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Guest Project — Pottery Barn-inspired Clock for less than $10!


What fun to be able to do a guest post on Jennifer’s blog! My name is Selina and I come to you from Creative Juices Décor.  What you will find on my blog is lots of inspiration for all your Creative Juices!  I LOVE home design/decorating, thrift store shopping, healthy recipes and crafting.  I have 3 young kids so I also have fun thinking of crafts for them to do.  Come stop by, I think … [Read more...]

Guest Project — $7 Yard Sale Nightstand Makeover!!


Hey Y'all!  I'm Myra from The Casabella Project and My Blessed Life.  I'm thrilled to be here at Tatertots and Jello!  {Thank you, Jen!!} I'm a yard sale, thrift shop, spray paint, craft and decor junkie and I'm excited to share my yard sale nightstand makeover with you! … [Read more...]

Guest Project — Make Thrifty Chevron Bulletin Boards {get organized}!


Hi - I'm Heidi from Budget Wise Home and I'm so excited to be guest posting today! For me, the new year is all about getting and staying organized--all on a budget, of course! These fabric covered bulletin boards are my latest office addition to help keep my desk neat and tidy. They were so easy and cheap to make. … [Read more...]

Keeping it Real: Friday Edition


Do you ever have one of those weeks where it seems that you are running around ALL DAY LONG - EVERYDAY? I feel like I am going crazy, too many things to do, not enough time. Just keeping it real. +++++++++++ But I have got a few things done - or started anyways! Square foot garden: Helped plant a community garden: {the kids had a great time making a worm farm} Mulch in the flower … [Read more...]

New Family Project


Thanks to everyone who stopped by to say hi and sign up for my giveaway. I will post the winner tomorrow morning! ********************** This year we are starting a new family project: a Square Foot Garden. ************************************** This project is going to fit in with our family goals this year of: being healthier, saving money and spending more quality time together! (My … [Read more...]

Thrifty Tuesdays: Madberries?


Have you ever heard of Madberries? It's a site that has fabulous FREE giveaways each day! It's a lot of fun - take a peek. Here my favorites they are giving away right now: {Juicy Couture Crystal Watch: $195 value} {Club Monaco Tricia Tote: $350 value} {Viv & Ingrid earrings and Banana Republic jewelry case: $171 value} {Coach Penelope spectator wristlet: $128 value} {Lomography Diana … [Read more...]

Thrifty Tuesdays: Do you Hulu?


Have you ever missed an episode of Lost or wanted to watch a classic like Karate Kid, but didn't want to spend the money at the video store? Hulu.com is an online video service that lets you download more than 900 prime-time TV shows and movies for FREE. So the next time you miss The Biggest Loser, The Office or Flipping Out (I love that one!) -- go over to Hulu. On another thrifty note, my issue … [Read more...]

Favorite Thing Wednesday: Is it Spring yet???


I don't know about you, but for me Winter seems to drag on forever! I think we had a snow day last year in April! Maybe I am feeling fidgety because of my trip last week, but I am ready for some warm weather. Which brings me to my Favorite Thing for this week. I saw these at Target and I just couldn't pass them up! And for $20 it gives me the hope that someday I will be wearing these babies, … [Read more...]

Creative Fridays: Chair re-do & real life


About 8 years ago I discovered an unexpected decorating resource: JCPenney.com. It kind of flies under the radar. I have bought quite a few pieces of furniture through them. You DO have to put the furniture together, but it's usually pretty easy assembly. A few years ago I bought a couple of chairs to go at the head and foot of my kitchen table. I liked that they were upholstered, although I … [Read more...]

Creative Fridays: $2 Valentine Banner


Here's an easy project to make with your kids. I bought two packages of foam craft hearts from my local craft store. They were on sale and ended up costing me $2 for each package. I used left-over scrapbook materials for the rest of the project. This is what I used: Foam hearts 4 different, coordinating scrapbook papers Ribbon (one kind for each banner) Foam and chipboard flower shapes … [Read more...]