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Guest Project — Make Handmade Holiday Pillows {gift idea}!

Handmade Holiday Pillows
My idea of a great “Last Minute Gift Idea” is something that is in tune with the Holiday spirit!  And what is more Holiday Spirit-ish than Holiday Pillows?!?
So simple to sew up and sew sew cute!  Here is a quick glimpse of the end product:

Items Needed:
Scrap Fabric
Needle and Thread or Sewing Machine
For starters I opted to make a Christmas tree pattern out of 8 1/2 x 11 sheet of white paper.  I simple folded in half and cut a simple tree to a shape that I like.
Next I laid this over top of the “tree fabric” and traced with chalk.
Next Cut along the chalk line.  Because I like the undone look, I opted to not have seam allowance.
Next cut the fabric you are using for the main portion of the pillow.  I made mine between 1 to 3 ft by 1- 3 ft.  Get creative, mix it up!  Square, rectangle, whatever you are feeling!
Now you will sew the tree to the front side of the pillow.  Because there is now seam allowance you need to sew around the tree at least 2 times and get as close as possible to the edge to make sure it won’t fray too much!  I opted to sew 3 times around on mine to be safe.  
Next put the two side of the pillow together, both facing in.  Sew 80% around the outside.  
Flip rightside out and stuff away! Once you have finished stuffing either hand sew the last little portion or do a cramp jam with stuff to one size and try to fit it under the sewing machine.   
These look great if you put 3 different sizes together and wrap with a pretty ribbon!  A great last minute handmade gift! Made some for a Holiday Gift Exchange as well as some of my neighbors and both seemed to LOVE them :)
Or if your aren’t up for a quick sew, check out my Blog, Etsy or Online Boutique where I have items like this for sale!
Great thanks to Jen for letting me Guest Post today!
Warm Wishes from Nashville!
Happy Holidays Ya’ll!
Pamela Michelle
Thank you Pam!! Here are some of my favorite projects that Pam has done:
Be sure to go over to A Few of My Favorite Things and say hi!!

xoxoPS — I am having a week of great New Year’s Eve Party Ideas all next week and have a couple spots open. So, if you have a great New Year’s Eve idea and would like to be spotlighted — send me an email @ jennifer@tatertotsandjello.com. I’d love to feature you!!!

Have a wonderful day!!


  1. Pamela Michelle says:

    Thanks again Jen!! Hope it is helpful to someone :)

  2. Jen @ tatertotsandjello.com says:

    Thanks for coming by and sharing your pillows. Such a fun, homemade gift idea!


  3. Michelle-esque says:

    Gorgeous pillows! :) I should definitely try this out when I get more fabric!

  4. Those pillows are way too cute!

  5. Kelli @ RTSM says:

    Such cute pillows! I'm sure anybody would be excited to see those under their tree:)

  6. Ali Rockwell says:

    These are so cute!

    That last picture is made out of IKEA curtains… that are curtaining hanging in my living room :) Love them!