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$10,000 Dream Room Makeover!!

We all have a space in our home that isn’t quite right.

Arrow Fastener is running a contest to give one lucky winner a chance at a $10,000 dream room makeover.
Not only will Leslie Segrete from The Money Pit design it but Arrow Fasteners will build it.  That is so awesome!!

I entered my Master Bedroom in for a chance to win! I know you have heard about my Master Bedroom dilemma for the past two years.


I recently made a Mood Board for my space and I think I know what I want, but it’s going to take some serious moolah. I’d love to win and make the bedroom of my dreams. How cool would that be???

I love to read. I have a bay window in the pace. I’d love for Arrow build me a wrap-around seating area and bookshelves!


or maybe a desk built into that area would be fun!


What room would YOU like to make over???

To enter this awesome contest,
all you have to do is Like Arrow Fasteners on Facebook
and click here to enter the contest.


PS —  I wanted to let you know about an awesome deal. GiGi Petals – a new Deal-of-the-Day site, has a great special going on — you can get these pretty rings for free (all you pay is shipping). I’m going to order some for stocking stuffers :) And, they are also giving away a $50 Target gift card this week.

Have a Terrific Tuesday!!!

This post sponsored by the Arrow Fastener Dream Room Contest.


  1. Jessica Glenn says:

    I would make over my master bedroom or master bathroom!!! They are in desperate need!

  2. Jamie Benson says:

    I would makeover my guest room/craft room. I have no clue what to do in there, plus the layout is weird.

  3. What is the name of the Martha Stewart paint you have on your mood board?

  4. I love your bedroom mood board!!

  5. The next room on our “wish list” to do over is the master bathroom. It isn’t large, but we want to make it look larger than it is!

    I love the idea of the desk built in the window!

  6. My dream room makeover is our basement. this is where my 3 year old daughter have her playroom and she loves it even thougth that she has to share with her daddy and the laudryroom.

  7. Where did you get that art on your bedroom wall? That would be perfect in the living room I’m doing for my newly-single guy friend!

  8. I want a bay window!

  9. Lovely, how sad is it that our master bedrooms are always left to the end? Doesn’t seem terribly fair does it?

  10. Good luck ladies!! Be sure to enter. I hope someone wins that I know – that would be so exciting!!!


  11. A very generous give away. Your bedroom makeover would be beautiful. I would love to have a living room/family room makeover. Our home is a plain contractor home, nothing special. The living room and family room are one big open area but I would love for it to be divided without losing all the light coming in from the south windows. It’s a dream – but maybe one day.

  12. Kari Johnson says:

    We need a major basement makeover…make it a more useful space for our growing famliy. Between toys and storing extra stuff, it’s turning into a crowded space!

  13. Good luck! You are lucky to have such a spacious master with nice light.

    I need to enter for a laundry room makeover. 10K would be just what I’d need for my space. If you saw the pictures, you’d probably pick me to get us out of our 70’s groove of avocado green and harvest gold.