way but the baskets are killers for me. i just can’t afford $5-12 ea. it’s frustrating. it looks REALLY, really nice!

  3. Wonderful transformation! I wich I had a nice big laundry room like that! The baskets are awesome! 😀

  4. Jacqueline says:

    Can’t wait to see the coat refashions!

  5. Cool idea. I’ve been trying to organize as I unpack but the laundry as you say as become a dumping ground. Well have to try your idea out soon. Thanks

  6. That is a great Laundry Room!

  7. I’m in LOVE with this!!!:-)

  8. This looks great! I’ve tried posting 2x and it’s not showing up so if you get multiple comments from me that is why! :) I love the black baskets against the white! Nice & tidy!

  9. This looks great Anna! Wow, the black baskets really look super clean next to the white ! Those little frames rock! We have no storage here so I can see a little re-do in my future :) Great feature Jen! Thanks for sharing!

  10. Wow I love it. I am in the process of getting ideas to redo the laundry room and other areas in my home. I now know I NEED more baskets!

  11. Love this. I have those little frames you put on the baskets and I’m making a project with them right now. I love your laundry room. Looks so clean and organized!

  12. Those baskets were great, but not fantastic. Once you add the little frames, they are SO amazing! What a huge difference a little organization, bins, and baskets can do!

  13. I love the idea of labeling the baskets with those frames! I have some of those in various colors from Michaels just waiting for a project. I haven’t even gotten to the laundry room in the new place yet, but I already know I need some shelves, so baskets will be a great storage and organization addition.

  14. Totally taking those ideas when I get a place with a laundry room! 😀

  15. Anna! Your laundry room looks awesome! We are in the process of updating our to add more storage and your basket idea looks like a winner! Thanks for sharing!

  16. Love the ideas. I love how it looks so nice and clean. Getting my laundry/sewing room organized is on my to do list. It jsut seems a little overwhelming to me.

  17. What a difference! We did a laundry room redo last year and I was so surprised at what a difference it made to have things tucked away. Your redo is beautiful!

  18. Lovely! You truly “weaved” together a beautiful laundry room… get it? Baskets…weaved… hardy-har-har….

    Seriously, prettily pretty…

  19. Very pretty! We have very limited storage in our house, so our laundry room is also home to my baking supplies, large serving pieces, etc. Makes it hard to fit baskets in for smaller items, but someday I’d love to try this!

  20. Who knew a laundry room could look so elegant? The black baskets with silver frame labels are a beautiful combination. I don’t have a laundry room of my own (oh the joys of shared laundry facilities at apartment communities), but this would look SO GOOD in my living room bookshelving. Thanks for the pretty inspiration :)

  21. Great idea for using picture frames as labels.

  22. Thanks for having me Jen! I love the baskets w/frames in your laundry room too!!

    It’s kind of funny this post is sponsored by Purse Bling because I’m giving away some Purse Bling today over on Ask Anna. :)


  23. It’s AMAZING how quickly a redo in the Laundry room can make doing the wash, not such a bad thing after all

  24. I love it! It looks so organized yet well planned out. I love baskets!!! The frames are a great addition to the label category…so much better looking too.

  25. Omg I am so in love. Thanks for the inspiration! Ill be organizing my laundry room this weekend.

  26. I DESPERATELY need to organize my laundry room! It is insane in there!

    I am going to attempt knocking it out this weekend. Wish me luck!

  27. Love the baskets and the frames used as labels! I’m the same way–I don’t like to see stuff, but would rather have it behind doors or in baskets.