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Thankful for my Children: Burlap Dollar Store Wall Grouping

Are you guys getting tired of my burlap projects? Don’t worry – I am about to start on a J Crew obsession. Although I still have a few burlap projects that I am really excited about doing for Thanksgiving. {And I’m having it at my house, so I could use any tips and suggestions, but that is a whole other post…}
A few years ago, my husband gave me a wonderful necklace for Mother’s Day. I have treasured it ever since. I don’t know if you can tell but it has the initials of each of my children on it. I wear it all the time.
Well, I found these frames at the Dollar Store. I loved the size of them and thought — how cute would they be in burlap — are you surprised? haha. And I loved the idea of putting each of my childrens initials in them and hanging them in a grouping on my wall. So that’s what I did.
 Total Project Cost: $6.00

If you would like to make these, this is how I did it:

  • Make a pattern for one of the sides of the frame. Then cut out the burlap for the rest of the sides. Make sure the short side is straight that is going to be in the picture opening.
  • Glue the two side that are opposite first onto the frame. Start at the opening of the frame and work your way over to the back of the frame, pulling the burlap taught.
  • Then do the other two sides that are opposite. This will give your frames a unified look.
  • My frames had white ribbon attached, so I had to cut an opening for the ribbon into the burlap.
  • Then find some scrapbook paper. {I used old music paper}
  • Print off the initials on your computer and cut them out. Then attach them to your paper.
  • Attach ribbon to your frame.
  • Hang them and you are done!
Thanks so much for coming by. And thanks for putting up with my burlap obsession. I am linking up to Kimba’s DIY Day. The projects over there are so amazing – every single one of them!
 I hope you have a really great day today!