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Guest Project — DIY Porch Swing Makeover!


Hi everyone!   I'm Angie from The Cellar Door Stories, and I'm just beyond excited to be here guest posting today!  I love to blog about decorating, crafting, cooking, frugal ideas, family life with my husband and two kiddos, and pretty much any other random thing that comes to mind....some may call it scatter-brained, but I prefer the term "eclectic."  *wink* Today I'd like to share one … [Read more...]

Decorating Question…..


Last night I dragged my family to IKEA. They were hoping for some tasty swedish meatballs. (We did reward ourselves later with:) I love IKEA! My favorite part is walking through the fully equipped living spaces -- 235 feet,542 feet...It's so cool. It makes me imagine myself living in a little place in New York City or a bustling European country. Of course the reality of living in 542 feet with a … [Read more...]