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Giveaway Monday — $100 to Smidge & Pinch {Party Supplies}

UPDATE — Giveaway closed.
Winners are #139 and #199
 Happy Monday!!
Today I would love to introduce you to one of my favorite new friends — Theresa from
 Theresa has a shop that sells the most amazing  party supplies!! 
Sometimes the details are what make a party.
And the items from Smidge and Pinch can add so much to party festivities!
From cupcake liners…
 To toppers… 


Cookie Cutters…
And so much more!! 
All the cute things you need for a festive party!! 
Theresa from Smidge and Pinch is giving away  
TWO $50 credits 
to her shop!!
{two winners}

Here’s how YOU can win: 

  • “Like Smidge and Pinch on Facebook – where they have random prize drawings. one entry. 
  • Share this giveaway with your friends through Facebook, Twitter or your Blog. one entry each.
and if you want another entry: 
  • “Like” Tatertots and Jello on Facebook – where I love to show new projects and ideas. one entry.
 {this giveaway ends May 23rd}
PS — Coming up this week: 
A T-shirt embellishment project 
A big surprise 
A Typography Tutorial
An Outdoor DIY Tutorial
A Spring Jewelry tutorial 
{And more!}


  1. Brycie Jean says:

    I LOVE the mermaid cookie cutter!


  2. Brycie Jean says:

    i followe tt&j on facebook!


  3. Brycie Jean says:

    I love the Owl Edible Cupcake toppers! And the mermaid cookie cutter! SO CUTE!


  4. MeLissa says:

    My faves are the black & white houndstooth cupcake liners :0)

  5. MeLissa says:

    My faves are the black & white houndstooth cupcake liners!

  6. CarrieAnn13 says:

    I like tatertots & jello on fb

  7. CarrieAnn13 says:

    I like smidge & pinch on fb

  8. CarrieAnn13 says:

    I like the Edible Chocolate Construction Quarry Pebbles Rocks

  9. Liked Smidge and Pinch on Facebook :)

  10. Loved the sanding sugars, the princess items (cookie cutter/glass slippers), loved all the pink and lime green decor!!!!

  11. Kristina says:

    I love 12 Edible Pink Ballet Slippers Cupcake Toppers – Ballerina Party Fun. My daughter is turning 2 in July and whether I win the give-away or not, I am going crazy in this store! Absolutely adorable.

  12. LOVE the Star Wars Baking Cupcake Kit! I have two Star Wars fanatics that would love a little impromptu Star Wars party!!

  13. I like Smidge and Pinch on facebook.

  14. I like you on facebook.

  15. Oh my!!! I'm so excited for this giveaway and for you introducing me to their site!! I'm in baby girl first birthday party planning mode!!

    So much to love! I love the light sabers! So awesome!

    What I love the most…the prices!

  16. The Lingo Family says:

    LOve the I Love You Cherry Much Cupcake Gift Set – 24 Toppers 24 Baking Liners. cute.


  17. Jessabells says:

    I liked Smidge and Pinch on FB.

  18. Jessabells says:

    I liked Tatertots and Jello on FB.

  19. Jessabells says:

    No joke I need to win this giveaway. I'm currently planning my daughter's Sweet 16 and we are on a very tight budget.

    My favorite was the 12 Tropical Palm Tree Cupcake Decorating Picks.

    Thanks so much for hosting this giveaway


  20. I "liked" TT&J on FB!! :) Thanks for another great giveaway.

  21. I "liked" smidge and a pinch on FB.

    Kadie @ Seven Alive

  22. vwestermeyer says:

    the diva shoes! And all the pink items … so perfect for our girls night out!

  23. Evanne @ Simply Fabulous says:

    My favorite item has to be the popsicle icecream cupcake toppers! I love the brights colors they come in, and I think it is so cute how they have a bite taken out of them. Adding this topper to any cupcake, brownie, etc has to make it look that much more yummy!

    I also linked up this giveway over at my blog: http://simplyfabulous-evanne.blogspot.com

  24. So many things to love!! I love all of the cookie cutters. But I think my favorite is the Max and Ruby cake topper! My boys would LOVE that.

    Kadie @ Seven Alive

  25. Liked Tatertots and Jello on FB- Can't believe I haven't done it already!

  26. Sharon @ Elizabeth & Co. says:

    I love all the great cupcake liners, like the bright blue flowers, what fun! And the sprinkles and sanding sugars, yum!

  27. Liked smidge and pinch on FB

  28. I'm loving the cupcake liners. I can't pick a favorite, so one of each? Yes, please!

  29. I have a thing for cupcake liners and my fav is the pink and burgundy.

  30. Heather says:

    i like smidge and pinch on FB

  31. stephanie says:

    I love the hounds tooth cupcake liners!

  32. I need those Mickey Mouse sprinkles….the candle cupcake toppers are very cute too!

  33. Heather says:

    the star wars cupcake kit rocks!

  34. I like tatertots and jello!

  35. sweeter than cupcakes says:

    Love the edible lime green decorating dots.

  36. I love the orange creamsicle cake toppers! So cute!

  37. The Miller Five says:

    I'm already a Tatertots and Jello facebook follower!

  38. The Miller Five says:

    I'm a new follower of Smidge and Pinch on facebook!

  39. angie @ the cellar door stories says:

    i "like" TT&J on facebook!

  40. angie @ the cellar door stories says:

    i think i'd go crazy with buying cupcake liners ~ so cute!!!

  41. The Miller Five says:

    I love all of the Hawaiian/Luau items and the cows in the grass sprinkles are to die for! I also love all the custom cupcake wrappers.

  42. I'm loving the mermaid cookie cutter & all the fabulous selection of cake sprinkles they offer!

  43. I shared this on FB.

  44. Just shared this giveaway with my Facebook friends. turnerangusfarm@gmail.com

  45. I liked TT&J on FB.

  46. I liked Smidge & Pinch on FB.

  47. I would get some edible bugs and rocks for my son's bug party.

  48. Huddyma says:

    I already like TT&J on Facebook!

    (dif email tho mcbcarlisle at gmail dot com)

  49. Huddyma says:

    I tweeted about the giveaway here:



  50. Huddyma says:

    The edible lego candies are so cute!

  51. I just "liked" Smidge & Pinch" on FB. Now to go take a really good look at the site.

  52. I just liked you, Tatertots and Jello, on Facebook. I thought I had already done that, sorry.

  53. I 'liked' them on Facebook!

  54. Kyra @ RACKS and Mooby says:

    Wow – so many great choices! One of my faves are the Robins Egg Blue and Brown Baking Cupcake Liners.

  55. I love the construction themed cupcake toppers! Great giveaway!!


  56. I "liked" YOU (T&J) on FB :)

  57. I shared the giveaway on FB :)

  58. I "liked" smidge and pinch on FB :)

  59. Ok – everything is SO cute, for me it would totally depend on the party but, just looking now I love the "Edible Pearl Decorating Beads Bead Trio – White Ivory & Blush Color" :)

  60. Lindsey says:

    I am loving the Pigs in Mud Sprinkles! So adorable!

  61. OMG!!!! I love everything on this site. Do I have to pick just one? lol. I guess since I am planning my daughter's 13th party I would say the high heel shoes cupcake toppers. Plus everything hot pink and zebra stripe. lol. turnerangusfarm@gmail.com

  62. Jessica says:

    Love the mermaid cookie cutter.

  63. I love the hot pink fashion cupcake toppers. My 5 year old would love them for her upcoming birthday party!!

  64. Maggie @ Midwestern {Sewing} Girl says:

    I "like" TT&J on FB!

  65. Maggie @ Midwestern {Sewing} Girl says:

    I "like" Smidge & Pinch on FB!

  66. Maggie @ Midwestern {Sewing} Girl says:

    Wow! What a great giveaway! Thank you so so much for the chance to win!

    I absolutely adore the little Orange Whimsical Birds of Fancy…oh my gosh, could those be any cuter????

  67. kelleycn says:

    It's all so cute but I'd say the Mickey Mouse sprinkles… oh my daughter would flip :)

  68. Catherine says:

    THe Ultimate Pearls Beads Dragees Balls 12 Piece Set looks like fun!

  69. Me and My Brain says:

    For me I think it would have to be the black and white houndstooth cupcake liners… comming at second would be the starwars rings.. they are pretty sweet

  70. Quilter in the Gap says:

    I tweeted about your giveaway @gaprhonda

  71. Quilter in the Gap says:

    I like Tatertots & Jello on FB

  72. Quilter in the Gap says:

    I like Smidge & Pinch on FB

  73. Quilter in the Gap says:

    My fav thing in her shop are the edible bugs! My nephews would love those!

  74. wow,, a person could spend hours looking at all these things,, its all new to me!

  75. Christy says:

    I like TT&J on facebook.
    christylynne at gmail dot com

  76. Christy says:

    I like all the different cupcake liners.
    christylynne at gmail dot com

  77. The Star Wars Baking Cupcake Kit is fantastic! It would be great for my husband's birthday!


  78. I love the Lego jello mold and of course the lego like building blocks. My son would love them! Tammy

  79. Michelle says:

    I love the Black Brocade Pattern cellophane bags.

  80. Pineapple Muffin says:

    I love the cookie cutters! Especially the tea pot and tea cup… I have a little collection of teapots I want to expand on! :) Thanks for the chance!

  81. Faith N. says:

    I like you (tatertots and jello) on facebook!

  82. Faith N. says:

    I shared about the giveaway on facebook!!

  83. Faith N. says:

    I like Smidge & Pinch on facebook!

  84. Faith N. says:

    My favorite item is the Edible Owl Owls Lay-on Toppers! Sooo cute!

  85. Melissa @ knit purl baby says:

    I just "liked" tatertots & jello on fb!

  86. Melissa @ knit purl baby says:

    I really like the blue and white gingham cupcake liners! I'm trying to think of an excuse to have a party where I can use these…

  87. Melissa says:

    I adore the Mickey Mouse Sprinkles, but I think I'm more in love with the Edible Pigs in Mud sprinkles… so funny and CUTE!!

  88. Jayna Rae says:

    I just liked you on Facebook. I am surprised that I hadn't before.

  89. Jayna Rae says:

    I would get some of the edible rocks and shells to use for a pirate party that I am planning for my sons third birthday.

  90. Eeek! Tiara Cookie Cutter, please!! My daughter thinks I look like Princess Kate (bless her sweet two-year-old love-goggled heart), so we're both a little obsessed right now :-)


  91. I LOVE the Sassy Shoe Cupcake Toppers!! So adorable!!

  92. I love the edible farm, and the Black with Lime Green Polka Dot Baking Cupcake Liners