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Make a Duvet Cover from a Fabric Shower Curtain!

Have you ever had a project in your mind and then you just can't find what you are looking for? That's what I ran into with my guest room redo. For the bedding I knew I wanted a grey duvet cover that had some ruffles but not too many - so it wouldn't be too "girly". And I wanted it to be a plain color so I could make some graphic pillows to go with the bedding. I looked and looked and couldn't … [Read more...]

.99 Ikea Pillow Hack!! (decorating idea)

Good Beautiful Morning Tatertots and Jello Fans!  I hope each one of you had a wonderful Valentine's Day and President's Day.   I am Stacie, from The Three Sweet Peas and I am thrilled to be back and sharing a fabulous little secret that is sure to save you MONEY!  It was by mistake, but, OH those mistakes, are sometimes, OH so GREAT!   So, last week I went to IKEA in search of one … [Read more...]

The Top 5 ways to get Fiscally Fit By Using Coupons in 2012

Hi - I'm Jaime from Momumental Savings. Hi everyone and thank you so much to one of my favorite crafting bloggers, Jen! I have always been a crafter and have thought for many years that being a DIY-er and a being couponer really go hand in hand! Both can save me tons of money! As a mom to three kiddos 7 and under, I have to make the most of every dollar I spend at the grocery store … [Read more...]

Check it out Tomorrow!

Groop Dealz is going live tomorrow! Be sure to check it out.  I love anything that will help me save money!! They will have deals on: Food Spas Entertainment Tickets Retail Health & Fitness And I found out that they have some new national things in the works  that will help all of us save $$$$ on things we LOVE. I'll let you know when I know more - it sounds … [Read more...]

Guest Project:: $5 Leather Chair Transformation!

 Hello all of you Tatertots and Jello readers!  I so excited to be guest posting today, I love Jen's blog! Let me introduce myself, I'm Kaysi from Keeping It Simple Like the name of my blog, I like all things simple! I'm a simple person and I wouldn't want it any other way! I love to do all things crafty! Today I wanted to show you how I turned this: into this: I got this … [Read more...]