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Silhouette Cuts Fabric!!

I am in craft heaven at CHA! 
It is a creative paradise. I have found some really fun products to share in fun giveaways this year. I can’t wait!!!

But first — breaking news!!! Silhouette has designed a way to cut fabric!! You can use the same blade, with the pink tip that comes with the Silhouette package! Yes, it’s true and I am so excited. I love fabric and can’t get wait to get home to make some fun fabric projects with it!!
I made a short video about this cool news if you want to check it out :)

And, from today until Tuesday, the kind people from Silhouette are giving Tatertots & Jello readers a special code to use which will get you 30% off your purchase. This includes the special interface that you can use to cut out fabric, as well as anything in the store.
Here’s the code — TTJ@CHA
And — here are a few fun pictures from our trip so far:
Blissdom 005
Blissdom 016
{photos by the darling Megan of Honey We’re Home}
 {I met the uber talented and sweet Miss Mustard Seed!}
{Here we are on the party plane to Blissdom with Marie, Laurie, Beckie, Kami}
PS — Have you checked out the crafty contest American Crafter at Nap Time Crafters?? It’s going to be a fun season. Check out the contestants this week!!


  1. Wow, this is awesome!! Thank you!!! I was at CHA and was able to do their make and take! I had a blast! Now I am confident that I will be ok using my Silhouette!

  2. Janice Twitchell says:

    I just ordered some fabric interfacing! Can't wait to try it out!! I am loving my new silhouette and this new fabric cutting stuff is genius! ahhh so excited!

  3. melissa * 320 Sycamore says:

    I feel so blessed to actually meet you in person, even though it was dark and loud! You are beautiful and just shine.

  4. **Danielle** says:

    How does this interfacing differ from any other iron on interfacing you can buy at a craft store?? Just trying to figure out if it's worth the $. Seems that Heat n Bond would do the same thing…I'll be trying it soon!!

  5. Decorchick! says:

    It was SO great meeting you Jen!! You are such a gem!!

  6. The Star Gal says:

    Now all I need is a home computer and a Silhouette and I'll be in business!

  7. Sarah@AlpinePoppy says:

    Yay you!! Way to go on your vlog, you rocked it! And by the way the silouhette cutting fabric, that's cool too :)

  8. Anne Marie... says:

    miss mustard seed linked your site here, and so I thought I'd come over and meet you!

    what a great space you have!! and it really looks like I'll be gathering inspiration from all over!
    have a great night…
    Anne Marie

  9. this blessed nest says:


    just ordered both of the fabric things with your code.

    thanks girlfriend.


  10. Thanks for the code! I saw this product at CHA too and I can't wait to try it. In fact…I'm pretty sure I saw you, too! I didn't know it was you or I would have said hello. I remember that darling lace shirt!

  11. Thanks for the code. I was needing to buy more vinyl and wanted to try the new fabric interfacing. I love getting to do it at 30% off.

  12. Jen, it was such a pleasure to get to meet you in person at Blissdom. Since then, it's been fun to hear so many people talk about you glowingly. You really ARE a beautiful woman, inside and out, and it was fun to see that in person! Thank you for being such a great source of inspiration in the blogosphere!

  13. When I saw your post on my blog feed this morning, it must have been fate! I have been considering buying a Silhouette for months now, and last night, I even went onto their site, filled up my cart and entered their current promo code for 20% off. I ended up bailing on the purchase, reasoning that I needed more time to decide if I REALLY wanted it. Then this morning, I saw your awesome 30% off code and decided it was a sign that I do, lol. I just ordered the machine and a bunch of supplies including the fabric interfacing! I am so excited. Thanks so much for the AWESOME discount!

  14. The Charm House says:

    I want a Silhouette so bad!!! This makes the desire even greater. Hopefully in July on my birthday or you never know God may bless me with one somehow! gotta look for a giveaway!!!! LOL
    Thanks for a great blog Jennifer!
    Yvette from The Charm House!

  15. KJ@letsgoflyakite says:

    This is the great news I have been waiting for, I have held off on purchasing a Silhouette, because I was looking for something to cut fabric and not just vinyl. This is great!

  16. Wow, looks like so much fun!! Can't wait to see what you find to share with everyone! :) Have a safe trip home!