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Valentine Heart and Arrow Specimen Art

valentine Heart and Arrow Specimen Art

I have a little spot in my kitchen where I made a mini gallery wall. It's the perfect spot to change out art for different seasons and holidays. I bought three of the Ikea Ribba Shadow Box frames and I change out the art inside.  (but if you don't have an Ikea near you, I also found some t-shirt frames at Michaels, which are also square and I used those for my Halloween and Winter … [Read more...]

Make Spring Specimen Art!! (paper crafting tutorial)

spring specimen art angle

I have this little area in my kitchen that I love to change out for the seasons. From Summer {Summer Mini Gallery Wall}:   To Halloween {Creepy Specimen Art}:   To Winter {Snowflake Specimen Art}: And I thought it would be fun to make some paper flowers to use as Spring Specimen Art!!   Here's how to make it: … [Read more...]

Decorating a wall for all seasons — Spring Specimen Wall Art!


 Do you have an area or spot in your home that you like to change out seasonally?  I don't an entry way buffet or table to display seasonal items, so I created a little place in my kitchen that I love to change out during the year. At Halloween I created these Halloween Specimen Art frames... During the winter I made some Felt Snowflake frames... And now that Spring is upon us, I … [Read more...]

Felt Project — Winter Snowflake Specimen Art!


 I loved my Halloween Specimen Art.  But I figured, it's December -- time to take down Halloween - LOL!  {I kept the inserts so I can pop them in next October though!!} … [Read more...]