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10 Favorite Fall & Halloween Tutorials {plus a little something for you}

 10 Favorite Fall & Halloween Projects and Tutorials
Tomorrow is September and, in my mind, the beginning of Fall. 
And since I’m such a Halloween Freak — I am excited for Halloween!! 
The other day the new Better Homes and Gardens Holiday Crafts Magazine came in the mail — and I was excited and honored to have my {Creepy} Specimen Art included in this issue.  
So fun!! 
This issue has a many fun Halloween ideas PLUS 78 Winter Holiday projects — including ornaments, wreaths, pillows and stockings!!
And all the info on how to make the projects, including patterns for many. 
So, in the spirit of Fall and Halloween, here are 10 of my past Fall and Halloween projects to get you in the Autumn mood: 

I’m so excited for Cooler Weather, Wearing Boots and Soup in the Crock Pot!
I have a copy of Holiday Crafts for one of YOU! 
**To enter — all you need to do is leave a comment with what YOU love most about Fall! 
Have a Wonderful Day!! 
PS — I will be sharing my first Halloween Project tomorrow over at the Halloween Spooktacular at eighteen25. It’s going to be fun!!!


  1. Ginger Pelfrey says:

    I live in Winchester, VA part of the Shenandoah Valley. In the fall when the leaves change it is the most beautiful site you have every seen.My favorite time of the year!!!

  2. pumpkin bread, pumpkin cookies, pumpkin cupcakes.. etc etc etc :O)

  3. I love soup, fires in the fireplace, and good books.

  4. the best season of the year… football season :)

  5. My favorite part of fall is going to the fair!

  6. My name is Nan, says:

    I love the perfect temp. of the weather and visiting all the apple orchards. I love the fall colors and having nighlty fires outside.
    webbeach(at) gmil (dot)com

  7. My favourite thing about fall is walking through big piles of leaves – I love the crunchy sound.

  8. alanaransley says:

    I love everything about Fall: the cooler weather, football games, eating heartier foods, pulling out sweaters, and especially Halloween. I love Fall colors, and decorating the house for the season.

  9. The Pumpkin flavored food!!!

  10. I love the fall colors, smells, decor and warmer clothes. Having the kiddos back in school isn't too bad either! :)

  11. Lisa Russell says:

    I must say, living in Florida, the best thing about Fall is the cooler weather it brings here!!

  12. I love everything about fall….pumpkins, apples, cool weather, leaves…


  13. Five of US says:

    I started pulling out my fall/Halloween decorations on the 31st, but people keep telling me I'm crazy for doing it that early. Thankfully, we're both crazy. {: My favorite part of fall is the decorating. It's fun and gorgeous and makes our home seem so cozy.

  14. Alyssa Jeffers says:

    I love going to our local pumpkin farm/apple orchard!!

  15. Rebecca Jane says:

    What's not to love about fall? Why isn't September the beginning of the year? The smell of new pencils, getting a new school outfit, not to mention Hallowe'en. In Cathedral Grove, British Columbia, pumpkins line the highway for miles. It's the best way to welcome in the season. LOVE the bat specimens.

  16. I love sweaters and boots, soup and blankets… walking outside to beautiful trees changing colors… sigh. All of it, please hurry and arrive fall. Enough of these 101 degree days.

  17. Everything! Leaves changing color, the smell to the air, crisp mornings, pumpkins, sweaters, jeans, gourds, and my girl's birthday!

  18. These are some great halloween ideas! This Fall, I'm looking foward to crunchy leaves on the ground and bonfires!

  19. I have to admit, my favorite thing about fall is that it means that winter is just around the corner!

  20. Breaking Free From Old Ways says:

    I love when the trees change…it is so pretty

  21. This Mom's Happy Life says:

    I love the amazing weather, the fall festivals and Halloween!

  22. SheLovesToCraft says:

    I live near San Francisco, so I am lucky to have really mild autumns. For that reason, autumn is my favorite season. It's just so beautiful here, and yes, the leaves do change color.
    Also, how could we forget Halloween?!? Definitely my favorite holiday ever. I get to dress up and all the craft stores are full of awesome supplies that are impossible to find any other part of the year. Also, I totally drool all over all the Halloween crafty magazines.
    I love autumn!

  23. I love EVERYTHING about fall, so it is so hard to choose! I few of my favorites are Clemson football, pumpkin bread, apple cider, and Halloween!!

  24. favorite thing about fall is cooler weather and pumpkins and fall smelling candles!

  25. Melinda AKA medialady says:

    My favorite thing about fall is all the wonderful smells that are associated and the cooler weather!

  26. The Williams Family says:

    Fall is one of my favorite times of the year. The leaves change colors and it starts to cool down. I also feel that fall is the beginning to some of the best holidays.

  27. stacyharvey says:

    Fall is my favorite time of year! I love the weather and the colors of fall!

  28. mominthemiddle says:

    I love the smell of fall, the leaves and the coolness, but my favorite thing is that Thanksgiving is coming up. I had a very scary and life chaninglearning experience one year on Nov 1st, 2007 that made me truly understand how to be thankful. I keep that feeling with me all year but Thanksgiving has now become more than just "Yeah, I'm thankful" to being able to truly know what I'm thankful for :)

  29. I love fall. I love the cooler weather, the beautiful colors of the trees, and just the all around coziness that sets in. My favorite holidays are here so I'm excited to start "falling up" my home! Thanks for the chance to win. I love your blog and the way you always inspire me. Please keep up the great work!

  30. I love all the gorgeous colors that the trees turn. :)

  31. Melissa Hatch says:

    I love the cooler weather, hoodies, beautiful trees, campfires, football, chili in the crockpot, and family time!

  32. Savannah O'Gwynn says:

    I LOOOOOOOOVE how there is a change with the sun and the wind. It's gorgeous–the colors of the world are so fun!!!! Thanks so much for the chance to win:) SUPER cute ideas!!!! sbmmhoover at yahoo dot com

  33. Pink Stitches says:

    I love the crispness in the air and all the fall smells: cinnamon, pumpkin, apple… It's my favorite season!

  34. Papi and Wee Granny says:

    Getting to use our gas logs again, and having hot chocolate!

  35. I love sunny days and sweater evenings. I love the colors and the smells of Autumn. I love the crock pot dinners and fall harvests! My favorite time of year!

  36. I love wearing layers of clothing. And like you, I love decorating for Halloween. I'm trying to figure out what I want to do this year. I did buy some new vintage reproduction decorations I'm excited to use.
    Happy Haunting Jen!

  37. Its not just one thing, it's everything combined that makes fall a favorite season for me. The leaves changing, sweater weather and apples are just a few. For some reason the air always smells cleaner to me.


  38. Fall is my favorite season & it's got my favorite holiday – Halloween!

  39. I love the crisp weather of fall…well i would if fall was here in Central California…I will love it when it arrives!

  40. I love warm colors, cooler days, and comfort foods.

  41. sippycuptrails says:

    I love the smell of apples and cinnamon!!!!

  42. I love Halloween, Its my birthday!

  43. The Junk-It Folk says:

    I love all the gorgeous colors Mother Nature brings us in the Fall! Love your blog! Thanks for the give away!

  44. Martina's Moments says:

    I love the smells of autumn like apple pies baking and the change in the way the air smells – you can tell it's Fall! I love the colors of the changing leaves and feel of soft, warm sweaters to take the chill off on a cool fall night. I also LOVE decorating for this season of the year. So much fun!

  45. I love UT (TN that is) football! Go Vols!

  46. I love EVERYTHING about fall… smells, colors, tastes!

  47. herlittlefeet says:

    Just like everyone else, I love the fall colors. My husband and I try to take a "leaf ride" every weekend. I also LOVE Halloween!! I would love to win!! Thanks for the giveaway! Jayne

  48. Fall is by far my favorite season! I love the colors, the smells, pumpkin patches with the kids, trick or treating, decorating the house in fall decor, I could go on and on.

  49. Oh, sorry, forgot about my fav fall thing…LOL anyway, love the pumpkins, fall colors, Halloween, Thanksgiving, Christmas, well from this point on till the end of the year is my favorite time of the year, fun activities, fun family time and reason to celebrate with friends and family!!

  50. Just "found" your blog a few days ago and I cannot get enough!!! LOVE IT!! So inspired that I went to Michaels today to get some stuff for some fall craft projects and some new Martha Paint & Stencils!! Anyway, thanks for the inspiration!! Would love a copy of the magazine so I can have more crafts to do!!! Thank you so much!!

  51. The Baldwin's says:

    My favorite thing about fall is cooking with pumpkin! I love all things pumpkin! The best are pumpkin chocolate chip shakes :)

  52. I LOVE halloween, my son was born on halloween and it's so much fun! i also love the color orange and all the crisp weather, soups…leaves…it's definitely my favorite season! and the mag sounds awesome!

  53. i love EVERYTHING about fall!! colors, food, halloween, thanksgiving, big family dinners, decorations, crafts, fall birthdays and our anniversary!! fall is my absolute favorite time of year!!

  54. My favorite thing about fall is definitely Halloween-it's my favorite holiday!

  55. I love fall! I love the changing colors of the leaves, the cooler weather, boots & scarfs, Halloween, and of course all the baking I get to do for Halloween.

  56. Lotte Lu and Brother Too says:

    I LOVE all your fall projects, I hope I have some time to get a few done!

    My FAVORITE part about fall is lighting cinnamon apple candles and wearing hoodies! And my favorite part that I am trying to give up are those amazingly delicious and caloric pumpkin candy corn…I can't resist them.

    Congrats on your specimen art gracing the pages of one of my favorite magazines!

  57. I love the feeling of the crisp air and the coziness that fall brings!

  58. megawatt miler says:

    I love the weather, football, and of course Halloween!

  59. I love taking the family to all the fall festivals we have in our area.

  60. What I love most about fall is visiting a Cider Mill and having fresh cider and warm, freshly made donuts. Yum!

  61. I LOVE all the beautiful colors…and a FALL edition better homes and garden craft magazine!

  62. I love the cooler weather and riding in the combine.

    luv2teachkids99 (at) yahoo (dot) com

  63. The Daily Smash says:

    So cute love the ideas and love your blog

    Check out my food blog

  64. My son says jumping in the leaves is his favorite thing, lol. For me, it's the cooler weather and being able to play outside with him. (The GA is too much for us in the summer!) But I love EVERYTHING about fall, I really do!!

  65. I Love this post so much that I had to come back and look at it again, bookmark it and tell you thanks for sharing this!!!

  66. nest of posies says:

    oh jen! i wish we could set up some chips & dip & craft the day away surrounded by oranges, aquas, browns & mustard yellows! that would be so fun.

    this post is so exciting to read & make me happy too.

    congrats on your bat projects being featured! so fun.


  67. i have just recently figured out how much i love fall. and i really do. i would always falter when asked my favorite season, (perhaps because i am from Florida wherein the seasons are hot&humid and hotter&morehumid) but after moving i adore it. changing of the leaves, hearing them crunch as i walk the dogs, planning our yearly halloween party for the kids, everything. the smells, the tastes.

    i would truly like to win

  68. I love so many things about fall; the weather, the colors, baking pumpkin apple bread for our friends and family, cazying up with the sweetie on the back porch under a quilt. Good stuff.

  69. Fall is not my favorite season, I am a summer girl all the way. That said, I absolutely ADORE Halloween. Even more so now that DD gets excited about it too. This year we are going to Disney and she is going to ger her costume done at the Bibbidy Boppity Boutique. Otherwise, I'd make it for her. Nothing beats cute kids in cute costumes!

  70. I too love the crisp fall air, planning for Halloween, cozy nights at home, Chili and soup for dinner, apples-Oh my Honey Crisp How do I love the?, and the anticipation of the Holidays.

  71. I love hearty soups for dinner when the weather gets cool.

  72. I love the cool crisp air and cool evening nights.

  73. Mrs. Prince says:

    well.. this year im so excited to celebrate our 1 year wedding anniversary :) but i love "back to school" and football games and hot coco!

    I'm so excited to see your fall things!


  74. I am looking forward to some chili and scones!!!

  75. Mindy1024 says:

    I LOVE Halloween! It is my favorite holiday! I love all the cute ghosts, bats, and pumpkins. I may or may not have just spent a small fortune on cute Halloween decor from Bath and Body Works *smile*

  76. I love the cooler weather and the colors of the leaves.

  77. Siuan @ Snowbound says:

    I love crisp cool air in the fall! So refreshing!

  78. I love crunching leaves and watching my kids play soccer while bundled from the sideline!

  79. The Remodeled Life says:

    I love so many things about the fall – the weather, the changing colors, baseball playoffs (married to a major baseball fan) and it's the start of the holiday season! I love your project btw!

  80. I just love the change in the weather and the opportunity to wear sweaters again.

  81. It would be easier to say what I didn't like about fall. Nothing! Love the colors, the cooler temps, football, the food, the festivities of the holidays – everything!

  82. Jen-CraftOManiac says:

    I LOVE LOVE your Halloween IDEAS. DID I say LOVE. i LOVE that you are letting me guest post a Hallow. project. SO THRILLED. I totally hear you on the cooler weather, boots, and crock pot meals. LOVE YOU TONS. winks-jen

  83. Nicole Maki says:

    I love tall boots, corduroy skirts, tights and sweaters. Plus the food is amazing and the spices are pure joy.

    Fall is my favorite season by a mile.

  84. Leah Claire says:

    I love how the air feels crisp and the leaves crunch under your feet. Now that I live in TX, fall still seems very, very far away (hello 105 degrees), but I still hope! leahclaireh(at)gmail(dot)com

  85. My favorite part of fall is the crisp air, the colors, sweaters, and coming home at the end of the day to a warm bowl of soup.

  86. Nancycm10 says:

    My favorite thing about Fall is our town's annual "Harvest Festival". There is an amazingly huge yard sale, great food and craft vendors and live entertainment from some of the local kids. It is such a quaint, old-fashioned type festival..I just love it!

  87. My favorite part of fall is the trees changing colors and really all the colors of fall. Also in my neck of the woods fall is fair time and I can't think of anywhere else I would rather go.

  88. Lesa Pollock says:

    My favorite smell is my home grown stewed tomatoes cooking down before I bottle/can them!

  89. juliemadtx says:

    I love the warm colors and the yummy smells. As a redhead, my favorite colors are orange, brown, gold, olive, warm red. I also love smelling cinnamon, pumpkin, apples. Ahhhh!!!

  90. What I love most about fall is crisp morning air!

  91. annemarie says:

    I love the fall leaves and pumpkins!

  92. Watching my kids jump in piles of leaves, the decorations, the smells.

  93. Terri Olzack says:

    I love the smell of the cool air, and that its the season of soup! I also love layering clothes and wearing boots!

  94. I love that I will be celebrating my first wedding anniversary with my wonderful husband this fall! <3

  95. Barry and Rena says:

    Crunching leaves!

  96. What I love most about fall is the wonderful breeze and beautiful colors.

  97. I love that when it cools off I get to snuggle with my hubby under a blanket on the porch swing!

  98. I love playing outside without melting from the heat :)

  99. Kelli Baker says:

    I love the smell of fall. Candles, leaves, etc.

  100. Fall…my favorite season for so many reasons: pumpkins, smell of spice and tried leaves, better weather to spend time outdoors and Halloween!

  101. MomtoKate says:

    I love Fall!!I think it is my favorite season by far. From Halloween, to cooler days and crisp mornings, spiced cider, all the arts and crafts fairs, football and just getting back into a routine!

  102. Fall means slightly cooler weather here in SD but it reminds me of my mom, who loves fall. And baking… I'm so ready to get back into baking!

  103. Debbie Clifton says:

    Fall in Az means we are finally done with our HOT HOT days but we are a desert so no changing colors here just changing of the license plate colors as we luv to call it aka snowbird season. If we are lucky by end of Sept we can have our doors and windows open again and we have cooler days and nite but still warm days sometimes all the way to Halloween. But that does'nt stop us from enjoying the season AZ style

  104. I still haven't come upon someone who is as obsessed with Halloween as I am… but now that I am in blogland I think I can share my love with others :) I LOVE spooky crafts, fun food, and anything pumpkin flavored!

    Coley @

  105. Kelly Sellers says:

    I love the smell of cinnamon throughout the house, warm meals, & changing leaves on the trees. Even better is sitting in the hot tub and watching your body steam while it's cold outside. Wonderful time of year and I'm definitely looking forward to it!

  106. Kassi @ Truly Lovely says:

    I love Pumpkin flavored treats! I wait all year for the Pumpkin Spice lattes at Starbucks! Then it's pumpkin bread, pumpkin cheesecake… Yumm!!!

  107. Binge Crafter says:

    I love EVERYTHING about fall, it's definitely my favorite season. But just like you, I'm so excited about Halloween and plan to do lots of great projects like yours on my blog to celebrate. Congrats on your feature in BH&G!

  108. Binge Crafter says:

    I love EVERYTHING about fall, it's definitely my favorite season. But just like you, I'm so excited about Halloween and plan to do lots of great projects like yours on my blog to celebrate. Congrats on your feature in BH&G!

  109. Binge Crafter says:

    I love EVERYTHING about fall, it's definitely my favorite season. But just like you, I'm so excited about Halloween and plan to do lots of great projects like yours on my blog to celebrate. Congrats on your feature in BH&G!

  110. All Things Beautiful says:

    There are so many things I love about fall. I love the scents of fall and Yankee Candle's fall line of candles are always so yummy. I love the colors, pumpkins and pumpkin pies. I love the feel the season brings with the the transition from busy summer to cuddling winters. It love the traditions of family gatherings around great food and games.
    And yes, I am already burning my Harvest Yankee Candle.

  111. I love Fall colors and visiting the pumpkin patch. But I think what I love most is dressing up my littles in their Halloween costumes.

  112. I definitely love the COOLER weather – it's hot here in TX.

    And I love crock-pot meals!!!

  113. Lindsay @ Diary of a Crafty Lady says:

    My favorite thing about fall – that is so tough! I love our tradition of apple picking – and then the smell of apple pie and apple cider. Halloween is my favorite holiday too though:)
    Thanks for the giveaway!

  114. Flipfloppingmamma says:

    Fall craft fairs!! I love the smell of kettle corn cooking outside and the cinnamon almonds inside. All cozy in long sleeve t's and jeans walking around looking at all the wonderful craft items. :) Can't wait!!

  115. {Erlinda} says:

    I LOVE fall sweaters, baking pumpkin bread, and sipping on pumpkin lattes to keep warm from the crispness.

  116. I just LOVE Halloween. I love decorating and getting into the spooky mood… My kids now love it too. They're sad to be starting back to school, but know that Halloween is just around the corner!

  117. I love fall! It's the best time of year in my opinion! That's why I made sure when I planned my wedding last year that I got married in October. It's my favorite month the weather is cool and not to hot and all the fall foliage is absolutely breath taking. I love all of these tutorials and plan on doing a lot of them with my son who is 5 he loves fall and Halloween just as much as his mommy does.

  118. I love, love, LOVE Halloween! I make costumes, I wear costumes, I love looking at costumes!!!

  119. Kathy of KZ Embroidery says:

    My fav thing about fall is the weather, well it used to be when I lived in Arizona! hehehe. Now that I am in Wisconsin…. I'll have to rethink that one!
    Decorating is fun too!

  120. It's hard to pick one thing I love about fall….but it's the feeling of comfort. The warm soups, the weather, the colors, apples and pumpkins! I love it all! It's my favorite time of year!

  121. the W* family says:

    Cooler weather, the smell in the air, and my favorite holiday (Halloween!).

  122. Andie Pandie says:

    For me, fall means canning green chili, picking pomegranates off of trees and making it into yummy jelly. It means school is almost halfway over for the semester for a break and it means cooler weather!! It also means cute decorations!!! :)

  123. D'On Marx says:

    I bought the magazine a month or so ago and wondered if you even knew. I thought "hey, I follow this blog. I recognize her work". LOL. That's super fabulous!

  124. Michelle Paige says:

    Fall! What's not to love…the colorful leaves, the crisp air, the pumpkins,the yummy apple cider, the exitement of Halloween AND my birthday!!

  125. Mmmm…love the crisp feel of a fall morning, and the changing colors. Halloween is my daughter's birthday, so by far my favorite holiday to decorate and get ready for.

  126. What is there not to love, the leaves, the weather, the smells, the pumpkins, it is so amazing!

  127. To me Fall is so many things…cooler weather, pumpkins, family parties (most of the bday's are in September and October), fun decorations and Hot Apple Cider from Starbucks and a nice warm sweater.
    This year it also means structure and kept schedules with the start of school. Don't get me wrong I LOVE summer, but with the late nights and craziness of summer I am ready for things to settle into a schedule again.

  128. I love, love, love everything about fall. The colors, crisp, cool air, pumpkins (in decor and food) and the holidays.

  129. Elizabeth L in Apex, NC says:

    I love the cooler weather and the clear blue skies – it seems like all things are possible!

  130. So cliche, but I love when the trees start changing colors…sometimes there are more shades of orange, yellow and red than I knew existed.

  131. Justins Mommy says:

    i love caramel apple spice from starbucks when it starts to get chilly. :) yumm

  132. The cooler weather, and that I can wear long-sleeved shirts and warm clothes! And the beautiful fall colors!

  133. I adore the deep, rich colors of Fall. It's definitely my favorite time of year.

  134. Country Mouse says:

    I love the colors and smells of fall!!! Fresh, crisp air…baking pies, cinnamon candles, etc. And the colors are just beautiful: oranges, browns, burgundy! Oh what a wonderful time of the year, and a welcome blessing after our HOT, Texas summer!!! Thanks for the chance to win!

  135. Laura and Kelly Allen says:

    I am a super duper Halloween junkie. Is it too early to start decorating now? It's by far, my favorite part of Fall.

  136. Well, here in AZ I love the cooler weather that will be coming in the Fall. Also, love to see my husband and son excited when watching football and how my kids are excited about dressing up for Halloween. 3lipps@cox.net

  137. The food, the smells, the colors, and pumpkin!! We just moved away from the "seasons" and I am really going to miss this time of year back home!!

  138. I love anything and everything pumpkin flavored and scented :)

  139. FWoodward says:

    The cooler weather for sure – enough with the 114 already! And I just love the excitement and anticipation in the air. I LOOOOVE fall!

  140. Mel_Zeiger says:

    I love the leaves, anything and everything pumpkin and the start of a new season of hockey :)

  141. MamaMonki says:

    I love the smell of the leaves in the air and crunching through them as we walk.

  142. Sarah and Jeremy says:

    i love wearing sweaters and layers! little boys look so cute in sweaters!!!

    sarah.k.young at comcast dot net

  143. Huggs and Kisses xo says:

    WOW…first off congrats for being featured in BH&G magazine. That's exciting!! What I love about Fall is Halloween, the crisp air, the beautiful fall colors, fall festivals, eating chili and soups while watching football!!

  144. Watt-Hayes Family says:

    I love the corn fields and pumpkin patches! Its also my sons birthday in the fall,… and our soon to be wedding date in 3 weeks to kick off the fall!

  145. Lisa Clarke says:

    I love the fall season because our youngest boy is a football player and it is so exciting to sit in the stands with hot chocolate and cheer him and the team on! I love the fall colors, halloween and my birthday is in Sept! That helps!

  146. The Nilsson's says:

    I love the leaves changing color

  147. I love the fall season b/c it finally starts to cool down and I love soup, and desserts with apples, yumm!

  148. Jayna Rae says:

    There is this smell in the moist Fall evening air that holds so many memories for me. I love it. It is cool, crisp, and clean. It is like the sloughing off of something old for a new start. For me Fall is the second new start of the year.

  149. Tropical Baby says:

    I love everything about fall. The crisp weather, the leaves on the ground, the giant "crab" spiders as we call them (NOT!! those are my least favorite in the fall). BUT my favorite time of fall is HALLOWEEN. I own about 30 costumes and shop in january for my daughters Halloween costume!

  150. I just love all of your projects. Such great inspiration :) My favorite thing about fall is the colors. Whether you're outdoors or inside, you can always tell it's Fall by the colors. Congrats on your project in the magazine!!

  151. It is just too hard to choose one reason why I love Fall. Football, soup, chili, boots & scarves, pumpkin patches, my birthday, my daughter's birthday, and of course….Halloween!!

  152. Halloween is my favorite holiday, I love everything about it! This year I have a baby to look forward to in October, so that might be my favorite thing this year.

  153. bethanndodd says:

    I love being able to layer clothes, going to the pumpkin patch and watching my boys play football! Smiles~Beth

  154. Love going to the local pumpkin patch with my boys, decorating the house whether for Halloween or Thanksgiving, and the changing of the leaves!

  155. Both of my two oldest childrens birthdays are in the Fall. Fall reminds me of birthday parties Halloween family and everything fun.

  156. Smooshiepie says:

    Baking pumpkin chocolate chip cookies with the kids and picking apples together. Love you, Fall!

  157. Brent & Jennie says:

    the colors of fall, cooler weather, & football

  158. Laura@Corner House says:

    I love taking a walk in the fall. i love the cool air and I love taking the kids to walk around Gardner Village to see the witches.

  159. Katie Johnson says:

    I love light scarves, jackets, jumping in leaves, playing in the crisp air, I love it all!! I can't wait for fall!!!

  160. I love the cooler weather, the changing of the leaves, the colors of fall, the crisp feel of the air and the crunch of leaves under foot.

  161. Jordan and Danny says:

    I love all things Fall, but my absolute favorite thing is a pumpkin shake from Arctic Circle. Sooooo good!

  162. I have always loved the leafs changing colors. So beautiful! Now that I live in a state where air conditioning isn't mandatory. I am so looking forward to the cooler weather. My house gets HOT by the end of the day and I can't tell you the last time I cooked dinner in my oven!

  163. Kelli @ RTSM says:

    Jen you always come up with the best holiday themed crafts! I love all your fun fall wreaths. The thing I love about fall is the nice cool air and lower humidity!

  164. Elizabeth says:

    Pumpkin Spice Latte at Starbucks!!!

  165. I love the cooler temps and the beautiful Fall colors!

  166. The Smith Family says:

    I love the cool, crisp air that comes with fall…we have a lot of heat and humidity in North Florida, so fall is a much welcome break from all that. :)


  167. Fall is by far my favorite!! I love to wear sweaters and boots in rich, beautiful colors. But I love that my birthday, along with my son's, is in the fall!

  168. Karie @ The HoB says:

    I love the rich colors of all. Though this year I would just be happy with highs in the 90s instead of 100s!!

  169. Love the smells of Fall. The colors of the leaves and being able have the windows open to blow the summer stink out of the house LOL. I am a big pumpkin eater so Fall also means I can freely have pumpkin pie, pumpkin cookies, pumpkin muffins etc. without people thinking I am a freak :) Love your blog. You are an inspiration to me! Thank you :)

  170. Jaime Lyn at Crafty Scrappy Happy says:

    I love the decorating part of fall but my true fall love is football :o)
    Jaime from Crafty Scrappy Happy

  171. Addicted to Crafting says:

    I love the fall decorations and soft sweaters and boots we all jump in to :)

  172. I love the trips to the pumpkin patch, oh, and caramel apples!

  173. June@I will craft says:

    I love the crisp air and cool nights of fall along with the smell of burning leaves – for some reason I like that smell.

  174. I love the cool weather of fall.


  175. Andrea Shupe says:

    For me, I love the focus inward on our homes. We get cozy, spend more time at home, decorate, bake, celebrate, things that aren't as much of our focus in the summer. Love that!

  176. I don't think there is just one thing I love most about fall. I love the crisp air, boots, the colors, the smells, and I really love hearing the crows… I know that sounds odd, but it makes it feel like Halloween to me.

  177. Stephanne says:

    I love the colors… and the smell of homemade apple pie!!

    P.S. I love those ruffled pumpkins–what a great idea!

  178. Diana and Steven says:

    I love Halloween! I started plotting costume ideas back in March! I love the pumpkin hunting, fallen leaves, the decorations, & scary movies!

  179. I LOVE Halloween!

  180. Sarah Reeter says:

    I love absolutely everything about fall…the cool crisp air, the vibrant color of the foliage, the smells, the food….I could go on and on!!

  181. I love all your fun Halloween projects. Congratulations on being in Better Homes and Gardens. You're awesome.

  182. I also liked Cozi on FB!!

  183. I love the smells, crunching through dried leaves, sweaters, and hot chocolate!

  184. I love the crisp feel of the air. Wearing sweaters, changing of the leaves, the smell of pumpkin spice candles, my birthday, having a bowl of thick chowder and a cup of hot cocoa-in short, EVERYTHING!


  185. littlekahootz says:

    My absolute favorite part of fall is the changing of the leaves…so many colors that I love. I'm sad that in only lasts about a week in california. It's the thing I miss most about living in the midwest.

  186. B and Bs Mama says:

    Oh, I love Fall. I love all of the changing colors in the trees, warm wool sweaters and boots and hot cider. Autumn is the year's last, loveliest smile! XOXO Laura

  187. Sisterino says:

    I think my favorite thing about fall is the weather that it brings. I love the cool, crisp air and the crunchy leaves!

  188. Fall is definitely one my favorite season! I love the changing leaves, fall clothes, and stews! Yum!! Decorating for the fall is my all time favorite, though! I actually saw your Halloween wreath last year and made my own! Love it and can't wait to pull it out of Halloween storage =)

  189. Gingersnaps says:

    Fall is one of my most favorite times of the year! I am crazy (I blame my MOm) about decor for Halloween! My Mom's birthday is the 14th of Sept., so we always put ours out before that! Our neighbors think we are nuts! We love it!

  190. I love walking in crunchy leaves, making soup, and having one more fire in the backyard fire pit to roast marshmallows before the snow flies.

  191. LuckyStarCreator says:

    my favorite is all the food, soups, stews, chili and cornbread…..YUM. oh yeah, and pumpkin pie!!!

  192. I love Halloween and the cooler weather! I also love all your Fall ideas! Ca-ute! :)

  193. Fall has always been my favorite – Ilove watching the leaves change and the fall food is the best!

  194. anislandlife says:

    I love fall hikes in the woods with my kids!!

  195. Congrats on your feature!! I love fall but probably the best thing is the smells: apple pie baking, fall candles (autumn wreath by Yankee), the outside smell which screams fall!!

  196. Stephanie says:

    I love the smells of fall!! AND my kids running through our pumpkin patch trying to find the best Jack-O-Lantern pumpkin!!

  197. Carrie L Wynder says:

    I love the color of the leaves. I also love cooler weather since I live in a very humid place in the summer.

  198. Everything pumpkin. (The color, muffins, lattes, spicy candles… )

    Mmm. Thanks for the giveaway! :-)

  199. Sourkraut says:

    I am such a huge fan of the season that it's impossible to pick just one thing! I will say that Halloween is my favorite holiday so the abundance of Halloween crafts on all the blogs I follow is something I'm looking forward to the most.

  200. Fall is my favorite season. I love the colorful leaves, the way the light seems more golden, baking with apples & pumpkins.

    But most of all… living in the South… I love the cooler temps. They are such a relief after our long, hot Summers.

  201. I love everything about fall!! Pumpkin Spice Lattes from Starbucks, cool weather (it has been HOT in Texas this summer!), wearing boots and sweaters, football…the list goes on and on!

  202. I love the changing of the leaves, sweaters, boots and soups YUM!

  203. I LOVE fall… do I have to pick just one reason tho!? :O) Apple picking, pumpkin seeds, hay mazes and PUMPKIN COOKIES!!!


  204. I LOVE all the colors and the cooler weather, but most of all the fun holidays lined up!

  205. I adore fall ! the cooler weather which for us is still in the 80's lol the taste of apple cider , apple pies, cool mornings, the smell of cooking pumpkin …. love your blog it inspires me everytime I come to visit it :)

  206. Leigh-Funkyfaithgirl says:

    I love sweaters, my fav boots and all of the yummy baking!

  207. Amanda @ Serenity Now says:

    You have so many amazing and inspiring crafts! My favorite thing about Fall is of course wearing my boots…but also taking my girls to the pumpkin patch. :)

  208. I love fall because of all the activities. Halloween, apple picking, pumpkins. Plus, its the start of the big holiday season. Just really wish after it was over it would turn to spring instead of winter :/

  209. I love Everything about Fall! The warm clothes, the soups and stews, the colors on the trees, everything!

  210. I love the cool Autumn air, the leaves falling and that feeling you get that the holidays are coming. Not to mention fall is my birthday season. LOL

  211. What is there NOT to love about fall? The food, the smells, the colours, the clothes, the crisp cool air! Fall is the best season! I just wish it lasted a little longer around here!

  212. Fall is my favorite season! I love to decorate with fall colors, eat everything pumpkin and wear sweaters!

  213. jenny091501 says:

    i love everything…..soup, colors, apple picking, pumpkins.

  214. hiyall,
    I love, love, love the fall. my birthday is in Oct a week before halloween (which is my favorite holiday). the cooler temps, fall leaves, outdoor festivals and so much more. after the swampfires, earthquake and hurrincanes, I am soooooo ready for fall! (mauh) Liz

  215. I love fall! I love the leaves changing colors and watching the kids play in them.

  216. The Sweet Lime says:

    I'm in Florida, so no break from the heat but the sounds of fall are what make me excited…

    Cheers for Football teams! And the happy sounds of Tailgating! And the sizzle of onions in my heavy enameled cookware that has been sitting in the cabinet all summer…

  217. FrouFrouBritches says:

    Fal is my favorite season. The temperature is perfect. The turning colors are beautiful. Fall food is so yummy – hello chili and homemade soup! MMM! And Pumpkin Spice and Fall Harvest Yankee Candles are my FAVE!

  218. My favorite thing about fall is usually the scents and new foods we can eat. But this year, my favorite thing about fall is welcoming a NEW BABY!!! Woo hoo!

  219. Nessa the Procrastinator says:

    My favorite part of fall is being able to bust out my pumpkin spice candles. They look and smell too weird during summer. :)

  220. Fall…. I love a break from this crazy summer Texas weather! & the kids all get back to school so I can tackle my projects!

  221. Something about Stacey says:

    All my kids are born in the fall and camping in the cooler weather is an irreplaceable tradition.

  222. I like fall because I can turn off the A/C and start opening the windows.

  223. I love fall because it is the start of decorating season… Halloween, Thanksgiving and then Christmas! I love decorating our home for each holiday.

  224. Fall = Pumpkin Galore! I adore anything and everything pumpkin. Plus the crispy air. Plus the sweaters and leaves falling. My favorite season for sure! MIKI

  225. congratulations! that is so exciting!! i love watching the kids play in the leaves and the cooler weather

  226. The #1 thing I love about Fall is SWEATSHIRT weather…LOVE my sweatshirts and being nice and cozy in them!!!


  227. I love the clothes, the colors, the smells, and hot apple cider! Wish it was starting today!

  228. Melissa, SoChick! says:

    Fantabulous!! I've yet to see the BHG Craft Magazine!? How do I get my hands on a copy? I have been a BHG subscriber for years and years but have never ever seen this magazine!!! Ahhh! Majorly missing out!

    P.S. I'm a Halloween freak, too. Glad to know I'm in good company!

  229. PinkPowerRangerMom says:

    Love the cooler temps and that it is the start of so many fun things. And, that it is the beginning of the comfort season—soups, chili, pie—-yum!

  230. I love the cool, crisp air, the warm colors, the family gatherings, and wearing sweaters. :) LOVE your pics for favorite Fall projects!

  231. Jasey @ Jasey's Crazy Daisy says:

    Fall Baking… cobblers and pumpkin!!!

  232. Jensamom23 says:

    The best thing about fall is being rid of 100+ temps, hands down! I become much less grouchy. Thanks for the chance to win and congrats on being featured.

  233. MomofBoys says:

    Fall is my favorite time of year!!! I love the colors, the temperatures, football, Halloween, chili on a cool night, and of course all the great decorations!!!

  234. What's not to love? My favorite is probably the smell of the crisp air on that first truly autumn day.

  235. I love fall traditions: my family goes to a park outside the city and we have the best day! Tennessee football. Pumpkin carving. Baking. I just love, love, love fall!

  236. I LOVE the cooler temps, the change of leaves, the fun fall and Halloween crafts… all of it!

  237. I love so much about fall – it's my favorite season. I love the sounds, the smells, the colors, the foods, and most specifically football Saturdays, pumpkins, leaves falling, soups, sweaters, fuzzy socks, etc. Oh, I'm SO ready for fall!

  238. I love the crisp, cool weather, farmers markets and the smells of Autumn in Michigan…

  239. The Miller Five says:

    I love everything about fall, but mostly the cool air. I love being able to be active outside without sweating to death! Also, fall means no humidity!

  240. The cold crisp air, and the smells I love them!

  241. Emily @ LaForce Be With You says:

    What I love most is college football!!!

  242. LMGroupieGirl says:

    My favorite thing is definitely the cooler weather and actually being able to ENJOY going outside!


    decisionphobic at yahoo dot com

  243. I love fall and halloween!!! The weather and atmosphere is just magical! I can't wait to try some of your Halloween/Fall ideas!

  244. angie @ the cellar door stories says:

    my favorite = pumpkin spice iced coffee at dunkin donuts!!! :)

  245. I love Halloween, and all the fun kids have in preparing for it.

  246. How It All Began... says:

    I love carmel apples and playing in the leaves.

    angie.center at hotmail dot com

  247. Crisp air!
    (Soooooo sick of humidity by now!)

  248. Juicy velour track suits!:) LOVE fall! Congrats above on your feature in BHG ~ I love your past fabric pumpkins..you just inspired me to take a trip to Joanne's fAb today!

  249. It is my favorite season! This time of year just touches my soul for some reason! The anticipation of things to come…blustery days, Halloween, volleyball, Thanksgiving and Christmas, football on t.v.(I dont actually watch it but I love hearing it in the background :) )! Love it all!

  250. I love that it marks the end of our rainy season, we can finally send the kids outside with out them coming back in covered in mud!
    Fall is my mot favorite season!!

  251. Stephanie says:

    The crisp cool air and smells are my favorite. Especially after a long and hot New Orleans summer. I love fall inspired recipes too – I probably cook and bake more this time of year than any other.

  252. I look forward to cooler temperatures and beautiful foliage.

  253. I love being able to sleep with the windows open, feeling the crisp air in the morning.

  254. I love fall because it means the holiday season is coming up. Fall just seems to remind me of all the fun things I have to look forward to. And, I love wearing sweats on Saturday when it is kinda chilly out.

  255. To me, summer is active, active, active. Fall is a time to slow down and cool off. You've got Friday night football games, colors, cool breezes (open windows!!) and comfort food. I love all of those aspects of fall. As a teacher, fall is going back to school and making a difference in lives.

    It is just a cool time of year!

  256. My favorite thing about Fall is the slightly cooler weather, With the record breaking heat we've had here this summer the Fall temps will be so welcome!

  257. My favorite thing about fall is the cooler mornings, where you can almost see your breath in the air and you have to wear sweaters to stay warm. Love your blog!!

  258. To me, Fall means nice sweaters, hot chocolates, apple picking and apple pies! It's depressing to know that fall is coming, but when it comes I enjoy every bit of it!

  259. Sew Laughable says:

    I love everything about fall! The color, food, and festivities.