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My Favorite Running Playlist and More! [New Year, New You]

I have been so excited to hear everyone's great responses to the New Year, New You posts! I'll be featuring some of YOUR great suggestions in coming weeks, too (and a few below). Happy 2015!! I'm introducing a new weekly series -- New Year New You! Where we share healthy living tips, recipes and inspiration. I've been able to lose 45 pounds over the last 18 months with exercise and eating … [Read more...]

How to Start Running When You Don’t Think You Like It [New Year, New You]

It's not easy to start running - and get moving -- when you don't really like running. And it seems kind of hard to get started with any exercise program, but especially running, I think. A photo posted by Tatertots & Jello (@tatertotsandjello) on Aug 20, 2014 at 12:34pm PDT So, today, I'll share a few tips from when I started running, and maybe they'll help you or someone you … [Read more...]

How do YOU have fun? Join me at the SLC Color Run this Saturday! #ShoutItOut

(This post sponsored by Shout) This year I've learned about the importance of taking time for myself and to have fun. I started running this year. (I've also lost weight and gained energy!)   (Image from my recent Instagram post.) My daughter participated in a Color Run last year and it looked so fun!  So when Shout contacted me about this Saturday's 5K Color Run in Salt Lake … [Read more...]