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Guest Project — 3 Tips to a More Organized Day {and organization giveaway}

I’m Jenny from the blog, Planner Perfect and am excited to be here on Tatertots and Jello! I’m a homeschooling mom of seven and love keeping my home and life organized.
I’d love to share 3 different things I do in my day that create amazing results!
When applied, I am in a fabulous mood, have cleanliness, order, and spiritual and mental renewal. Planner Perfect is set-up to keep me on top of my game by harnessing these pinnacle epiphanies in the days when I need them. Written statements of intent create personal growth…and  I need to make these 3 disciplines, habitual…as I have the propensity for scratching my planned days to blog with my pajamas on ’till noon. Of course, I have regret once I look at the aftermath of my neglect… messy dishes scattered throughout the kitchen from children helping themselves to breakfast, Skillet, booming through speakers of an upstairs bedroom, and smaller children blissfully making snow angels out of packing peanuts on my living room floor.
Was pursuing my interests at the expense of chaos worth it? Hardly. No matter what keeps you off track… heed these disciplines and make them a habit because these are 3 habits all Planner Perfect women must keep!
Get up before your children. If I can get some coffee in my system before my 2-year tells me his plans for the morning–I’m starting off well. It is important for moms to have alone time and it is important to plan for it. Also, as you all know, being a mother means you need to always adjust, as things usually never go as planned. Have a plan B such as planning the time for yourself at night when children are asleep.
My initial plan is to have my devotions, look over my planner, and have some coffee in the morning before all seven children come down and hit the ground running. Get it written down, your statement of intent for the day…it’s what sets apart the truly organized and the, not-so-much…
Plan a morning routine and stick to it! Make breakfast, take out the clean dishes out of the dishwasher, and clean up breakfast dishes…don’t forget to recruit your children to help. The kitchen is the main hub of the house, keep this room functioning at it’s best and it will keep you feeling organized. Get dressed, make beds, and whatever else you want your family to get done in the morning. Make it a team effort and write these morning routines in your planner to show you’re serious. You’re half-way there when you write it down. Planner Perfect, harness life plans, beautifully and keeps you organized… it’s all in the details.
Plan time in your day for your interests. Do you ever have that stressed out feeling in your busy days that you’ll never get to that project you’re working on? Feel that stress no more! When you plan your time slot for yourself…you know it is a saved slot just for you. Depending on where you put it in your day…you could plan to have it out at a coffee shop and arrange babysitting, you can dive in at home and have your kids watch their favorite movie (just make sure they don’t find a box of packing peanuts!), or wait until evening when they are in bed. Whatever energizes you, however you want to achieve it, you won’t be able to without a plan. Plan out in detail not just when in the day you’ll get it done, but how.
Do a quick pick-up of the house before bed. Ever wake up in the morning to a house that looks like you’ve thrown an all-nighter? I have, and it’s a nightmare. One hour before bed, recruit the kids to help, and get the main areas of your home picked up. Make this a habit and your morning just got better.
There you have it! 3 fundamental habits Planner Perfect women must keep.
With just these three…you will be set-up for success in your days.
You can do it! (me too!!)
I am trying to get more organized in 2011 — so this is great advice!! 
Jenny’s is a mom of SEVEN — and her blog has tons of great organizing ideas!! 
 {Organizing your Tupperware}
Plus — Jenny has a food blog Planner Perfect Meals  — which is dedicated to the tricks and tips on creating homemade foods from scratch, simply.
Jenny has also created — Planner Perfect, a planning system that helps people stay organized for life!

And she has a great ebook which shows you how to make your own Planner Perfect system.
Wow – she is a busy lady!!!
 Jenny is giving a FREE copy of her 
Planner Perfect ebook 
to one of you!!

e-book giveaway

Planner Perfect’s downloadable e-book will get you organized. I give tips from party planning, keeping your home clean, relationships, to utilizing you strengths and talents. Planner Perfect harnesses a life that lives to the fullest. Let Planner Perfect be a springboard for your aspirations and dreams.With over 40 beautiful pages, it is a complete guide that takes you step-by-step on how to become all God has designed you to be as well as complete instruction on how to create your very own Planner Perfect.

Learn how to become a master life planner with Planner Perfect’s downloadable e-book. Start today, to become all God created you to be and making your dreams a reality.

Here’s how YOU can win:
  • All you need to do is leave a comment with YOUR #1 Organizing Tip!!
  • And if you want an extra entry, go over to Jenny’s blog, Planner Perfect and follow it or leave a comment!!
PSI’m off to Blissdom!! I’d love to meet you if you are going too!!


  1. I try to get everything ready at night for the next day. That way if life happens in the morning I do not have to stress more because we are not ready.

  2. Well I have no idea if it's too late but I'm ALWAYS looking for more ways to organize my life! I have my top 3 organizing tips for the kitchen
    1. Lids fit better in the drawer if they're turned upside down before stacking them.
    2. Color coordinate your utensil drawers. YOU know what color the thing is you're looking for. We have 3 drawers "white" "silver" and "silver & Black"
    3. Totes work great in the pantry to keep things from falling over and the ability to pull out the tote to look for that elusive item is fantastic

    That's about as efficient as it gets around here…I NEED more HELP! :)


  3. I am so excited about the Planner Perfect blog. I have trying to reorganize my home since my last baby. I am finding the biggest help for me is to set aside time for me in the morning. Reading my scriptures and then writing in my journal. I write my goals and plans and what I expect for the day.

    I hope I win a Planner Perfect organizing book! :0)

  4. my best tip is that was four tips and not three…………….but whatever works with seven kids. if she wasnt organized they would tie her up and takeover! LOL!

  5. My #1 tip: Always check tomorrow's schedule tonight. And, boy!, do I need your Planner Perfect!

  6. Love this post! Thanks! My one organizational tip that I never stray from is this: I mark all my kids clothing with a dot on the tag that corresponds to their birth order. First kid, one dot, second kid, two dots and so on. When I pass clothing down, I just add a dot! So helpful for when I am folding mounds of laundry!

  7. Meal Planning! Makes life SO much easier, my cupboards cleaner (because I don't buy unnecessary items and I know what I need), and I'm so much less stressed!

  8. Planning the week's menu (of course allowing for some flexibility) and shopping with a list based on the plan.

  9. I'm following Jenny's blog.

  10. My #1 tip is to never put anything off until tomorrow. Come up with a plan/routine and stick to it. It's really easy to fall off the "Organization Bandwagon" if you put things off until later.

  11. I would love to win this! My tip is to choose a day to make sure that all of your laundry for the week gets done. It's amazing what can get done if you plan household activities per day like this.

  12. One of the things that I do to keep organized, is to select the outfits my children will wear during the week on Sunday evenings, iron them and hang them up so that getting dressed time runs quickly and smoothly every day.

  13. The Trouts says:

    I'm following her site!

  14. The Trouts says:

    My #1 organizing tip has yet to be discovered. I'm the most disorganized person I know…help!

  15. Sweet Tea says:

    I just started keeping an expandable file with impotant school papers, lunch forms etc… That's sadly about the only tip I have. I think I really need this e-book!

  16. American Mama says:

    My #1 organization tip (that keeps me sane) is the 30 second rule. If it will take me less than 30 seconds to put it away when I'm done with it, then I go ahead and do it. With that in mind, everything stays MUCH neater in my home! And I often take a little extra time to put things away that take a bit longer, just because it's worth it!

  17. I am following her blog :-)

  18. I don't have much of a nack for organizing, but my one tip is to fold sheet sets together with the fitted sheet and pillowcases sandwiched inside the flat sheet. It makes the linen closet sooo much neater!

  19. Catherine says:

    Ummm, does the fact that I don't have a single organizing tip let you know just how much I NEED to win this?! I actually do have a tip, that I don't follow…but my life would be so much easier if I did, is doing a load of laundry everyday so that you are never behind.

  20. And, I now follow her site. I'm in the need for some good inspiration.

  21. We have a family white board that maps out our week of activities & appointments. It helps me keep a lot of things straight. There's still so much organizing I could do!

  22. I make it a rule to pick up items every time I walk through the house to another room, I always find a dirty sock hiding or a glass that never made it to the kitchen. If you make sure to do that every time, you won't be so overloaded when you do finally stop and look around. :)


  23. i follow planner perfect

  24. i could use some organization over here :) my biggest tip is to have a bag for each child for sports-they put all the sneakers, equipment, whatever they need, in the bag all the time and then it's ready to just grab when you have to go.

  25. My number one organizing tip is to keep a shredder handy when going through the mail. if you dont get rid of the paper as soon as it enters… you get the paper clutter monster that never seems to leave. :(

    Also am now a follower of Planner Perfect! :)

  26. I'm following her site!!

  27. My #1 tip is having a routine. For me, it's especially the early morning and early evening routines that keep us organized!

  28. Michelle from Fun On A Dime says:

    I'm a follower of her site!

  29. Michelle from Fun On A Dime says:

    My #1 organizing tip, is start the day with a routine. I'm not great at it, but if I can get the kids to make their beds, eat breakfast, get dressed and brush their hair/teeth it seems like the morning is a lot more together than other days when those things don't get done.

  30. My #1 organizing tip: I plan my dinner menus 30 days at a time, and shop for the whole month, using coupons, etc. I save a TON of money this way. I only go back to the store for milk and produce on a weekly basis. Also, I start dinner in the morning (salad, dessert, rolls) so that I'm not overwhelmed when late afternoon rolls around.

  31. D.I.M. Incorporated says:

    Heaven knows I need all the organizing tips I can get! My #1 organization tip is keeping a "family binder", full of phone numbers,lists, school info, menus, ect. I use it every day.

  32. Julie Trout says:

    I try to plan our our menus for the month and do one big shopping trip.

    Thanks for a fun giveaway!


  33. Something that I do is, use clothes pins and clip pairs of gloves together. I put them in a basket and when I am wearing the gloves I just clip the clothes pins to the side of the basket, so I can be sure to use them!

  34. I now follow Perfect Planner!

  35. My number one tip is to do it when you think of it. If you remember that you have to make a dr's appt, call and make the appointment. If you put it off you'll forget it and it will keep bugging you!

  36. This organizal tip for important papers for my children. I keep a file with each of the children's name on it. Inside I keep all immunization records, school regristration items as well as certificates from completion of swimming classes, updated physical's for sports, etc. in this file. When something is needed for that child, just pull his name and presto, there it is!

  37. my no.1 organizing tip is to do a load of laundry a day and to give/throw away clutter (because it can't be organized!)

  38. Princess Danell says:

    Now a follower of Planner Perfect. My tip….put clean sheet inside of matching pillowcase. When stored in the closet, they stay together and don't come tumbling down when I open the door.

  39. Ryan & Amanda says:

    I am a new follower of Planner Perfect, I am excited to look around her site!

  40. Ryan & Amanda says:

    Oh how I would love this book! My best tip is just to do a quick pick up of at least the kitchen before I go to bed so when I wake up I am not starting with a disaster. Then I am more motivated to do more.

  41. I stored my mittens and winter hats in a small rubbermaid and my son/husbands in another. It makes it easy to find their gloves for hunting or the ones we use for every day or for sledding/skiing. I also don't have much closet space (boo!), so I bought a shoe organizer that hangs on the back of my bedroom door…LOVE IT!

  42. CodynStacey says:

    I left a comment on her blog!

  43. CodynStacey says:

    This is an AMAZING website! I So hope I win!!!! Honestly, this product would be my dream come true!!! If I don't win, I'll have to tell my husband about it. Maybe it could be a Valentine's present. Not so romantic, but it'd definitely get me in the mood! I LOVE all things organization!

  44. My #1 organizing tip – Organization! I am slowly learning, but things are coming together smoothly. I would LOVE to win this book. As a mom of 3, working full-time out of the house, this "bible" would help me out learning time for everything.

  45. My #1 Organizing Tip is to work on something every single day, even if it's for 15 minutes!


  46. I sooooo needed to find this blog lol. I now follow Planner Perfect!

  47. Wow, just what I needed!

    My #1 tip is to NOT procrastinate. I still have a hard time following this sometimes, but if you just do something everyday you can avoid that dreadful pile up.

  48. I don't think I have a tip. That's why I need to win thus giveaway! I love all the tips she gave on this post. Thanks!

  49. Kassi @ Truly Lovely says:

    My number one tip is to make a list of all the important things I need to get done that day and then have them all marked off before bedtime. There's great satisfaction in marking each item off the list! :)

  50. baskets! i love having cute, functional baskets around the house to toss bills, magazines, crafty stuff, whatever in. if company shows up or is coming, the stuff is already in one place & if it's messy, i can just pick up the basket & move it out of the room! makes life easier. just keep those baskets de-cluttered at least once a month! lol! thanks for the chance cause i could definitely use the motivation of this book! hugs!

  51. Twelve/30 Designs says:

    How about the recipe to those buns?!… they look delicious!

  52. Eric & Karen says:

    I keep a running list of things to accomplish and things to purchase. Makes it easier when going to the store if everything I need for an upcoming project is listed.

  53. Eric & Karen says:

    I follow her blog

  54. I'm still trying to figure out how to stay organized… but my new year's resolution was to always do the dishes before I go to bed. It's amazing how much quicker dishes go when you don't let them pile up for days! 😉

  55. Kimberly Tripp says:

    I'm not a naturally organized person, but my number one tip for staying organized is to throw out/give away every single thing that you don't need, love, or use often, and to find a place for absolutely everything else and always put it back (and teach your kids (& spouse :) to do the same – they will thank you later in life)

  56. My organizational tip is that if you have not touched it in a month it either need to be put away in the attic or given away.

  57. left a comment over at planner perfect!

    nelly dot barney at yahoo dot com

  58. my number one organization tip is- PUT IT BACK WHERE YOU FOUND IT! thanks!

    nelly dot barney at yahoo dot com

  59. Grand Central Staten says:

    My tip. I keep a piece of paper hanging up that has four labeled sections: GO, BUY, CALL and DO AT HOME. When I don't have time to do something right away, I jot it on the list in the right area. (It always seems to fit in one of those 4 categories.) When I have "free time", I get something done and cross it off. I start with a new piece of paper every Monday morning. I have 5 kids, a job ouside the home and a business to run. This works best for me. Thanks for all your tips. I really strive to get up and ready before the kids but it is so hard for me. I'm going to work harder at that goal. Thanks again.

  60. Sadie Jane says:

    I am a follower now! I would love to get that organization folder….you can never be to organized!

  61. Sadie Jane says:

    My number one organizing tip…make a list! Lists are a girls best friend and they make you feel like you accomplish so much…write your list right before you go to bed…write everything down including get up and make your bed and so on…it's awesome and i love both of your blogs wow…7 kids and homeschooling and being very organized. Thanks for sharing your secrets!
    {simply delicious}

  62. traciheck1 says:

    my #1 tip is to get rid of perfectionism! It hinders and prevents progress.

  63. One way that I stay on task with organization in my home is to set a timer. When the kids are helping to clean I set a timer for 10 to 15minutes, they know that when the timer goes off they should be finished with the task at hand. We then take a 5 minute break before we tackle our next project. This works great and the kids like to see if they can finish the assigned task before the timer goes off.

  64. My one and only organization tip is to always take time with your pantry! After grocery shopping, I put things away properly and in their place. It's so easy to just shove it all in there and deal with it later. But, later rarely comes and you end up searching for that can of peas!

  65. Carmen @ Life with Sprinkles on Top says:

    It would be SO nice to win this. I always struggle at staying organized. One of my organization tips though is meal planning. That saves so much time, money and frustration.

  66. Im following Jennys blog and left her a comment! Im so excited to read more of her tip! I need one of the planners!

  67. This ebook sounds awesome! I think I could really love this!
    The first tip that came to mind is that I make sure every night my kitchen sink is empty. To start a new morning and get breakfast going I need a clean kitchen so I make sure its done the night before.

  68. Christina says:

    I am now following Jenny's blog!

  69. Christina says:

    I'm still trying to get better organized, but I love lists and pretty baskets! Lists always keep me organized and on track. Baskets are just great to keep my daughter's smaller toys in or to keep our computer stuff together and not just strewn about on top of the computer desk.

  70. Good Time Charlie says:

    I have the get up before your kids part down….that is about the last and only step I have down! I LOVE the idea of having a written statement of what you want that day to be. That is Genius! So happy to know I am not the only mom who sits there blogging for too long, although I do it in my gym clothes. Yes, at least I had good intentions of getting there! What a cute lady, can't wait to see what she does next. Follow that mom!

  71. Emily Daniels says:

    I use a teachers planing book for everything! Meals, daily plans, everything is gridded out so i can see everything linear-ly!

  72. My #1 organizing tip is a place for everything and everything in its place. Everything in my house has a "home", and it gets returned there nightly.

  73. Rapier Family says:

    I am now following her blog too.

  74. Rapier Family says:

    I try to always get ready before the kids every morning.

  75. Lisa [at] Vanilla and Coconut says:

    My tip: Always finish what you start.
    I'm trying to become a little more organized in 2011, so coming across this blog was perfect!

  76. How practical. I can't wait to implement these great ideas. Finally some order around here.

  77. i make lots of piles, that way it is still tidy without lots of time commited

  78. I am now following her blog!

  79. Angie Kerr says:

    I love this! Great tips! My tip is to keep a running list of items you want to do (even the big stuff!)and a running list of items you want to buy. This way you can keep track of what you want to do/need to purchase for your home.

  80. Wow….organization with 7 kids! She is one busy lady! My organization tip is to go through the mail & sort it as soon as it comes in. It's crazy how quickly paper can pile up!!

  81. I follow her blog!

  82. Make sure every toy has a home. If it's not a ball, block, or whatever else you have a bin for, designate a small miscellaneous bin for any other toys.

  83. ——>Katie Bolinger says:

    The number one thing for organization is diligence (and good training of children). I have a home for everything things and have to keep on my son (and myself) to put things away. One of my favorite organizers (the one that actually works the best) is a hanging shoe holder on the door of my coat closet – all scarves, mittens, and hats go in the pockets. There is another one in the attic with summer stuff in it (swim goggles, bike accessories, etc) waiting for it's turn on the door.

  84. My #1 organizing tip is to make lists!

  85. This may sound kind of silly but when I have alot on my mind of things that I want to accomplish I write them down. Then I order them by priority. Knowing that if I can get to 2 or 3. I have accomplished the most important things that day. At the end of the day I think one of the most important things, is to let some of it go, realizing that we are hopefully given the gift of another day.
    My second thing is to try to start off the week right. I know sunday is suppose to be the day of rest. But for us it works great as the family day, where everyone is recruited to pitch it. This way during the week I don't hear the whine of where is my sock. I only have one sock. ha,ha!
    I'm going to go check out your blog. Thanks for the great reminders of how we can all be great organizers.

  86. I think the thing that makes the biggest difference for me is to constantly be going through things and getting rid of things. I also try to get each one of my kids the same amount of pants, shirts ect. It is so much easier when it comes time to laundry. Lets face it, laundry is the never ending job, so anything I can do to simplify makes a huge difference!

  87. I can not organize my life, but I can organize my child's! As a teacher of small children I realize how important it is to teach your children independence skills at a young age. My daughter has a laminated chart in the bathroom for her morning routine (use bathroom, brush, teeth, brush hair, wash face, get dressed) and her bed time routine (same as morning except put on P.J.s). She also has a little 5 cubbie organizing cube (I really don't know how to describe it) in her closet. Every Sunday I place 5 complete outfits (down to underwear and socks) in each spot. She gets to choose her own outfit to wear each day from the cubbie. How sad is it that I really have to do this because mommy is so disorganized that I NEED her to get herself ready in the morning. :-) Oh well, hopefully I am raising a more organized child.

  88. Ohhh, I love binders! My #1 tip is to go through the mail as I bring it in the house. Junk mail goes directly in the trash and the rest go right into the appropriate folder, i.e. bills, medical, taxes, house. A bonus tip, if my kitchen counters are clean, I don't feel so bogged down.

  89. DeanasSewCrafty says:

    I have 3 laundry baskets set outside the laundry room…. darks, lights and towels. Everyone sorts the laundry as it goes in. I do a load of each every day. The 1st load goes in right after I get out of bed. I also ffold the laundry as I'm pulling it out of the dryer. If I put something in a laundry basket, it can stay in there for days…eek!

    I also make my bed as soon as I get out of it…gets the day off to a good start!

  90. I live by my lists!

  91. My organizing tip is to donate or throw away (depending on condition) at least one clothing item a month. Let's face it, we all have things that sit untouched and unworn in our closets for far too long.

  92. Well it's not original but every night before bed I make lunches, lay out clothes, make sure shoes are put next to the clothes, and make sure backpacks and jackets are all ready to go in the morning.

  93. I follow Jenny's Blog.

    Amberdenie at aol dot com

  94. I am always Making List, but you Have to follow them too!! :) I am excited to see some more ideas from Jenny's Blog

    Amberdenie at aol dot com

  95. I have a lunch cupboard where I put the kids drinks, applesauce or fruit cups, pretzels and snacks in baggies for quick lunches in the morning. My kids know that all they have to do is make their sandwich and get in the cupboard for the rest of the lunch stuff.

  96. I would love to have my favorite organizing tip…but that would mean that I would have to have one…I also would love to be organized, I'm not. I will be a frequent flyer on your blog. I hope to be a little organized this year. Thanks for your advice.

  97. Instead of just keeping different size baby clothes in a tupperwear bin I bag everything in 2.5 gallon ziplock bags and write the sizes on then put it into the containers. Since you usually don'ot have an entire box of just newborn or 0-3 month sz clothing its easier to keep it stored till the next one and if your like me and buy ahead of the seasons then when they are in the size you can find it easily!

  98. My organization tip is to pick up a littler here and there as you go…. That way you never have a huge mess…

  99. I have to agree that the best thing is to pick up before going to bed! Waking up to a messy house ruins the mood for the whole day. We also just started having our 2 yr. old help clean-up and sometimes it is hard (and would be faster to do it ourselves) but when out and I ask her to pick up she does it right away! Other Mommies have noticed and commented on how great she does!

  100. I'm a new follower of Planner Perfect.

  101. Cornfields, children and waterballet says:

    My number #1 organizing tip is to have a family notebook for all the school calendars, menus, phone numbers, sports schedules, family contact info, wills, babysitting instructions…health forms. It has come in so handy for us.


  102. Melissa Geoghegan says:

    I am following her blog…someone with 7 kiddos has got to be super organized!

  103. Melissa Geoghegan says:

    I think I am pretty organized when it comes to my kiddo…..I have a place where all his toys go and this makes it easier when cleaning up….I need to work on this for all my things!

  104. Tiffany P. says:

    Followed Jenny's blog!!

  105. A Sarasota says:

    love the blog!
    my tip: keep a small flip notebook in your purse all day long, and make all your notes while you are away rom the house in that same place–then they don't get lost, and when you get home, you can transffer them to your calendar and planner.

  106. Mandi @ Finding Home says:

    I'm a new follower. Yeah!!

  107. Mandi @ Finding Home says:

    I live and die by my day planner. I've yet to implement a new calendar for this year (I just had my first baby at the end of December so I'm a bit out of sorts). Wouldn't you know I missed a midwife appoinment today!

    Can't wait to dive into your blog because I love all things organization.

  108. My first tip is to make list…make lists of what you need to get done, what you need to buy etc…but then my lists get disorganized! Hence why I need a planner!!

  109. Mine is actually the same as her's…..get up before your children! It does make a world of difference!
    cheled77 at hotmail dot com

  110. JessicaKing says:

    find inspiration. sometimes i hav to get out of the house for a bit or visit someone who thrives at being organized and when i get home i chug my coffee and i have at it. with two babies and cabin fever i find myself on e everytime in search of the nearest gas station. once im refueled, im reenergized.

  111. Holly Scogin says:

    Making To Do lists i the best way I stay organized and remember everything I need to do!

  112. If I have things to do I have to write them down, or I just don't do them! That is how I stay somewhat organized! I'm still working on organizing my families small space.


  113. I have homework binders for all of my kiddos. that's as far as I get on organizing!

  114. I am also following Planner Perfect's blog!

  115. Great giveaway! I try to stay organized by always putting things back where they belong. This helps keep the house neat and tidy as well.

  116. I just signed up to foller Planner Perfect! Thanks so much for introducing me to her blog!

  117. I need all the help I can get when it comes to organization, but the one thing that I am good at is writing things down- making lists…of course, that doesn't mean my lists ever see completion but at least I visually know what needs to be done! :)

  118. LaurieW55 says:

    Lists, lists, lists. I make tons of lists. I only do grocery shopping every 2 weeks (except perishables) so menu planning is very important. I print a monthly calendar using Publisher and use that to write in my menus. It takes a little bit of time but is worth it in the end. No more wondering what's for dinner at 4:30.

  119. I have bins for everything. I put pictures on each for my kids (who are little) and can't read so they know where things go.

    THanks for a chance at this!

  120. Um, let's see my favorite organizing technique is to have a binder will all my go-to info. Addresses, phone numbers, emergency info, routines, etc. All laminated so I can change them as people move, my family grows etc. The planner would help me take it up a notch!! Wahoo!

  121. Wow is all I can say! With tree kids, my #1 organization tip is some degree of routine. I noticed early on that when the kids know what to expect, and I have a plan for how the day will proceed, there is a LOT less chaos and stress, AND even things that pop up unexpected can be managed.

  122. The Miller Family says:

    My organizing tip is… to stay on top of messes! In the end it's easier for me to not procrastinate. Doing little by little instead of a whooooole lot of cleaning in the end is way easier for me & a lot less overwhelming. :o)

  123. The Miller Family says:

    I am following Planner Perfect! :o) This is going to help me if my everyday life… I am a new & young mom/wife and these tips are incredibly helpful! Thank you for sharing it all.

  124. Wow, I could really use this e-book. I'm generally an organizational nightmare, but one thing that does work for me is to plan my meals one week in advance. If not, I waste time and money figuring out what I want to make that night and making extra trips to the store.

  125. it may sound a little funny but my #1 household complaint is laundry… SO… for myself and my 7 year old, we pick out our outfits at the beginning of the month and hang them in the closet together ( yes even jammies! ) that way we always have an outfit ready to go and we don't have to throw clothes all over the place trying to figure out what to wear… when laundry day comes around, we have complete outfits coming right out of the dryer so we just hang the outfits back up! i gotta tell you, this saves us BIG TIME from laundry fuss and my daughter loves playing "fashion designer" at the beginning of the month. Of course we don't hang our undiewears… that would be goofy!

  126. Happy Homemaker says:

    I am a follower of planner perfect. Thanks for the grey giveaway!

  127. Happy Homemaker says:

    I am organized and OCD about a lot of things, but for some reason my housework never fell into that category. What helps keep me sane are to-do lists and makin myself get fully dressed every morning and make my bed. I feel productive when I do that which, consequently, keeps me being productive all day.

  128. I buy one of those organizing calendars that has a pocket on it and tons of space to write. I love to write school reminders, birthdays etc on there so I can get rid of as much paper as I can. What I can't get rid of, goes in the pocket. It's been working for the last 14 months, so we're good for now!

  129. I totally am a follower now. I love to organize myself and even left a comment!!

  130. For me, the best way to stay organized is by making lists.

    I make lists when I get to work with the tasks I need to accomplish that day.

    I make lists when I'm home of things I need to buy, or things I need to do, etc.

    Lists, Lists, Lists- it works for me!

  131. I make lists…LOTS of lists! Daily cleaning list, grocery list, etc!

  132. My clothes hamper is also a sorting system…a bag for whites, lights, and darks. Doesn't make laundry seem so daunting.

  133. Hi! I'm Krystle... says:

    My most vital organizing tip is "put it away as soon as you're done with it". Clutter builds up SO fast! If you're cooking, put the ingredients away as soon as you've measure them out. Put the dishes in the sink or dishwasher right away. Save yourself from having to stare at a big mess by doing it as you go.
    This was a great post! Thanks so much for sharing!

  134. My #1 tip is to try to have a place for everything. That way, when it's time to clean up the 2,000 toys in the middle of the living room floor, they have a place to go and it only takes a few minutes.

  135. My best organizational tool is my phone. I got the Grocery ID app for my grocery list and Evernote for my other lists. This way, I can keep all my to-dos and grocery list with me EVERYWHERE because I'm never without the phone. I also started putting my recipes into Evernote so I have all my recipes at hand if I'm at the store and need to check on ingredients.

  136. That One Girl says:

    I am now a follower of Jenny… she will become my best friend now… 😀

  137. Lucky Loves Home says:

    My #1 organizing item. I make my bed every morning so my room always looks put together (except when my dog burrows under the covers!)

  138. Sadly, I am not a very organized person. Although it is one of my many goals for this year. I am just a jumbled mess. The one thing that I am trying to do though is to keep my finances in better control. I am doing this by creating a program in Excel that will help me tack my spending. I simply put split the different categories of my spending in to separate areas for each month. Then once I get home, the first thing I do (after unloading my purchase) is to sit down with my reciepts and enter it in. It calculates it for me. (after some hair pulling and asking for help from a computer friend as to how to calculate the formulas needed) Its that simple.

  139. That One Girl says:

    Oh my golly… I'm so unorganized I don't even have a tip! I could REALLY use this ebook!! Please save me!!

  140. Cindy Broaddus says:

    Following Jenny's blog now, too! :)

  141. I follow her blog!

  142. My best organizing tip is to plan out your month ahead of time! I like to do this the last week of the month to plan for the upcoming month. I write on the calendar work schedules, paydays, dr.appts, church activities, exercise time..ect. I find when i do this, my mind is freed up and I don't have to worry about not getting the most important things done, bc I plan for it and it happens.:)

  143. Cindy Broaddus says:

    Great organizing tips! I find that it's the little things that make a difference, like making the bed or taking 10 minutes to load the dishwasher, or start a load of laundry inbetween making lunch. If you do a little bit here and there, then "stuff" won't get piled up or be "undone".

  144. spicemama says:

    My best organization tip is to fold your clean sheets and put them inside the matching pillow case and then store them in the room of the bed they belong to.

    I am great at organizing but lack in the motivation department. Help!

  145. "The Popham's" says:

    Love this blog…just found it today;SO EXCITED!!!!! I try to stay organized by doing a load of laundry a day and keeping meals planned for each day. Thanks so much for blogging and sharing!!!!

  146. I am a follower of Planner Perfect.

  147. My number one tip is meal planning by the week. That way when I head to the grocery, I'll only need to make one trip. Plus it forces me to look at our weekly events and plan meals accordingly- whether it is a crock pot meal or one I make in the morning and everyone reheats as they need to.

  148. My organizing tip: touch things once. Put it where it goes right away when possible.

  149. My best organizing tip is to have ONE calendar that gets everything recorded in one place- my husband's work, my children's school, church assignments, extracurricular activities, doctor's appointments, etc.

  150. Let'sMakeADifference says:

    I'd love to win! My best organizing tip is to limit EVERYTHING!.. I even limit the number of outfits that I own. When something new comes in, something goes out!
    greiner10 at dejazzd dot com

  151. Jessica @ Barefoot by the Sea says:

    Following her blog now!

  152. Following Perfect Planner via GFC

  153. Jessica @ Barefoot by the Sea says:

    I try to get things ready for breakfast the night before. All the kid's school clothes are ready, lunches (that can be made ahead), school forms, backpacks, etc. It may seem simple, but it helps A LOT in the AM!


  154. My # 1 tip is to not let anyone out of their bed. If the kids don't get up..the place can't get trashed. Okay..seriously, my tip is to immediately clean up after yourself. I often don't take the extra 3 seconds to do something and then it gets out of control.


  155. Just followed her blog!

  156. I always to make a list, especially since I have mommy brain and tend to forget a lot.

  157. Also, just became a follower of Planner Perfect! Love her blog & yours too!!

  158. My #1 organizing tip is to create lists. It makes your feel so accomplished when you can cross your to-do's off the list!

  159. The biggest organization tip I can offer is to label EVERYTHING with both written and visual labels. Not only will you know where everything goes, so will your children and spouse. And, even more surprisingly, they'll put things back!

  160. I write lists! Even the smallest thing is added.

  161. My best organizing tip for a faster stress free morning : pick out clothes the night before and put any bags and needed items by the door the night before. I also set out my keys if I remember. My biggest morning struggle is figuring out where I left my keys when I crashed the night before…

  162. my fave organization tip is to DECLUTTER constantly and ruthlessly so that you have LESS to organize!

  163. I am now a follower and subscriber of jenny's blog!!! love it and need this advise … desperately…

  164. I am now a follower of Perfect Planner!

  165. bethanndodd says:

    Writing things down is the best way for me to stay organized. I also like to set my day the night before so I don't wake up wondering how to use my time the most wisely. Thanks so much for the tips!

  166. My best tip is using my "Command Central". I have two large magnetic/bulletin boards that have our calendar (color coded for each member of the family, plus colors for household, family and dates(what??) with my husband. Then, I have four dry erase boards, one for each kid, that I lay out the plans for each day on, along with notes about their day (usually Dad uses this to get the kids out the door) – things like, gym today, or library today, etc. I love it and cannot live without it!

  167. I am now a Perfect Planner subscriber too!

  168. My husband and I both work outside of the home. We have a soon-to-be 2 year old. At night I lay out everything for the next day – kiddo's outfit, breakfast stuff, sippy cup ready to be filled on our way out, pj's and towel/washcloths. It makes our mornings and evenings when he is awake so much easier.

  169. Each kid has their own color of towel and washcloth, that way when someone leaves a wet towel on the bathroom floor you know exactly who's it is :) No more fighting over who needs to pick up their stuff in the bathroom.

  170. Stefanie D. says:

    I follow planner perfect!

  171. Stefanie D. says:

    My favorite organizing tip would be, to de-junk often!

  172. Am I the only person who just really wants to know how you made those delectable looking rolls in the picture? LOL :-)

  173. I am now a follower of Planner Perfect!

  174. I now follow Planner perfect! looks like it will be a big help for me!

  175. My #1 tip is not new or fancy, but it makes ALL the difference on how much gets done in our home on a daily basis! I HAVE to use to-do lists and other checklists to elimiate duplication of effort and, more often, to make sure it gets done in the first place!

  176. The Gambrel Family says:

    I am not a very organized person but I have learned one thing to help me stay better organized. I need to put things away as soon as I'm doing working with them. I haven't been in the habit of doing it and when I make myself things seem to be better organized.

    However I have a long way to go in the organization category…

  177. I am still trying to figure out how to stay organized with my 14 month old twins running around wreaking havoc wherever they land!

    The one thing that keeps me sane is making a to do list everyday and sticking to it!

    My goal is to get organized in 2011!

  178. I make a point of only touching things once. All the paperwork that my boys bring home I look at immediately and decide, trash or keep. If it is trash it just gets tossed. If it something to keep it either gets immediately scanned in the computer and tossed or put in a storage bin.

  179. The only thing that keeps me organized is keeping everything written down in ONE PLACE. I have a tendency to write several lists — when that happens, nothing gets done. But when I can get one list, it all ends up getting done (eventually).

  180. Ranae Broadhead says:

    im following planner perfect!


  181. Ranae Broadhead says:

    my number one organizing tip…. dejunk!!


  182. Zobell Fam says:

    I am now a follower of Planner Perfect and I look forward to learning all of her tips

  183. Zobell Fam says:

    As far as organinzing goes I am still a work in progress. One thing I did though when my daughter was younger was stored all of her barbies in a clear shoe organizer that hung on the inside of her closet. I used 1 for the dolls and 1 for the clothes. Now that she is older, she uses 1 for her school tie, scarfs and flowers for her hair. The other one is used for shoes.

  184. The Vann Family says:

    Routine. And Joy. Don't let your routine steal your joy. Relish in each day because once it's gone… it's gone. And the dishes will still be there tomorrow anyway :)

  185. now following her blog!

  186. I am a follower of planner perfect.

  187. i am IMPRESSED! seven kids AND an organizing guru?? wow! i'm definately coming back to this post later when my kids are in bed to really let it SINK IN! thanks for posting :)

  188. My number one organization tip is to put it back in the RIGHT place. When my son takes off his shoes, they have to go on a shelf in his room. Otherwise, they get lost, throw in the trash (courtesy of my 1 year old) or thrown in with the toys. This applies to everything. It saves so much time, not having to look for things all over the house.

  189. My #1 organizing tip is for cooking dinner. That is the hardest time of day with children! If I plan a weeks meals ahead and prep or even cook the food in the early afternoon dinner seems to go much smoother. I am not in a rush trying to get dinner fixed, while children are hungry and tired.

    For recipes go to

  190. casey aubut says:

    now following planner perfect

  191. Love this!
    Routine is very important!!

  192. casey aubut says:

    Keeping envelopes in a drawer by the back door to drop in receipts, mail, etc (or not!)

  193. Amanda @ Serenity Now says:

    Great guest post, Jen. :) I love to read practical organizing tips from other moms. :) My number one tip coincides with Jenny's. I notice a BIG difference in my day when I wake up a little earlier, do my make-up, get a mocha, maybe do a Bible study or check email, etc. before the kids get up…otherwise, I play catch-up all day!

  194. I am a follower of Planner Perfect!

  195. Rosemariee says:

    my favorite organization tip is making lists with little check boxes by each item on the list!

  196. My organizing tip is to never touch a piece of mail twice..pick it up, open it, read it, and either pay, file, or shred it!

  197. We set a timer for 15 minutes at the end of each day. During those 15 minutes, we put toys away, take laundry to the laundry room, & get things ready for the next morning.
    It's amazing what we can get done in those 15 minutes when we work together. The boys make it a competition, to see how much they can get done (even though they are only 4 1/2 and 2) they love it, because it gives them responsibility and a sense of accomplishment.

  198. christina says:


  199. I also went to the Perfect Planner blog and followed the blog! Thanks so much for the opportunity to win!

  200. Hi there! What a great organizing system – I'd love to win the ebook! My fave organizing tip is to do at least one load of laundry a day and do laundry per person –> no sorting and can easily transition the laundry to the person. Has saved me tons of times for years!

  201. Open your daily mail over the trash can and recycling bin…get rid of clutter before it starts.

  202. I have helped keep my three-year-old more organized by creating a magnetic picture card schedule. It has made such a difference in our house! It helps him understand what to expect and also keeps him on task, which frees me up to take care of other things (sometimes).

    Pictures here:

  203. I'm following planner perfect in google reader.

  204. I have divided my home into 12 areas. Each month I focus on "spring cleaning" one of those areas. It makes it so much easier to deep clean a small area at a time and I know that all of the curtains in my house have been laundered in the last 12 months (but not all at the same time).

  205. 'A place for everything and everything in it's place' is the mantra that keeps us sane.

    Receipts from daily purchases are always kept in the same part of my wallet. This way, when my husband goes through our finances every day or two, he doesn't have to ask me what I've purchased/how/when; he simply gets them from my wallet. (which is always in my purse which is always by the front door, ha)

  206. I am now a follower of her blog! :)

  207. It probably sounds crazy, but I keep everything written down on Post-It-Notes…dental/doctor appts., things to pick up at the grocery store, etc. I'd be lost without them!

  208. WOW! seven kids! How do you find the time to organize!!
    My best organization tip is: Simplify – don't hold on to things that you don't use, don't like, or doesn't fit!

  209. I'm a follower of her blog now! Thanks!

  210. My husband and I sit down each Sunday night and plan a menu for the week. We check the calendar, double-check any kid plans, and schedule meals from there including one cooked by him and occassionally a dinner out.

  211. I am a new follower of her blog as well!

  212. My best tip is when storing items in totes to keep a notebook and label the totes with a number or letter and then in coordinating notebook write down the same letter and the items in the tote. this will keep you from digging through everything to find that one item. When you need something you can go right to the tote and get it!

  213. I'd have to say always make my bed. That is the first step in help me feel clean and organized.

  214. Ryan and Brooke Ross says:

    My organizing tip is to write everything down. I am known for my list making. I don't remember stuff unless it is written down.
    I am a follower of Tatertots and Jello and love this site.
    I am also a follower of Planner Perfect. I love her great tips!

  215. CraftyMama says:

    I'm following Planner Perfect!!

  216. CraftyMama says:

    I find that things tend to pile up if I don't take care of them right away. Sometimes I just have to stop and take 15 minutes (that's usually all it takes!) to clean up something I've been putting off. I always feel better once it's taken care of. :)

  217. Love the tips. I work full time and am up at 4:30am and pulling in the driveway by 5PM so a routine is a MUST in our home. If I did not have a routine, wow I would be all over the place and I try to slot at least one hour at night to do something that interests me… whether it be a craft or watching TV… anything. It helps keep me leveled :)

  218. Davina Jaggard says:

    I do a load of laundry everyday, & one thing that helps me is loading the laundry basket the night before. That way in the morning, I don't tread the laundry chore. I just pick up the basket & head to the laundry room!

  219. I don't have an organising tip, but one thing I have learned is not to stress to much if it doesn't all get done to plan! There's always tomorrow

  220. Color coding my children! I know exactly who is responsible for the dropped towel or messy school papers.

  221. I follow her blog!!

  222. kjarvis2213 says:

    I have a portable file like the notebook show that has labels on things like important to dos, bill, waiting things, etc.

  223. My organization tip is making lists. I love lists. I make a list at the beginning of the day to plan out what I want to get done that day. It helps me stick to it as it is in front me all day long and I see it constantly. I'm a list maker for sure!

    My other tip is storage bins, baskets, totes. I love these to store so many various objects!! Toys, games, books!!

  224. I am now following her blog

  225. I wish I had a good organizing tip – still trying to figure out how to get organized.

  226. My number one organizing tip is to write EVERYTHING down. if I don't have lists and reminders things will never get done.

  227. Barb @ The Mom Blog says:

    I just found your blog last week and love it!! Can't wait to read more of your ideas.

    I even gave you a blogger award on my site today – to accept go here…


    And before that post I linked people over to your cupcake wreath tutorial, so stinking cute!