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Clear The Air Challenge!!

We moved to Utah almost exactly 10 years ago. I can't believe it's been that long!! I grew up back east -- in Michigan, New York and Connecticut, so living so close to the mountains amazes me every single day. I have noticed though that there is a lot of pollution here, especially in the winter. When I am coming down the road in my car, I can see a murky haze laying over the entire valley. And as … [Read more...]

Making a Quilt With Kids — Downy Touch of Comfort Program!

I wanted to update you on my progress with the quilt I am making for Downy's Touch of Comfort Program. I think it is such a wonderful way to bring comfort to sick kids! I posted about the Touch of Comfort Program a few weeks ago and showed the FREE Quilt Kit I received: The girls and I had a great time making this quilt, with the FREE kit Touch of Comfort sent us. I have to admit that I had … [Read more...]

Million Moms Challenge: Being An Advocate for your Child’s Health

Today I'm posting about something that I am passionate about -- healthy moms and babies. I have loved being part of The Million Moms  Challenge -- which I believe is making the world a better place. I'm sharing one of the most important lessons I've learned since I've become a mom.  Here's a little snippet from my story: "My first child was born with a complication. Of course, since I was a … [Read more...]

Million Moms Challenge — When Your Birth Plan Doesn’t Go Quite as Expected…

I'm taking a small detour today from handmade goodness to talk about something that I am passionate about-- Healthy Mothers and Babies. Did you know that very 90 seconds a woman needlessly loses her life in pregnancy or childbirth??  And  80% of these deaths are preventable. I am proud to be a part of ABC News' Million Moms Challenge. If we find 100,000 people who sign on to the Million … [Read more...]

Wishes In My Pocket — Making the World a Better Place! {giveaway}

 {image via Serendipity} {Update -- winner is #82 -- Alicia @ Scruggle's Pages and #3 Lee} It's Thanksgiving Week and I can't think of a better time to tell you about this wonderful idea! I recently found out that one of my favorite blogs --  SERENDIPITY -- is run by a sweet girl I was in the dorms with in college! This is her Thanksgiving House Small world!  Well, … [Read more...]