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Great Ideas — 20 Last-Minute Thanksgiving Ideas!!

candy cornucopica

Last Minute Preparations are happening all across the United States for a VERY thankful HOLIDAY. Families are preparing for relatives to arrive, lists are being made and checked off.   ...And Tatertots and Jello is no exception we are busy checking out the FABULOUS link ups.  Let us help you finish up those last minute decorating ideas with quick, easy, fast ideas.  Be sure to check out the … [Read more...]

Make a Thankful Jar Centerpiece {Thanksgiving Jars}!!

thanks jars on the table

While I am going through the awesome link-ups in the Weekend Wrap Up Party this week, here's an easy, inexpensive centerpiece for your Thanksgiving this year -- Thankful Jars: Here's a last-minute Thanksgiving centerpiece idea. You can make this for next to nothing. The first thing I did was I took some spaghetti jars and took the labels off Then I poured a small amount of paint in … [Read more...]

Great Ideas – – {28 Thankful Projects}

gobble gobble onesie

Ooh, the preparations that are currently happening in our homes!  Some of us are busy preparing for Thanksgiving while some of us are preparing for Christmas.  Either way, it is the busiest time of the year.  With so many things occurring it is easy to forgot what the true meaning behind both of the holidays are!  Make sure you STOP and appreciate the little things, because life, my friends, is … [Read more...]

Thanksgiving Countdown Bunting Tutorial {and 28 grateful activities}

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It seems like Thanksgiving gets a little bit overlooked in the rush to Christmas crafts and ideas. This year I decided that I want to focus more on Thanksgiving and helping my kids be grateful for all of the blessings and good things in their lives. I had two ideas that I wanted to do, and then I thought -- why not combine the two?? A Thanksgiving Countdown Bunting. I think my favorite part of … [Read more...]

Happy Mothers Day to You!!


On this Mother's Day , I am so thankful for my children!! And Happy Mother's Day to My Mom & Mom-in-law -- Love you guys!! Happy Mother's Day to You! XOXO … [Read more...]

Friend Makin’ Mondays: My Thankful List!


Today on Friend Makin' Monday, we are reflecting on things we are thankful for. There are so many things I am thankful for!1. These guys. What a wonderful little family I have. My husband is so funny and sweet. He is always bringing me little gifts, notes and telling me how much I mean to him. I am so lucky to be his wife. My kids are each so unique and wonderful in their own ways. I am so lucky … [Read more...]

Thankful Thursdays


I am thankful for so many things. Today I am thankful that my three year old (almost four) daughter can now get dressed by herself. And she loves to do her own hair. This saves me so much time, although the results sometimes look like this. Notice the coordinating glasses and purse -- what a fashion girl!   … [Read more...]

7 Things You Might Not Know About Me


I started my blog about three months ago and I wasn't really sure what to expect. I wasn't sure why I was really doing it. I didn't really have any expectations. I wasn't expecting to meet anyone who would make an impact on my life. Three months later I have discovered there is so much positive, wonderful energy out in the world of blogs. I have learned so many little and big things that have … [Read more...]

My First Award


Wow -- My friend Duckie at A Duck in Her Pond gave me this beautiful award! Thanks so much Duckie! I am new to this blogging world and am still trying to figure it all out. So this really means alot to me! Now I get to nominate 7 blogs that I read for this award! The Vintage Housewife. I love the tone of this blog. It's so fun and fifties. Catiena is a beautiful girl who has all sorts of fun … [Read more...]