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Giveaway Monday — $50 to Bohem Unique Gems {handcrafted jewelry}!!

  Happy Monday!
Todays’ giveaway is from one of my favorite sponsor’s —  Bohem Unique Gems
Bohem specializes in unique handcrafted jewelry made from the highest quality semi-precious jewels and sterling silver.
 There are so many beautiful pieces to choose from!
I am in love with their colorful earrings!!

Bohem Unique Gems also has statement pieces like this turquoise necklace, plus beautiful pendants and stand out rings!
Bohem Unique Gems is giving away a $50 credit!! 

Here’s how you can win: 

  • Head over to Bohem. Take a look around. What is The Name of your favorite piece? Let me know in comments. one entry.
  • “Like” the Bohem Facebook page — where you can find out about their new products and sales. one entry.
  • Follow or comment on Britt’s blog BohemBritt. one entry each.
  • Share this giveaway on Twitter, Facebook or on your blog. one entry each.
{Please leave me a comment for each thing you do – so you can get entries for each.}
This giveaway ends Monday, August 8th.


PS Coming up this week: 
A fun and easy gift idea 
Some wonderful craft and decorating tutorials
An announcement 
And more!!!


  1. I love the jade & root emerald gemstone necklace.

  2. I like item #N-T50.9-5.31 with the handmade iridescent stone and silver necklace.

  3. I like the piece N-T50.9-5.31 with the iridescent stone and silver necklace.

  4. I LOVE the Turkish pink silk cuff bracelet accented with onyx and turquoise!!!


  5. Sandryte says:

    I'd love to win Handmade Milk Stone & Silver Pendant Fashion Necklace. It would fit perfectly with the ring I have :)

  6. My favorite pieces were the necklaces. How beautiful! I love the silver and emerald necklace NT56.4.4-5-31 (not sure of the name). And the swirl earrings – so pretty

  7. I liked Boheme of facebook!!

  8. I left a comment on BohemBrit's blog! :)

  9. I'm a new follower of BohemBrit! Thanks! :)

  10. What a fabulous giveaway! My favorite Bohem piece would have to be the handmade pearl bracelet with gold gilding! :)

  11. I love this unique line of jewelry. I went looking at it all and I think my favorite piece was N-T60.01.6-5.31. It is the Jasper and .925 sterling necklace. Love it, especially with a simple black dress :)

  12. sandyandcosmo says:

    I love the Meditation necklace. the colors are beautiful.

  13. Sara Bee says:

    I really like the milk stone pendant. Super pretty.

  14. I liked Britt on her facebook page

  15. the Rose Ring is just beautiful,it would make me feel happy every time I saw it on my finger.

  16. Alyson and Ford says:

    I liked them on Facebook!

    Alyzabeth's Mommy (acmaine on FB)

  17. Alyson and Ford says:

    Love the geometric design necklace – will go with just about everything!
    Thanks for the give-away!

    Alyzabeth's Mommy

  18. I like the Handmade Turquise Necklace w/Delicate Silver flowers

  19. I love the "Rose Ring!" It is gorgeous and would look just lovely on my finger. :)

  20. Mindy1024 says:

    I like the Adventurine Gold Plated Cuff bracelet!

  21. I follow bohem on twitter


  22. i like bohem on fb


  23. I love the E-T49.1.2-5.31 earrings


  24. Following her blog!

  25. Love the turquoise necklace! Thanks for the giveaway!

  26. moonsword says:

    The turquoise necklace N-T51.9-5.31 is my favorite…thanks!

  27. Chellie K says:

    I love the swirly silver ring! I could not find a name for it.
    The jewelry is unique!

  28. Mrs. Jackson says:

    I like the facebook page.

    Love, Hugs, and Ladybugs

  29. Mrs. Jackson says:

    I really like the E-T10.19-3.17
    It is the ancient agate replica earings. Beautiful.

    Love, Hugs, and Ladybugs

  30. staceykt22 says:

    The pearl &onyx earrings are absolutely gorgeous!

  31. I love the green garnet earrings!

  32. The lattice earrings are so pretty!

  33. I liked Bohem on Facebook!

  34. I like the Handmade Astrophyllite & Labrodorit Gemstone & Silver Necklace. (N-T41.9-5.31) Thanks for a chance to win your great giveaway!

  35. The ring # R-T10.5-3.17. But all the jewlery is amazing.

  36. I like Bohem on FB

  37. My fav is the T-58.2.1-5-31 .925 Sterling Silver Cuff Bracelet

  38. I posted on FB.

  39. Shanna @ Queen of the Castle(s) says:

    I tweeted the giveaway on Twitter!

  40. Shanna @ Queen of the Castle(s) says:

    Followed on twitter!

  41. Shanna @ Queen of the Castle(s) says:

    I liked them on facebook!

  42. Aaron, Jen, Cori and Bryson says:

    Onyx, Jasper & Coral gold plated bracelet I LOVE, because I could see several stacked together.

  43. Shanna @ Queen of the Castle(s) says:

    I <3 the B-T58.4.1-5.31 Ancient Replica cuff…SOOOO unique & reminds me of Pompeii & Vesuvius for some reason. LOVE!

  44. Michelle says:

    I love the lattice earrings!

    michellemkeller (at) gmail.com

  45. I started following on FB!

  46. I love the Rose Ring! So pretty! It's rustic and feminine, I would love to have it in my jewelry box.

  47. I couldnt find an official name but I love their earrings that are the Ancient Jewelry replicas made with Agate gemstones and gold!

  48. kittykill says:

    I love the turquoise and tiger eye ring

  49. Tanya Anurag says:
  50. twi-nighter says:

    Luv Luv luv the handcrafted, turquoise necklace on a 28 inch leather chain…did I mention that I LUV it?!? :)

  51. Tanya Anurag says:

    OMG.. I just visited their site!! They have the most beautiful jewelry!! Chic and traditional, both at the same time. Love Sterling Silver Beveled Onyx & Zircon Pendant (N-T-56.4.2-5-31). Just could not get my eyes off it.


  52. I love the rose ring, so elegant and unique!

  53. SharonSiqueiros follows BohemUniqueGems on Twitter


  54. I commented on Britt's blog(and told her TT&J sent me)


  55. I follow Britt's blog GFC follower username MoonRae


  56. Sharon Siqueiros likes Bohem on FB


  57. I love Bohem's,I've had my eye on the Astrophyllite & Labrodotite necklace N-T41.9-5.31
    Thanks for a fab giveaway


  58. Shilo Beedy says:

    I like the Bohem Facebook page as Shilo Beedy

  59. Shilo Beedy says:

    I like the handmade Labrodorit gemstone & Silver Pieces necklace, adjustable double strand

  60. Sue (Someone's Mom) says:

    Beautiful things. My favorite are the curved silver hoops…can't get too many hoop earrings!

  61. I am following Bohem on twitter! @kwalk106

  62. I like Bohem on fb!

  63. I love the malachite stone bracelet!

  64. CrippleHorse says:

    I like them on FB, as Despina Vnt

  65. CrippleHorse says:

    I love the Turkish green silk & beaded earrings 24K gold on oxidized bronze.

  66. The coral bronze hoop earings are stunning! Well… everything is!

  67. Dear Jennifer,

    I love it all.

    Thank you for providing this opportunity.



  68. Cerrisse says:

    I tweeted this giveaway!



  69. Cerrisse says:

    I am following Bohem on twitter.



  70. Cerrisse says:

    I liked Bohem fb page.


  71. Cerrisse says:

    I love the woven ring! so modern and chic.


  72. Beautiful! I LOVE the rose ring–so unique and pretty!

    mdpntemp (at) hotmail (dot) com

  73. bethanndodd says:

    Visited Britt's blog and left a comment! Smiles~Beth

  74. melissamo1 says:

    I really like the handmade milk stone and silver pendant necklace! Such original pieces on this site!

  75. bethanndodd says:

    The woven ring is one of my favs!!! Everything is just beautiful though. Thank you for the chance! Smiles~Beth

  76. I'm a sucker for rings and the sterling silver woven ring makes me so happy! I love it!

  77. Love the Beaded earring set w/24 K gold gilding on oxidized bronze!

  78. Serendipity says:

    I like the B-T2.2-3.17 it's the Turkish silk bracelet full of neutral tones. Very unique. Love it.

  79. the pearl, crystal and ruby ring!!

  80. LOVE the bizzare and creativeness of the Turkish Silk earrings but prolly dress to conservitive to wear them. I choose the Ancient Agate ones.

  81. I really like the handmade labrodorit gemstone & silver necklace!

  82. I'm loving the handmade milkstone pendant necklace!

  83. I love the sterling silver cuff bracelet with clasp!!

  84. I've re-tweeted it @lisaranaesews too!

  85. B-T2.5-3.17 super cute and would match with soo many of my outfits I'd end up wearing it almost everyday!

  86. Casie with an -ie says:

    I love the Green Agate Marcasaite ring!

  87. Following the blog!

  88. Followed on twitter!

  89. Liked on Facebook!

  90. Kelli @ RTSM says:

    I love the Sterling Silver Cuff Bracelet.

  91. Life as Leah says:

    I love the multi-gem silk tapestry necklace!

  92. Wow, what beautiful jewelry. N-T50.18-5.31 The labrodorit gemstone and silver pieces necklace is just adorable. THe n-t-56.4.4-5-31 necklace with the silver emerald and zircon is also so unique and nice. jdgillam at gmail dot com

  93. I like them on facebook!

  94. I Love the lattice earrings!

  95. Jen@thecraftingfiend says:

    I really like the rose ring! I don't have any fun rings and this one just speaks to me

  96. Dana from Our Life's Legacy says:

    I love the black chandelier set earrings. so pretty and classy!

  97. Crystal @ Ordinary Days says:

    I LOVE the Turquoise necklace!! :)

  98. Commented on Britt's blog. :)

  99. I like the T1501.20-4-15 Ancient jewelry replica. Pearl & onyx earring set w/24 K gold gilding on oxidized bronze. Beautiful!

  100. I love the iodized sterling silver and bronze jewelry set with zirconia and ruby rhinestones

  101. I'm following Britt on Twitter

  102. I would choose the Turquoise and Tigers Eye Gold plated on brass ring and give it to my mom for Christmas. It's never too early to start Christmas shopping is it? :-) Thanks for the opportunity!

  103. I love the Art Deco Set. The green stone in the ring is beautiful!

  104. I commented on the Bohem Britt blog!

  105. I love the jade & root emerald gemstone necklace. Simple but snazzy!

  106. rosewendy says:

    The ring 'Handmade Turquoise & Tiger's Eye Gold Plated on Brass' is fabulous. Big, bright and bold.