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Winner of the “Before They Were Bloggers Contest”

Oh my -- wasn't that blogger contest SO funny yesterday??? I have been laughing about those pictures all day. You don't think you are that awkward when you are going through those growing-up years, but when you look back on it -- they are hilarious!! I had a super awkward adolescence. I was mistaken for a boy when I was 12 and it has traumatized me ever since :) There were so many people … [Read more...]

Name the DIY Blogger and Win a $300 Gift Card to Lowes!!

Let's take a ride in that DeLorean parked outside and go back in time. Back to a time before there was Pinterest, Facebook and Twitter. Before chevrons, mercury glass and ombré were hot. And most importantly, before there were blogs! We're going back to when these DIY gals were worrying about how high they could get their hair, was there food in their braces and oh no...not another zit! Talking … [Read more...]