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Stenciled Circle Rug Tutorial {Spray Paint Project}

Have I ever mentioned that I have a slight obsession with the Disney Show “Good Luck Charlie”? 

I was sick last Spring and spent about 5 hours straight watching it in some sort of “Good Luck Charlie” marathon – lol! I adore the use of color in the “Good Luck Charlie” house!!

Like their turquoise couch! So fun. I developed a bit of a crush on the rug from that set. So I tracked it down and discovered that it is the Key Turquoise Rug from Suzanne Sharp – a famous rug designer and also several thousand dollars. Update — just requested the price list and yes, it’s $5,000 – yikes!!! I think I’m going to try to recreate this rug for my family room :)

And while I was obsessing about this rug, I fond another rug. Also by Suzanne Sharp and decided to try to recreate that — it’s the Sellarsbrook rug.

Here’s what I did: 

1. I used cheap rolls of shelf liner. 
2. I traced two sizes of plates onto the liner. 
3. I cut out the circles. 
4. I laid the circles on the rug and overlapped them, three rows.
5.Then I taped rows on top of the circles. And taped the edges up.
6. Then I spray painted the whole rug. 
I bought the rug from Ikea. It was $24.99. In retrospect, I should have rolled the paint on instead of spray painting. The rug has ridges, so it was hard to get the rug taped with the ridges, so some of the spray paint did get underneath the tape. If I had rolled it on, I think the edges would have been a little crisper. 
But overall I’m really pleased with the rug. It looks so pretty in my garden — with my striped yellow benchI love turquoise and yellow together!! 
So now my patio is extra colorful!!! 
and instead of the $3000 price tag — mine was under $40!!
Thanks for stopping by – I appreciate it!! 
Have a Fantastic Friday!! 


PS— This post is linked up with Beth!!


  1. Ok, my VT gal pinned this for me and I hadn’t seen this post, Jen!! This is awesome! and OMGosh I can’t believe you cut out all of those circles.
    Also, we are HUGE Good Luck Charlie fans. So sad it ended but we still watch re-runs and have seen every one. LOL
    Have a great day!! xo

  2. What kind of rug did you use as the base rug?

  3. i’ve been browsing all your awesome stencil ideas!!! time to break out my cricut from hiding! just have one question: are these painted fabric projects washable?

    • Hi Lani!!

      I haven’t tried to wash the rugs. Theoretically they should be and the one in this post sat out all last Winter in the snow on my porch and did great. So I think it would be!!



  5. Love your ideas!

  6. I love this and totally want to do it. I recently featured you http://decoratingcents.blogspot.com/2011/10/trends-stencils.html. Please come by and take a button.

  7. I love how this turned out! I have 2 rugs in the garage just collecting dust. Now I have something to do with them!

  8. Tanya Anurag says:

    The rug looks great and I liked the design as well.

  9. Robin @ Happily Home, After says:

    That's fantastic … I love how you studied the pattern and figured out how to recreate it without purchasing a stencil.

    I love that pattern too so I'm glad you showed me how to make the pattern! I've planned on painting a pattern on some plain FLOR carpet tiles I have, just couldn't figure out the design. Hope you don't mind but I'm going to borrow your pattern :)

    I'm not sure how soon I'll get my carpet painted but I will post pictures on my blog when done and drop you a note as well.

    Just wanted to let you know I hopped over here from the Home Stories A to Z Tips party and so glad I did.


  10. This turned out gorgeous! Even with the spray painting, it still looks great. I know after I finish a project I'm super picky and see every little flaw, but you seriously cannot tell that the pain bled. FABULOUS!
    Saw you on Tutes and Tips!!

  11. He plays Softball I craft says:

    Love Good Luck Charlie! The parents are hilarious! FYI… Mom is from Will and Grace but had brown hair. Anywho, have you seen the rug that is in the basement? Its made of Jeans!! Totally awesome for a cool, hip basement!

  12. A Sharing Lettuce says:

    Your rug came out great! And I have to tell you, my husband is always making fun of me because I'm OBSESSED with Good Luck Charlie. I love everything about that house. I live in Denver and the show is supposed to be in Denver so that makes me like it even more. Good ol' Disney Channel! {oh and my kid is 5 months old so I really have no excuse for watching the Disney Channel but whatever}

  13. bridget {bake at 350} says:

    I LOVE that rug….you are so talented, Jen!

  14. joanne wardle says:

    great rug!
    we love good luck charlie too. I want to paint my fridge with chalkboard paint!

  15. I'm glad that I'm not the only one watching this show with her children in order to drool over their house!

  16. Milehimama @ Mama Says says:

    What I love about their living room is the throw pillow with fleas on it. It's graphic and so personalized for the family since the dad is in pest control. I just thought it was kind of sweet to have that nod to the dad on the couch!

  17. I have been searching for a rug that I like and we can't find one. Thank you for the great idea! I will be sure to let you know how it goes rolling it on!

  18. Its nice to know I'm not the only one in love with goid luck Charlie! I've been dreaming of that rug and so many other things from that show for so long I just need to figurevout how to make the rug without painting it!

  19. I LOVE Good Luck Charlie! I watch it all the time with my kids! The summer vacation was hilarious!I have a crush for their chalk refrigerator! lol! Is that weird that I thought of you when I saw the rug on the show? :)
    Have a great weekend! Cris

  20. Lina - Fancy Frugal Life says:

    What a great idea!! You sure are great at stencil-ing :) Love the colors!

  21. Em @ Bunch of Scrap says:

    Oh Jen, It is so funny to see so many other adults in love with that show. How sad is it that I tivo it to watch while my two older kids are at school and my youngest is napping… yes, I watch the show by myself! I love their house and the plot is actually pretty intelligent! GREAT job on recreating the rug. I am fascinated with the bug pillows and pictures, they are awesome in a creepy way :)

  22. trophyw.blogspot.com says:

    Love the rug. I used to have a crush on the bar stools from iCarly.

  23. Object of Maya*ffection says:

    I LOVE the Good Luck Charlie house! They have the best stuff in there! I want to try to re-create the denim rug they have in the basement.

  24. The Exchange says:

    Wow! Great job! You're not going to believe this but I created that turquoise almost same key pattern using screen print paint and TAPE!! I did it on canvas fabric and made pillows. I did a tutorial on it and the turquoise key pattern is the 4th picture down. It would look AMAZING done on a rug! You can see it here

  25. FABULOUS!!! Love how it turned out! You are amazing :)

    Missy & Kimi
    if I could…

  26. LuckyStarCreator says:

    i love that show just for all the awesome decorations in the home. i love the jeans rug they have in the basement. and the way teddys bed is on a lifted platform.

  27. Wowza…labor intensive, but totally worth saving thousands of dollars! Fabulous.

  28. Michelle @ Loving Every Second says:

    So cute! That is making me want to make my own . . . Great job!

  29. Michelle L. says:

    Incrediburgable!!! Beautiful work, it looks soooo expensive!

  30. Beverly @ FlamingoToes.com says:

    Jen!! I love it!! This is so sweet – I've been wanting to paint a rug – I didn't realize that they had such reasonable ones at Ikea!!
    The rings are so pretty on yours and the color is perfect!

  31. The Remodeled Life says:

    So, Good Luck Charlie is a secret obsession of mine as well, haha! And, I also have been obsessing over that rug – can't believe it's $5,000. Your rugs looks awesome! Thanks so much for sharing your tutorial!!

  32. Angie@Echoes of Laughter says:

    Oh My Word! What a beautiful project! I love the colour…it's just fabulous! You are such a good role model Jen! You show us how with some imagination and determination, we can have amazing things for our home for a fraction of the price! Have a wonderful weekend! Angie xo

  33. Mrs. Limestone says:

    This is so great.

    In case you didn't know already – you have really fabulous spacial reasoning powers to have done this so beautifully. Thanks for sharing.

  34. WOW Jen–you did a wonderful job on recreating this rug! Love it.

  35. House of Smiths says:

    I LOVE IT! But I can't believe you painted a rug WITHOUT me!! :(
    LOL. jk.
    Miss you!

  36. Heidi@TheCraftMonkey says:

    Brilliant and gorgeous!! And PS, I think your house probably looks better the Charlie house! You have so much fun color in your decor!

  37. Okay, that looks AWESOME!!! The bench and rug looks M.R.E.O. (Made For Each Other, courtesy Sleepless in Seattle). :)

    I love the colors in that show too! I notice it every time I let my girls watch that show. I think I need to transform my drab house… but where to begin?

  38. My mom and I both loooove the Duncan's house too!

    I love all of your ideas!

  39. Majid Ali says:

    Please help me for Christ sake

  40. My daughter LOVES "Good Luck Charlie" and I love your rug. What a fun idea to splash some color into your house. Also, WAY cheaper than $5000!!

  41. YOur not the only one who LOVES Good luck Charlie..I love to watch it and then write downthe things of the decor I adore the jean rug LOVE it…you did a fabulous job with your rug..props to you!


  42. L.O.V.E! This is brilliant!

  43. That is awesome! I would never guess you painted that. I would have thought you bought it that way. Nicely done.

  44. Nike@ChooseToThrive says:

    Wow!! Another amazing transformation Jen! Yours looks incredible and so cheerful. You are the queen of painted rug creations — LOVE!

  45. Karen @ The Quaint Cottage says:

    This is so amazing! I love your ideas.

  46. Mrs. Hutch says:

    Love this rug and I love that you watch Good Luck Charlie, cause I totally watch it too:) The color in that house is awesome!!

  47. Jennifer S. says:

    I am soooo glad to know that I am not the only one obsessed with that show. I love the decor and I love the mom on that show. "Mommas havin a baby child." LOL!!!!
    What a great rug too! You rock!

  48. I love the rug. The blue is such a bright pop of color and I can't even tell there are imperfections.

  49. I used this same IKEA rug for a stenciled rug project of my own. I opted to roll the paint on instead of spray and let me tell you, that wasn't great either! Had to really load up the roller to get the paint down into the ridges of the rug. In retrospect I wish I'd gone with a lighter, more distressed look. Would have saved me lots of paint and time! Here's the rug:

    Love the color and pattern on yours!

  50. That's so funny! My kids watch that show. I absolutely love their refrigerator doors with the chalkboard paint and all the bright colors =o)

    Your rug turned out great!

  51. Megan @ PolishTheStars.com says:

    What a fun project! I am in love with their colorful set too and watch just for decorating ideas. :)

  52. what fantastic decor ideas :)

  53. Jen, it turned out ADORABLE! I am loving those colors!

  54. Jen, this rug is just dreamy! I love the way you made your own one-use stencil–that was brilliant! Would you mind telling me the color of the spray paint you used? I love it!

  55. This looks awesome! I've been wanting to do this for my sunroom. Which rug at Ikea did you get? I have to order them online since I dont have one nearby (pouty face).

  56. I LOVE the yellow and turquoise! So pretty and vibrant!

  57. Your rug looks awesome!!!

  58. Amanda @ Serenity Now says:

    Aren't you a smartie pants with your stencils?! It turned out great…love those bright pops of color!! I am almost positive that Julia from Hooked on Houses did a feature on that TV show home!

  59. guess the secret's out-lots of us love good luck charlie-the mom on that show is so funny-i love their kitchen too! love your rug-you are so creative! i would never have thought to try to make my own!

  60. Jen, that looks great! Time well spent! Have a great weekend, and I'm looking forwarding to the party… hehe… there are ALWAYS soooo many great links!


  61. The Gourmet On A Diet says:

    GREAT job! It seriously looks like the real thing. You inspire me to work harder!

  62. I love your rug! It looks fabulous! I can't imagine spending that kind of money on a rug… I wouldn't let anyone walk on it, that's for sure!

  63. Kari at A Grace Full Life says:

    OMG, I loooooove that show too!! My 11 year old and 3.5 year old watch it so I have gotten sucked in…:)

    My fave is the green stairs and the chalkboard fridge! I actually just painted part of my kitchen wall in chalkboard paint yesterday with that fridge as my inspiration! :)

  64. laxsupermom says:

    Wow! Fantastic job! It looks terrific, and you can't beat that price. Thanks for sharing.

  65. looks great! I have also loved that show for all the COLOR and use of chalkboards in every room! Thought I was the only one who noticed it! :)

  66. What a fantastic job! Very clever idea 😉
    Thanks for the tutorial, I always wanted to try this for my bedroom's son.

  67. This is gorgeous! That is a really creative way to make a stencil. I would love to stencil something (a wall, some fabric) but they're too costly for me right now, so this is a perfect alternative! Thanks for the inspiration!

  68. What a smart way to create a stencil. I love the pop of color that this gives to your outdoor space.

  69. just jayma says:

    I don't know who gets more excited about a new episode, me or the kids! LOL
    Thanks for the tute on the rug, I can't wait to try it!

  70. Kara @ Mine for the Making says:

    LOVE this!!! The colors are great!

    I have a secret obsession with the same show…and icarly…shhhh


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