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An Exciting Silhouette Deal!!

I hope you all had a wonderful Christmas!!! 
Silhouette just contacted me with some exciting news for Tatertots and Jello readers!! I just had to let you know because I truly love my machine — the possibilities are endless!!

From now until January 1st you can purchase this awesome machine for only $175 with a monthly subscription to their online store where you can find THOUSANDS of shapes and designs!!  This Silhouette price is even cheaper than the one that they were running on Cyber Monday!

All you have to do is use the code TATER at checkout!!

With the Silhouette machine, you don’t have to use cartridges like other machines! It comes with dozens of beautiful fonts that you can use, plus they have an online store where you easily search for your design and download for only $.99 a piece! Once you download a design, you can keep it forever in your Silhouette library and use it as many times as you want.


The subscriptions make your downloads more than half off!
 And there are THOUSANDS of designs to choose from. Once you download them, they are yours to keep and use as many times as you want.
Here are a few projects I have made using downloads from the Silhouette Store:
Here’s a beautiful wreath that was on the Silhouette blog — using three Doily Shapes from the online store: (snowflake_doily_C00145_19547, snowflake_doily_2_C00144_19547, 3d_ruffle_flower_C02598_1)
So if you didn’t get one of these fun machines for Christmas, here’s your chance to get one for a GREAT price to use for 2011!!

Just head over to the Silhouette Online Store and enter the code 

And if you do buy one, I’d love to answer any questions that you have while you are figuring it out. Just shoot me an email  jennifer@tatertotsandjello.com.
** Just a note in case there’s any confusion — you must purchase a $9.99 per month subscription to get the $179 price. But that subscription also gives you $25 worth of credit at the Silhouette online image store per month. And if you want to pay for the whole 12 months of subscriptions at once, you can do that and save 10% off the top.

Have a wonderful day!!!


  1. ALR Photography says:

    Thank you so much for this deal! I was really bummed when my hubby missed the black Friday deal and I didn't get one for Christmas. This was a big enough discount for him to say go for it!!! Woot Woot!!!

  2. Callie Callender says:

    I used your code and ordered mine last night! sooo excited… got and sold a circuit for Christmas so I could get the silhouette… hope i love it as much as i'm hoping! thanks for the great ideas on your blog!
    -Callie @ Seriously, Handmade

  3. Definitely have to make up my mind now, a silhoutte or a dressform…….

  4. yay!! just ordered mine!! love this deal! :)

  5. EmilyLauren says:

    Hey Jen! I was also inspired by you to get a Silhoutte for Christmas! I played with it for a couple hours, but I need to buy some vinyl and other things to use with it! I'm sooo excited! Keep the tutorials coming!!!

  6. Thanks, I have been wanting one of these for a couple of years now. Most of what I would do with it would be fonts so when I saw that you could use any true type font with it, rather than having to buy expensive cartridges, I was sold!

    Now to have a sweet deal on top of that! Bonus!

    I just placed my order!

  7. so do you pay for the subscription additionally? Or is it included with the deal? Meaning do I have to pay the 9.99 for 12 months?

  8. Jen @ tatertotsandjello.com says:

    Lauran —

    I am pretty sure that the subscription money is put toward images and not other products. When you sign up for the subscription it probably tells you the specifics :)


  9. Can you use the subscription money you get each month for vinyl and other supplies or only for shape and font downloads?

  10. I agree with aweekfromthursday….I got one for Christmas too and overwhelmed on where to start or what to make?? Only thing I used it for so far was to cut out a gift card holder! 😉 How about a tutorial for a craft that involves the silhouette for us newbies? I am sure you will think of something SUPER cute as always!

  11. Thanks jen I just may have to take you up on that offer's of help.

  12. Chris and Julie says:

    I think I'm going to jump on the deal this time! Very excited!!!! BUT, what else should I order with my cutter. Vinyl, I know. Anything else I need to play around with it (I know the cutting mats come with it).

  13. aweekfromthursday says:

    I got one for Christmas and am super excited for it. Do you have any suggestions for things to make? I feel a little overwhelmed. I know it has a lot of potential, but I don't know where to start. Your crafts are super cute though! Thanks.


  14. DH ordered one for me ages ago for Christmas and we're still waiting! Probably held up at customs since Canadians pretty much have to order them directly from the factory. Hopefully UPS will pop it by tomorrow! I'm ssoooo excited to have one. Sometime before next Christmas anyways. (His MC bill says he's paid for it)

    I'm trying to think of ways to link Silhouette projects to children's play….

  15. I love your blog and one of these machines found its way under my Christmas tree in Australia!!
    Your blog was the inspiration for my only gift on my list this Christmas. Keep the great ideas coming now that i can finally 'do' not just 'see'.

  16. Oh the things I could create if I could afford one of these LOL

    It's probably a good thing I can't, because if I could nothing would ever get done around here LOL

  17. That's really cool!

  18. Man, your are very creative with yours! I forwarding a "hint" to the hubs for mine. ;o)

  19. just got mine from the last promo! (it did take a little over 2 weeks to ship, but it came before christmas!!)

    wishing this subscription deal was available to those of us who already had it!!

  20. Thanks, Jen! I'm so sad because they can't ship to Hungary.:(

    Have a nice day! Vica

  21. I've had my eye on this for some time. I have a Cricut Expression so I've been hesitant to spend the money.

    Do you think it's worth selling my Cricut and investing in the Silhouette?


  22. Jen -Thanks for offering this great deal –What is so funny is I just left the Overstock site where the Silhoutte SD was not this inexpensive -and I clicked on your site and was like Wow -see it is meant to be! :-) -Of course!–One thing though the reviews were all favorable there too! I'm going to take advantage of this ad -I'll let you know how it goes and thnaks for being available if needed -I have the cricuit and I truely find it confusing

  23. It looks like by purchasing this way, you are committing to paying the 9.99 monthly for a year. I'm not sure that's something I'd want to commit to without having tried it out first. Just a heads up for everyone looking at this deal. I still would really like one of these machines though!

  24. Beth @ Sand To Pearl says:

    Dang it! I just got mine in the mail, the subscription would have been nice to have been included, oh well, hopefully they come out with another fun deal on the accessories. I can't wait till I get back home and get to take mine out of the box and play with it!

  25. I am so confused.

    The original price seems to be the same before and after the 9.99/month subscription. Am I misreading the deal? It seems to be $124 savings, plus the subscription. Seems too good to be true.

    Lots of other sites sell it for about $175 but don't have the subscription services.

    Maybe I am just reading too much into since I am so tired with the craziness of the holidays.

  26. Meadowlark says:

    I'm still waiting to get my "bonus" items from my Thanksgiving order, so I'm gonna have to pass. I do love my Silhouette, just not their customer service. (sorry to say, but best that people know shipping is slow slow slow)

  27. I would be so tempted by this, but I just picked up the personal cutter over Thanksgiving & need to see if I love THAT first :) What a fabulous deal though!

  28. santa just brought me one yesterday :) i played on it ALL day!!! can't wait to create a ton of fun stuff

  29. Sounds like a great deal! I might just have to go for it! Thanks Jen!